Double Coupons in Southern Cali–What’s the Scoop?

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It seems the last couple of days there have been many questions about double coupons so I have put it here in a single post to answer any questions you may have.

1. What stores in Southern California Double Coupons?

::: Ralphs and Vons across Southern California double coupons. Some of you have stated that some of your Vons stores DO NOT double–I’m not sure as to why but every store is different. Please call your local store for details.

2. What is their policy?

— Ralphs: Ralphs will double the first “like” coupon in a transaction up to $1 (a .50 coupon becomes $1) Overage is usually allowed at Ralphs, so if your double coupon exceeds the product amount the overage comes off the rest of your order. ( you do not receive cash back–make sure to purchase something extra to eat up the overage.)

— Vons: Vons policy is that they will double the first “like” coupon in a transaction upto $1 (a .50 coupon becomes $1) Overage is NOT allowed.

—Vons is notorious for setting their “own” rules regarding coupons. EVERY VONS is different as to how many “like” coupons they will take, what sort of internet printables and so forth..please contact your local store for details on this because every store is different.

3. What does “like” Coupon mean?

‘like’ coupon simply means identical. So in our instance of Ralphs and Vons, only the first “like” coupon will double, only the first identical coupon will double.

Ex: you have (3) .50/1 coupons of the same product; only 1 of those coupons will double upto a $1. The rest will be face value (.50)

Tips when doubling coupons:

Do multiple transactions. Ralphs often does “buy 10, Get $5 off” promotions. If you have multiple coupons of the same item buy items in mixed transactions so that your coupons will double.

If there is a “Buy 10 promotion–remember that you DO NOT need to purchase 10 of the same product. Try to mix and match to get the most for your money.

Hopefully this helps everyone. If you have any additional questions please leave them in the comments!


  1. Sonya says

    @Nat – Ralph’s on Magnolia/Vineland in NoHo Arts District doubles but only to $1 cap – and the computer doesn’t do it automatically, sometimes you have to “remind” the cashiers. The Ralph’s on Burbank/Woodman? – in that area somewhere in Sherman Oaks also doubles and are much easier with their doubles (automatically doubles when scanned).

  2. Nat says

    @Sonya – thanks so much for that info Sonya, I know the two Ralphs stores you mentioned and funny enough, I pass by the one in Sherman Oaks all the time! Ill just have to plan my shopping trips when Im in the area. Appreciate the help! : )

  3. Leslie says

    Hi fellow couponers. I need help. I live in the Inland Empire, Meniffe area & need to know what are good stores to shop at with my coupons. Albertsons doesn’t double, Vons is super weird about Q’s period, and Ralphs is hit & miss. If anyone lives out here in this area and has any suggestions please let me know. I’ll even go to any of the surrounding cities out here in order to maximize my savings. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the help.

    • Kara says

      Hi Lesie, I am also in Menifee and have found that most of the stores out here are pretty coupon friendly. Even even when I branch out to Murrieta or Temecula, I always come back to my local stores. They seem the most coupon friendly out of any of the surrounding areas (lucky us)! My favorite tip is to get to know the cashiers at the stores you frequent. There are some cashiers that are WAY more coupon friendly than others. Get to know which cashiers are…and make sure you jump in their line. Here is a list of my favorite stores to shop at in our area:

      Grocery Stores:
      1. Ralphs on Newport & Antelope – Double first like coupon (sometimes more) and get double points with Shell receipt are perks to shopping here. Always friendly with coupons – the two male cashiers are my favorite!
      2. Vons in Sun City off McCall – Double first like coupon is a perk to shopping here. Delaney is my favorite cashier!
      3. Albertsons off Scott Rd. & Antelope – Love when they issue double coupons and have been having great Catalina promotions lately! Super coupon friendly. I even noticed last night that in the HBA isles, they had coupons taped on products! Management is SUPER nice & super accommodating here!
      4. Super Target in the Menifee Market Place – I hear horror stories about shopping at Target with coupons. I have never once had a problem at this one (and I shop there a lot)!

      Drug Stores:
      1. Walgreens off Newport and Murrieta – My favorite Wags by far! Tape coupons on items throughout the store and are super coupon friendly. Some of the cashiers even ask if you would like to split up your transactions so that you can roll your RR! They are AWESOME & I love the manager here!
      2. Rite Aid Newport & Murrieta (across the street from Wags) – always coupon friendly and super nice cashiers!

      Hope that helps Leslie! Maybe we’ll run into each other couponing at one of these stores sometime :-)

  4. Geovanna says

    ok so i have a question i live in anaheim/buena park, i went on a trip and saved 30 dollars at target so im kind of hooked any know what grocery store if any near either city doubles coupons and if they do is it a certain day? please help me im really hooked 😀 thanks

  5. Christine says

    It is very common to see alcohol, tobacco and dairy products excluded, but especially alcohol and tobacco. It has to do with dairy pricing limits and special taxes paid on the latter two. They are all highly regulated by the government. If stores are allowing you to apply alcohol of tobacco, they are doing it in error so enjoy!

    Best Wishes,
    Former Tobacco Store Owner


  6. Angela says


    Hi Charlene, the Ralphs I frequent most is the one on Friars Rd. it is near the 163 Freeway just near Hazard Center or Mission Center Rd. There is a CVS there too where if the price is right, you just might be able to score some really cheap or free travel items. Keep up on the store policy at this Ralphs…they change it a lot and don’t want to have to honor corporate policy. Depending on who you get, you may get the runaround.

  7. jluvly says

    @sstruck – Let me know what you find. i live in the SFV also and i don’t think the Ralph’s near me doubles.. But i am new to couponing and haven’t tried yet..

  8. Sarah says

    @Melissa@ The Sassy Saver
    I live in Fullerton and let me say, go to Ralphs! they are wonderful when it comes to coupons and while they only double the first like coupon in a transaction, all of their cashiers are very informed and helpful! Every associate I’ve spoken to has been very helpful and nice. I love the Ralphs off Yorba Linda Blvd and Bradford the most. They are great. Bonus- like many other stores, you can earn cash toward future purchases with the use of your Ralphs card and their clearance sections rocks! :)
    Good luck in Fullerton!

  9. Yvette in Corona says

    @Kristi Norco CA
    Hi Kristi, I go to the Ralph’s off of Green River here in Corona but they have now stopped the doubling of all “like” coupons. They only double the first “like” coupon and if the second “like” coupon doubled, the cashier actually overrode it and didn’t let it go through. :(

  10. neal says

    Good info here! I go to the chino ralphs, if I remember correctly I had a few of the same coupons and they all doubled to $1.
    does anyone have a good website for deal matches (sales w/ coupons)? Or do you just figure them out on your own. I need to find a good one for so CA. The ones I’ve found only have like 8 deals lol

    • Josie says

      You’ve found it Neal! :) Just hit the Grocery Stores tab and you will see all the latest deals on your favorite stores :)

  11. Michael says

    I just got back from my Ralphs here in Lake Forest off El Toro Road and they did not double my only coupon for Pepsi Max ($0.55). Still paid $0.45 for it, but was surprised to see no doubling even with my Ralph’s Card.

  12. Michelle says

    IF Ralphs ony doubles only first coupon how do these extreme couponer get all that overage to cover other groceries. Like the lady with 100 mustards and 10 cent overage on each one her store doubled each coupon, How can I find ways to repeat this in so cal?

  13. michelle says

    So If they only double first one how does someone get many free items of the same product in So Cal like on the show extreme couponing?

    • Josie says

      The rules for the particular store that you may have seen has the rules bent for that shopper. In real life–that store does not allow that and only did it for the show. Hope that helps!

  14. Rich says

    I just came across this site, and noticed that my Ralph’s (Off Santa Margarita and Los Alisos in Mission Viejo) does not double coupons. Do I need to ASK them to double the coupons? or does the system automatically do it if it is allowed? TY!

    • Josie says

      You do not need to ask Rich, any coupons below $1 should double. Also there are some stores in the So Cal area that do not double.

  15. Jen says

    Im in south Orange County and used to shop at the Ralph’s in Dana Point (Golden Lantern/Camino del Avion) – was wondering if they double all or just the first like one? Or if the San Clemente Ralph’s (Camino Las Mares) doubles all like ones? Love this site and love the comments too- everyone is so willing to help each other

  16. Eileen says

    I am totally new to couponing but I have about 50 manufacturer coupons that I have cut out of the LA Times that i can actually use. I have read every post above mind and it has helped a lot! I have a couple questions (sorry if I sound like an idiot but in all honesty, I have never once used a coupon at a grocery store):

    1. If I have a coupon for $1 off a single item (salad dressing) and the cost of it is $1.50 with club price at Vons lets say, how do I apply the double coupon factor???
    2. Some coupons say $0.55 off purchase of “3” air freshners… so does that mean I have to buy 3 to get only a total of $0.55 off or is it $0.55 off each??
    3. How do you get more than one item per coupon, is that possible? Can I apply the coupon I have for the salad dressing to several or does it just apply to one? How do people but stock piles then!?
    4. I have to admit, I watch the show, I just want to understand how they buy 10 of one item and only pay $0.10? Do they have 10 of the same coupon??
    5. Any other insight or advice would be great. I do not have much space but I would like to stock up on items I use regularly. I live in the San Fernando Valley of LA Country, California.

    Best, E

    • Kara says

      Hey Eileen, here are a few of the answers to your questions:
      1. At Vons and Ralphs, your first “like” coupon will double up to a dollar. For example, your .55/1 coupon will become $1/1, and your .25/1 coupon will become .50/1, however, any coupon valued at $1 or more will be held at face value. In your example, you would pay .50 for the salad dressing after your $1/1 coupon.
      2. Yes, you have to purchase “3” air fresheners to use a coupon that is .55/3 air fresheners. However, remember the example above. This coupon will double at Vons or Ralphs to become $1/3.
      3. You can use 1 coupon per item purchased. You cannot use the same coupon to get more than the number that the coupon states. People build stockpiles by having multiple coupons (getting multiple papers, or printing out coupons online) and then using them when items are at rock bottom price.
      4. Yes, in order to get 10 of an item, you will have to use 10 coupons (assuming the coupon is for $x/1).
      5. Other advice…start out slow. Learn 1 store at a time and ask lots of questions. Everyone here is really friendly and always chimes in with lots of helpful tips/answers. Also, check out Josie’s beginner section. It is filled with helpful information.

      Hope that helps! Couponing is the best.
      Start slow and don’t give up…you’ll be saving tons and building a stockpile in no time!

  17. Amanda says

    I’m with Dalia…new to couponing and would love to learn from an extreme couponer in my area of Rancho but will travel to local cities for the opportunity.

  18. fabian says

    hello im new to couponing and I was wondering if I go to ralphs and lets say I have a 0.50 cupon for colgate toothpaste and colgate toothpaste is a dollar and I get 10 toothpastes can I do 10 seperate transactions for each toothpaste so my coupon could double? im really confused sorry to bother you.

    • says

      Fabian, in order for a coupon to double the store must double your coupon. Example: You take a $0.50 coupon for Colgate toothpaste the store will add an extra $0.50 on your order for having a coupon for $0.50. Essentially making the product free if it was $1. However, there are no too many stores that do that here in California.. mainly independently owned stores.

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