My Buy it NOW Price Guide

Do you know what the lowest price an item can get when it is on sale? Do you find yourself thinking that the price you see is great now and buy it but come back to the store the next week only to find it even lower? Trust me. It happens.

I created this list because I was tired of that happening to me. Going to the store and finding something way cheaper that what I had bought it for a week ago is very discouraging when you are trying to save money. Makes you feel as though you are playing a game with your money–but you are losing. My stock up guide is simply a guide to follow that gives you the lowest price that an item can possibly be–it’s rock bottom price. Everyone’s stock up price is different. For example; I know in Southern California the cheapest I can find Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts is about $1.97 lb–There are times that it goes lower but that happens maybe once a year. At this price, I stock up. I usually buy several pounds to feed my family of 5 for about 6 weeks so I don’t have to go back to the store in another 2 weeks and only to find myself paying full price!

The idea of stocking up is to have enough until that item goes back to it’s rock bottom price ($1.97 lb for our example) and usually this happens every six weeks.

So I’ve compiled a list of things and the rock bottom price that I stock up on. Yes, I may have to buy a lot at one time but I will never have to pay full price as long as I am consistent with what I will ONLY pay for a particular item. You can use this list if you would like but in different parts of the country you may not be able to find these prices or yours may be lower.

  • Chicken Breast Boneless/Skinless $1.70-$1.97 lb
  • Ground Turkey $2.50 20 oz package
  • Hot Dogs .25
  • Chips: $1 a bag
  • Crackers: Free- .75/box
  • Yogurt .25 a cup
  • Cereal: Free-.50 box
  • Juice: $1 a bottle
  • Milk: This one is hard but I try not to pay more than $2.50/gallon
  • Canned Veggies: Free-.25


  • Shampoo: Free
  • Toothpaste: Free
  • Deodorant: Free
  • Razors: Free-.50
  • Make-up: Free
  • Baby wipes: Free-.25 a tub
  • Diapers:$3.50 a bag or less than .17 a diaper


  • toilet paper: .35 a roll
  • Paper Towels: $2 for a 8 pk
  • Cleaning supplies: Free-.50 a bottle
  • Dish washing Detergent: Free-$1.00 a bottle

Without using coupons these prices are almost impossible to achieve! So you can see why coupons are totally worth it!

This list is a work in progress! Let me know you your stock up prices are–I’d love to know what a GREAT price is for you

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  1. Jaquelyne Nguyen says

    Thank you so much for doing this. I also live in South Cali and find that sometimes our prices are more expensive than others. Please let me know if you continue to update this list. It is a huge help!

    • Ana says

      You know? I’ve actually found the opposite to be true, at least for me. I buy a lot of produce and fresh meats, seafood and bread. Whenever I visit my mom in Colorado I am shocked to see the prices. I can get such good deals on all my groceries here including those for which coupons are not available. I live in Long Beach, CA and what I do in addition to using coupons is price matching. We have so many Mexican markets in the area with great produce and meat prices but sometimes the quality is lacking, so I take their ads to my local Walmart and I get my produce price-matched from all my circulars. That way I make a single trip to Walmart instead of driving to so many stores. I save my driving around for the drug store deals. :) Oh, additionally, I live around the corner from a Fresh and Easy and around 7PM they do their final markdowns for the day on close to expiring food. I stock up when I find good deals. I’ve purchased a pound of salmon for 79 cents, a pound of scallops for $1.50 and 2 pounds of lamb leg for $2! I simply freeze them until I’m ready to cook them. With southern Cali as densely populated as it is, we have so many options to get good deals.

  2. Michelle D. says

    I agree Sol Cali is cheaper on produce and other items, we go to WA and the fruit and veggies there is very expensive. I just bought eggplant for .88c and no one in WA has ever see those prices.

  3. says

    I love this post. Thank you for putting this list together for us! I love knowing what someone else’s stock up prices looks like, just in case I’ve been missing something. Great list. What is your stock up price on Cheese? I had so much cheese from the $5/5 Kraft promo at Albertsons while back…I haven’t had to buy it for months. I am now on my last brick. Just wondering what your stock up price is?

  4. says

    Here are a few additional things from my personal stock up list:

    Free – $.50:
    BBQ Sauce
    Body Lotion
    Body Wash
    Boxed Potatoes
    Brownie Mix
    Cookie Mix
    Feminine Pads
    Fruit Snacks
    Nail Polish
    Salad Dressing

    $0.99 or less:
    Juice Boxes
    Ziploc Bags
    Light Bulbs

  5. Jayne says

    Josie: Thanks for this. When I see other blogs from outside of So Cal, I am sometimes scratching my head trying to figure out how they get some items for so much less than I can.

    Re toilet paper: Is that for a single roll? (meaning, not the double size or mega size?) I get my Charmin Mega Rolls at Amazon on Subscribe & Save for what I think is a good price, but perhaps not if your rock bottom is for more than a single sized roll.

    I guess I could ask the same about paper towels…is that for singles rolls? (So many HUGE, or double sized rolls kicking around now, I really have to pay attention.)


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