Coupon Newbie: Understanding Coupon Match-ups

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If you are new to couponing–you may have encountered the weekly coupon match-ups. Being thrown into the couponing world there tends to be a ton of new things that you have no idea what they are!

I’ve created a informative post for all the newbies (and the ones that aren’t new!) to help you better understand my coupon match ups for various stores.

1. Usually you will see a list of items that I feel are the “best deals” I list coupons that are associated with the item. Usually there are several coupons to choose from–so I list all coupons to make it easy for you to reference (sometimes coupons are regional, so I list all so you know that there are others available)

2. Where to Find the Coupon: I almost always list the coupon by what insert it came out in and what day. For our example above: SS= What insert, this is the Smart Source insert. 5/15/11 = May 15th 2011. If you need more info on the lingo that is used here on SCS, you can find that HERE

3. Final Price: In the example above you see that I use two different value coupons. I will always reflect the lowest final price, since we have a .75 coupon and a $1 coupon I have used the $1 off coupon in the final price.

4. Asterisks: I use asterisks when showing my favorite stock up prices (**). It is safe to say that this price is the best for the week and that you should likely purchase more than one to stock up on the deal.


  1. Juliet says

    I live in Temecula, and have access to all the major stores you show on your site. Which is your favorite for saving on groceries (ie. places with produce, etc)? I thought I was doing pretty well at Albertsons with my couponing, but the cashier said that most of the couponers seem to like Ralphs better because they double. A lot of my coupons are $1 or more, so it doesn’t make much of a difference since they’ll only double to $1. What is everyone’s opinion on the best grocery store to save with coupons in SoCal?

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