Stater Brothers: Official Coupon Policy!!

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woohoo! Stater Bothers has FINALLY posted an official Coupon Policy! Some highlights:

I know lots of you have issues with Internet Printables:

Printed Internet coupons
  • The same manufacturer and store coupon rules above apply to all internet printed coupons.
  • Stater Bros. Markets does not accept Internet coupons for items prohibited by law or free items. Coupons that have a purchase requirement to receive a free item are acceptable. Examples: Buy One Get One free, Buy Two Get One free.
  • Internet printed coupons must have a serial number and follow an industry-standard format. (see example below)
  • The coupon must be obtained from a legitimate site, where the coupon never appears on the screen. All legitimate printable coupons are sent directly to the printer, after clicking on a link in your web browser or email. A legitimate coupon is never sent as a graphic or PDF or sent in a Word document.
  • Internet Coupons with a value over $5 will not be accepted.


Exciting right? I hope this makes everyone’s life a little easier! I suggest printing a copy!


  1. tera ingalls says

    Wow talk about Yeah I am interested to put this to use.I have stopped shopping there completely since they never took my coupons.

  2. ronnie m says

    had trouble with stater bros. this week.. they had a buy 10items get 2.50 paperless coupon deal. tried to buy 10 stride gums. .left store before checking my receipt. had 5coupons for 1.00each. .store said i could only use one coupon. . after checking their coupons policy this seem to be the case. ?? after checking my receipt i notice i got 4gums @1.39 each and 6gums at 1.00 each. maybe i didnot get the assorted varieties on sale.

  3. 1st time Couponer says

    It was my first time using coupons at my local Stater Bros. (santa ana) I had internet coupons for $1/2 – (4)Dreyer’s smoothies, $1/2 – (2)Bar S Jumbo Franks, and $1/1 – (3)Marie’s Creamy yogurt dressing. At check-out the cashier told me I can only use $2.00 worth of Internet coupons!!! I decided to return everything except my Dreyer’s smoothies so he had to adjust everything. I stood there really frustrated and embarrassed as the line was getting longer & waiting on me. I hate looking like a poor in front of people! Probably the last time I ever do that with internet coupons.

    As I now read their coupon policy I see nothing that says I can only use $2.00 worth of internet coupons!?!? Can anyone explain. Does this happen at your stater bros.??? Can each Stater bros. be different & decide their $ limit on internet coupons??

  4. Rebecca says

    @ronnie m – I was wondering since Stater Bros has “paperless” coupons does that mean you are not allowed to used interent/manufactured coupons on items which are on sale and labeled Paperless coupon on items? Haven’t shopped there in sometime and don’t really understand how that works…plus they have a really great sale on cereal and I would like to go in this week and purchase10 box if I can use “printed” coupons.

  5. ronnie m says

    looking at their offical policy and previous run-in with manager , i understood this. coupon stacking on paperless coupons, only allowed to use one manufactured coupon towards the purchase. this week general mills has cereal on sales and paperless coupon of $5.00 off if you purchased five cereals, or $1.88 each. if you used the $1/2 G.M coupon two boxes for $.1.38 and three for $1.88. on previous purchases i used 0.50 x5 coupons and had no troubles. depends on cashier?

  6. Carole McEntire says

    this will be a win win situation if stater bros has not only the lowest prices, but also an up to date click and save system as well…go stater bros! I’ll drive the few extra miles to save a lot of $$! thank you!

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