Ralphs: Crest Money Maker

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Deja vu?

Woot! Look at what you can do right now at Ralphs: (NO coupons required!)

Buy 2 Crest toothpaste $1 ea
Pay: $2, get $2 cat
= Free!! ( you do have to pay tax)

There other awesome things about this: the catalinas are rolling! Go back and buy two more and pay with the previous $2 and you will get another $2 :)

You can also add coupons:

If you don’t have enough toothpaste… Here is what I did:

Buy (3) Crest Toothpaste $1
Use (3) $0.75/1 coupons from 7/3 PG (one doubled)
Paid: $0.50, got back $2 catalina
= $1.50 MM

Now, the Crest catalina is supposed to print when you purchase $6. So my guess is that the catalina is triggered on the FULL Retail value of the toothpaste.

This catalina ends 7/31!


    • Kara says

      Daniel, it’s usually one Catalina per transaction. So you will want to split your transactions up. Hope that helps!

  1. iris G says

    What a great found. Just got back from Ralphs this morning. Need to go back again.

    Thanks for your sharing!

    • Josie says

      There was no reason-I just bought three because I wanted to then the Catalina printed :) then I realized that I could only purchase 2 :)

  2. Mandy says

    I got a lot today for my family, parents-in-law and sister-on-law.
    Love free toothpaste and toothbrushes. I’m glad I noticed the toothbrushes being free as well, didn’t realize that before.

    I already used one of the $2 off your next order catalinas when I did the General mills deal in order to get the 2 free gallons of milk. So I ended up paying 4.99 for 4 cereals and 2 free milks) which is great because usually 2 milks alone would be about 6 bucks.

  3. kris says

    What does everyone do with all their toothpaste?? Me and all of my friends and family are completly stocked up for about a year!! But this is a MM, how can I pass that up?

    • Kara says

      Kris, you can donate your surplus to a nearby shelter. I have a community cupboard nearby that I like to donate to and a battered woman’s shelter that I donate to. They are always SO appreciative of anything I drop off!

  4. Sara says

    Hi! I just discovered your page,I’ve never use coupons at Ralphs or anything, I have zero toothpaste I would like to stock up, if I buy 2 and get a Catalina back can I go back and get two and get two and go back to the line lol u know what I mean? On the same trip ? Since I live far

  5. Nicole J says

    I went and got 8 tubes of Crest toothpaste, 10 tooth brushes, 1 bottle of Dawn dishsoap, and 4 TicTacs…..I paid $1.74 and left with $4.00 in Cats!!!! Thanks Josie for the post!!!

  6. Mandy says

    Originally Posted By iris G@Mandy – Did you mean toothbrushes is on sale too?

    The Oral B Cavity Defense toothbrushes are 10/$10, so a dollar each.
    The coupon states:
    “$2 off Oral-B Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage, or (2) Indicator or Cavity Defense Manual Toothbrushes” and is from the P&G insert 7/3/11

    They took it today without problems.

  7. Rebecca says

    Will I still get the cat if I buy one at a time in separate transactions or do I have to have at least 2 in the transaction to get the cat?? Thanks!

    • Josie says

      You will have to purchase at least two. It goes by the retail price of the toothpaste so you will need $6 in a transaction (retail price) in order to get the catalina.

  8. Daphne says

    I bought 8 tubes and purchased them in sets of 2. Paid 13 cents each set and got $8 in catalinas. Woop woop!! Also, got free tic tacs b/c they are on sale for $1 and I had several of the 75 cents coupons and all of them doubled. And got free toothbrushes! LOVE F R E E!!! Thanks Josie, b/c I would not have known the Crest was off the Retail had you not reported that. Props to you.

  9. Daphne says

    Oh and bought the Crest toothpaste that says $10 in coupons on the outside of the box. :) There are coupons printed on the inside of the packaging.

  10. ari says

    Somehow I really dont like my local Ralphs, everytime I use coupons, the cahser shows the face looks like I steal somethind form him/her. ^^”

  11. Laura says

    Just got back from Ralphs where, to be honest, I rolled my cats numerous times (at various Ralphs due to where I was at the time). The last one got me looks from the cashier, who called the manager, who then called the person who was ringing me up. I know I didn’t do anything wrong – there is no limit, I paid my sales tax, used valid coupons and didn’t clear shelves. How do you guys handle the people at the store treating you like you’re ripping them off?

    • Kara says

      Laura, unfortunately this happens often in the world of couponing. Sometimes the cashiers act as though you are taking the savings directly out of their paycheck. If this happens to me, I just smile and am super friendly. I also try to remember that maybe they are having a bad day (and I never take it personally). I’ll make small talk with them, maybe about the weather, their day, their pretty earrings…etc. Something to break the dark cloud over our register. Surprisingly, this often works…sometimes they even end up smiling by the end of the transaction. As a couponer, it is one of the most frustrating things to get a non-coupon friendly cashier! However, don’t let it discourage you. There are plenty of friendly cashiers out there who would love to take your coupons with a smile. Learn who these cashiers are and make sure you jump in their line the next time! Hope that helps!

  12. Laura says


    To clarify – I was purchasing for my mom’s family and my sister’s large family. I’m already stocked up on toothpaste. :)

  13. Sara says

    So I just got back from Ralphs I got 6 crest the first time with 6 .75 coupons and got 3 cats back so I went back and got 6 more and was going to do separate transactions but the cashier told me to do one so obviously just got one cat, I did the same a couple of times more paid tax each time and the cashiers were nice,I used the self check out for the lasts transactions and the assistant was a little annoyed I could tell,she went you? Again! Lol I said that’s the last one I promise! she said u know u can get something else besides tp right? Lol
    They were very well stocked up btw. And they were out of toothbrushes :(

  14. RosieB says

    I got my toothpaste yay!! I was a bit sad tho because I didn’t get my regular check out boy and so the girl I got only doubled one of my coupons for the toothpaste. My regular guy usually doubles up to 3 like coupons : (

  15. Lucy says

    Same thing happened to me when they had the wisk on sale, I used $2 coupons and I know the look you are talking about. They make you feel bad in front of other customers.@Laura

    • Kara says

      Emma, yes typically you can still get the deal up until 11:59 PM on the date the deal is good until. In this case, the Catalina should print anytime before midnight on 7/31. Hope that helps!

  16. Lindsey says


    I did 2 seperate transactions and received no catalina. I was wondering what I need to do or who to call if I did not get my catalina’s. Thanks.

  17. SL says

    Newbie here. I also did the crest deal and wonder if the $2 catalina is only valid for purchases at Ralphs or could I use the catalina elsewhere?

  18. Ben says

    Is it true that Ralph’s will only double the first coupon if you are buying multiple “like” items with coupons? I learned this the hard way tonight trying to buy 10 Dawn dishwashing soap with 10 coupons.

    • Kara says

      Ben, yes, typically Ralphs will only double your first “like” coupon as you experienced today. You may get lucky and find a cashier that doesn’t always follow this, but that is not very often, and for me, I take it as a nice surprise if it happens. As a way around this, I usually split up my transactions so that each of my coupons double. Josie did a great post here that talks a bit more about the “like” coupon topic. Hope that helps!

  19. Jenn says

    I went to Ralphs in Marina Del Rey yesterday and did 5 transactions where I purchased 2 toothpastes each, used two coupons each of which doubled to $1.00…so I spent $.13/transaction and got a $2 Catalina back for each of them…totalling $10 back! @Josie

    • Kara says

      Jenn, no the Catalina’s won’t print for the toothbrushes. The Cat was produced by spending at least $6 on Crest toothpaste and the last day it was triggered was yesterday. Hope that helps!

  20. Brandy from Berdoo says

    I did this deal 6 times. I made my husband go with me. He paid .10 and was flipping out…..then I showed hime the $2 off and he was like-“no way!” I used my inserts from Sunday the .50 and the .75 and both doubled no probs. I did notice that when one of the cashier’s said 1.97 she was fine. Than I handed her the coupons and the total was .10 she never told me my new total and wouldn’t look at me. I thought it was kinda funny. It doesn’t bother me how they act. My job is to save my family money and theirs is to ring me up. So just smile and tell them to have a great day!

  21. MD says

    Ah, man, I went last night and didn’t get a Catalina. When I finished paying I noticed my toddler was “gone”. So I kinda moved to the next aisle, in the self-check and there she was, just looking at something. I grabbed my carte and left. I dunno if my Cat didn’t print or if I just didn’t get it. :( There was another customer right after me so I moved out of the way.

    I called Catalina. I’m thinking it didn’t print or the cashier would have given it to me bc she did give me the receipt. Bummer. Grrr…

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