Ralphs Coupon Match-Ups 6/15-6/21

Here are the best deals I see this week! Ralphs coupon policy is that they will double one “like” coupon up to .50 will double per transaction. Make sure to check your local Ralphs weekly sales adto determine if these prices are valid at your store. Check out the Ralphs coupon policy HERE!

All of my favorite Stock up prices are marked with asterisks (**)



  1. Sergio says

    for the Freschetta Pizza deal, they’re website has a $1/1 coupon you can print up, if you weren’t able to get the $2/1.

  2. Elizabeth says

    I had the Kashi $2 coupon and it says on “ANY” Kashi product, the fruit and cereal bars were also on sale so that’s what I used mine on. It was also 99 cents after the coupon. I don’t know about everyone else, but the last time I bought the cereal I felt like I was going to break a tooth eating it!

  3. Dana says

    Also, Pantene catalina is ptinting on the travel sizes. I bought 2 small ones, $1.99 ea, I had a previous catalina for an pantene $3/1, and it printed a $3 catalina for my next shopping trip.

  4. Ana says

    Me too!!! The Go lean cereal is the worst cereal I’ve ever had!

    @Leah, I saw the peelies too! I just remember it said “cashier must remove this to be valid” so it may be restricted to the more expensive varieties. I hope I find them on the sale ones.

  5. MD says

    So current Catalinas are printing for 2 Pantenes and 4 Ben & Jerrys. Any other ones?

    The Freschetta, I couldn’t find the $1 off Q, only a $.75 c one.

  6. MD says

    One other question, I filled up my tank at Shell. Now I’ll take that receipt to Ralphs for double the points, correct. Will the receipt be good on doubling the points just one time? I’ve never done this, we always get gas at Costco but I wanted to give this deal a try. Anyone know if the receipt is a one-time use only? Or can I present it more than once until it expires (in July)?

  7. says

    @MD – I just started taking advantage of the Shell/Ralphs promotion as well. The code on your receipt is good for a one time use, but must be used by the date stated. It is a good idea to save it for one of your larger shopping trips to maximize the double points. Shell is not the gas I typically get, but if I’m planning a large Ralphs haul…I’ll get around $10 in gas, get my receipt, and use it to double my points on my shopping trip. It’s a great way to rack up those reward points quickly.

  8. jennie says

    I also got a cat at ralphs for Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. One sale 2/$5 use $1/1 RP 6/12 recieved a $1.50 cat. Wondering if the cat is at Vons because Ben and Jerrys is also on sale for 2.49. with in ad coupon.

  9. MD says

    Thanks for clarifying that. I usually don’t have super big hauls so I’ll have to really think about when to use the receipt. Plus I don’t get gas every week, maybe every 2-3 as I don’t drive around too much nor too far.

    Good deal on the B&J! We need ice cream. :)

  10. Jennifer says

    Can someone tell me what a “like” coupon is from Ralphs. I tried searching for an explanation, but I can’t find a thing! Thank you!!

  11. LILY21 says


  12. Maria says

    for the Cottonelle toilet paper at Ralphs you have to buy 5 to get the $4.99 sale price. Since my Ralphs only accepts 3 like coupons, and only one will be doubled, I was thinking of going to Walmart or Target and do a price match. My question is, will Walmart or Target require me to buy all 5 as Ralphs does in order to get the price match?

  13. MD says

    I don’t know how Walmart or Target would price match, I’m guessing they would do it for the sale price but not for the promo price (price after you bought 5). Plus Target and Walmart won’t double the Cottonelle coupon which makes this a better deal. Could you maybe buy 2 other items: the Keeblers are cheap, the Juicy Juice too, the Huggies wipes. All these end up being $.49 cents or free if you have coupons for them. I’d try that.

    Went to my usual Ralphs today, phew! They are still doubling more than one “like”. BTW, to Jennifer, a “like” coupon is a repeat coupon, like you have 2 or more of the same.

  14. Maria says

    Thank you for clarifying. I didn’t think you could mix and match since the ad says to buy 5. This makes it alot easier now.

  15. Jay says

    Good Morning Everone,

    I am new at using coupons and I would like to say Thank you so much Josie for opening my eyes on saving money. I don’t know what I was thinking in the past when I was paying full price on my grocery shopping. I have one question though, I did a shopping yesterday @ Ralphs and it didn’t go as I planned. The manager was very rude and even the girl that was bagging my groceries was very rude also. See, Ralphs has a sale on the Lala Smoothie Drinks for 10/10 and I have 10 coupons of B1G1 Free, I thought I could use it get 20 and would only have to pay for 10 of them, but when I went to check out I was told I could only 1 B1G1 free coupon per household. I thought according to their coupon policy B1G1 is allowed and I also made sure I didn’t clean out the shelves when I was shopping for this Item. Please advise as to what I did wrong, it was very embarrasing the way they treated me yesterday and I am actually thinking of calling their headquarters and file a complaint on the manager. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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