Albertsons: $100 in Gift Cards for Only $80

I mentioned this deal when it first was announced last week but went ahead and tried it today.

When you purchase $100 worth of gift cards from Albertsons (excludes Visa, Amex, MasterCard gift cards and Albertsons Gift cards) you will receive a $20 Catalina at check out to use on your next purchase.

This is a excellent deal if you find things like Gas or Amazon gift cards! I do most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon so I purchased $100 worth. Here are the details regaring this promotion:

:: Runs 6/5-6/21
:: You can purchase up to $500 in one transaction
:: I am not sure that this catalina rolls into itself.


  1. Jennifer M. says

    I did this last week.. and my $20 CAT was good for 7 days.
    I don’t see why you couldn’t use Albertsons gift cards to BUY the other gift cards.. but you won’t earn the CAT if you buy AMEX, Visa, MC or Albertson’s gift cards.
    …and I hear some stores are inforcing the Limit (1) $20 CAT per transaction rule when you go to use them. So if you have (4) $20 CAT’s, you would have to split your order into (4) smaller transactions (a pain!!)

  2. Susan says

    I did this last week, too, and have been going to Albie’s almost daily to use the cats before they expire. You’ve only got 7 days. I have a slew of gift-giving events (2 kid b’days; husband’s b’day; one kid high school grad; father’s day…) in the next month, so this was hugely helpful. Also, I bought 2 $100 Lowe’s gift cards because I knew we were going to paint one kid’s room — why not get the extra $40??? I’d love to know if this is limited to 5 total per customer card (I’ll have to ask tomorrow!)

  3. MAritza says

    When you say you can purchase up 500 in one purchase do you get 5 $20 catalinas? the wording on the ad was subject to availability…does that mean that it may or may not print? :

    Effective June 5th – June 22nd

    Save $20 on your next shopping trip when you purchase $100 or more of gift cards (excluding Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Albertsons gift cards) in a single transaction using your Albertsons Preferred Savings Card.

    *Valid on in-store purchases only. Coupon issued at checkout. Offer valid 6/5/11 – 6/22/11. While supplies last. No rain checks. Offer valid only in the states of CA, ID, WA, OR, NV, UT, MT and WY. Offer is not valid at Albertsons LLC locations. Selection varies by store. Limit 5 coupons per transaction. Subject to availability.

  4. Jennifer @ Savings Chatter says

    My friend did $500 in 1 transaction. $500 is the limit per transaction, (5) $20 cats printed.

  5. says

    UGH! I tried to buy Tracfone phone cards this morning at Albertson’s and get this deal. I asked first if I would get the $20 since it is a phone card not a regular gift card. The checker did not know so asked a manager, the manager did not know but said it doesn’t exclude them so it must work. Well, I bought the cards and the $20 CAT printed but the cards weren’t activated. In the end, after 20 minutes, they couldn’t figure out how to activate the cards so gave me my money back but said I could keep the $20 CAT to apologize for the wait!! It was a pain in the neck but I guess I made out in the end! It’s good to know the phone cards are included if I go to another Albertson’s that knows how to activate them!

  6. Alicia C says

    I bought $500 worth of giftcards in one transaction and got five $20 catalinas for groceries!! We bought tons of gas cards, Pottery Barn kids (for backpacks and lunchpails for next year), Mc Donalds, Jack in the Box, etc. It’s a great deal on things you would already be buying anyway. Why not get some free groceries? We’re headed back tonight to get probably $500 more in gas giftcards since we sure go through them quick living here in San Diego!

    On a side note, my store told me it was a maximum of $500 (of gc’s)per transaction, but that I could come back and buy $500 over and over again if I wanted. The tricky thing is the expiration on the catalinas is only 7 days like others posted. So, I’m just gonna stock up on a lot of dry goods and boxed drinks/waters and things to pack in the girls’ lunches for summer camps, etc.

  7. Bernadine says

    I find the title of the post a little misleading, you don’t pay $80, you pay $100.

    Albertsons had a similar promotion just before Christmas and I bought $1400 in Disney gift cards, to use for annual passes, and got $280 in free groceries. The cashier had to ring up three seperate transactions, #1=$500, #2=$500, #3=$400.

    At the time the coupon said it could only be used for groceries and excluded diary, alcohol, and tobacco. It also only allowed me to use one coupon per transaction so I had to do seperate transactions and stocked up on the huge boxes of Tide, $21.99, floor cleaner and other things that usually do not have coupons.

    Last time there were gas cards in on the rack and I wanted to stock up this time, but I don’t think they carry them anymore. I wrote about this promotion on my blog and included pictures of the gift cards offered at my store. Click my link to read it.

  8. Lou says

    I just stopped by Albertsons and got the deal. Amazing! I bought $500 worth of gift cards and 5 $20 Catalinas printed. No worries at all! I was so nervous but everything worked out great. I’m going to go back tomorrow and buy another $500 in gift cards. It’s a great deal if you buy gift cards for things you’d normally use anyway. I bought $500 in assorted gas gift cards.

    There IS fine print on the Catalinas that printed that has me a little worried; they say:

    Limit one coupon per transaction per day.

    Anybody know what this means? I understand one coupon per transaction, but per day? Does that mean I can only redeem one $20 voucher per day? Thanks!

  9. MD says

    Did the deal last Sat. We got $50 ebay, $50 Home Depot (we’re gonna paint the kids’ room) and $100 Jiffy Lube (for oil changes coming up). I already spent 1 Cat on 4 gallons of milk (not excluded, chekc the fine print! :) ), 3 boxes of oatmeal and 2 boxes of Newtons, which also produced a Cat for free milk.

    The Shell and Arco cards were out. I’m thinking of doing the deal again but not sure what. I’m sure the day the deal ends I’ll be like…Oh, why didn’t I buy a GC for this?! :p

  10. says

    Went to a different Albertson’s to try to buy the Tracfone cards and get this deal and at that one, the Tracfone cards didn’t even ring up so they couldn’t sell them to me! Why do they have items that they can’t figure out how to sell? Neither one I went to had Arco cards. That would be awesome if they did. With 3 cars, we go thru alot of gas!

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