My To Do List….


When I first began Southern Cali Saver I never thought I would be creating a To Do List. I never thought that there were not enough hours in the day to finish everything I wanted to do on this site. I honestly thought there were not enough deals out there to be posting aaallll ddaayy..but there is.

I have a ever growing to do list and it has become imperative that I shrink my list to a minimum. So I will be taking this weekend off to do just that. SCS also needs a little tender loving care and I will be making some great adjustments to the site. Things that I think everyone here will love! Stay tuned!

For all the Mommas out there Please enjoy your Mother’s Day and take a day off from coupons!

Somethings that you should do:

:: Make sure to enter the $50 Target Gift Card giveaways if you have not.

:: Find any hot deals? Ralphs, Albertsons and Rite Aid are busy this week–so make sure to leave comments to keep everyone update on the deals.

:: PS: I will still have Target, CVS and Walgreens deals posted Saturday.


  1. violetwaterflower says

    Thanks josie for all the hard work you put into updating your blog! I follow your great blog everyday now! It’s so relevant since I live in SoCal too.

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