Extreme Couponing: Organization

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So you have all these coupons–now what do you do? One thing that you must remember: Organization is KEY. You will not be able to save money if you do not have an organized way.

There are thousands of coupons out there. Every week at least 50 new coupons come out in the paper–not to mention the many printable coupons I reference here on Southern Cali Saver every day.

Knowing how to reference back to a coupon when you need it is essentially how you save money. Organization makes grocery shopping a ton easier–not having to search and search gets you burnt out quick.

Here are a couple of ways to organize your coupons:

Coupon Binder:


File by date:


Josie’s Method: Coupon Caboodle: Take a look on how I organize my coupons :) Click here or on the picture to view the vlog.

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  1. Melissa Carroll says

    Just wanted to say I am LOVING this series b/c its givng me something to forward to friends to explain what I do. There’s such a stigma now since the Extreme Couponing show hit and my friends and family have THAT image in their minds when they think of me couponing. Thanks so much for sharing all of this!!

  2. Kirsten says

    Just wondering where everyone gets the clear inserts for the coupon binders? I want to make a binder to keep myself organized, I’ve tried the divider pouch and its totally not working for me i still have to go searching, and envelopes get shuffled and lost in my couponing bag, but no one knows where to get the inserts from. Josie do you know where?

  3. checka says

    where did you buy the colored envelopes? i have a binder but its too heavy to take with me to stores and i love your idea of the caboodle.

    • Kara says

      Checka, I think I remember Josie saying once that she got them at Target. I’m sure she’ll chime in if I’m wrong. Hope that helps!

      • Angela says

        She said she got them at Walmart and I can verify this. I bought one at Walmart but not for coupons it was when I lost my makeup on a trip. I’m seriously considering dumping out my makeup and putting my coupons in it. lol

  4. SLNY says

    I love the caboodle idea, but I print out some many coupons I think I’m going to switch to a binder. That way I already have the store policies with me at all times and can flip through quickly as I walk down the isles. My 3 year old likes to hold mommy’s coupons and at least 3 times he has dropped them all on the floor playing with the holders I use. Sigh* It keeps him occupied by drives me crazy, hopefully the binder will work for me and my son can pretend he’s reading a book of savings (Lol!).

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