Write Companies for Coupons (it’s SO worth it!)

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One of my biggest secrets to obtain high value coupons is by simply writing them! This is such an awesome resource that not too many people think of.

One thing that I get questions about all the time is: How do you get organic coupons? Well–believe it or not–they are out there! I recently wrote Organic Valley and let them know that I wanted to switch my family over to organic. I mentioned how  don’t see coupons out there and they were VERY Generous and sent me a FREE product coupon worth up to $10.99!!!

So if you have the time to sit at the computer and drop a couple of companies notes about their products–you may reap some awesome benefits!

Let’s Share: What companies have you approached and what sort of coupons did you get?

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  1. alyssa says

    huggies-FREE diaper coupon and $3 off any diapers
    purina- FREE tray of beneful dog food and $1 off any purina dry dog food
    fresh express- (2) .55 off 1 bag of salad
    powerbar- 2 FREE product coupons!!
    hillshire farm- $1/1 coupon
    rachael ray dog food- free sample

    i didnt have any luck with P&G brand products (nyquil, pampers, etc) mostly because they put out coupons every month

  2. Mary Ann says

    I emailed Bubba Burgers and they sent me four $1 coupons.

    One I was really disappointed with was when I got a box of Rice-A-Roni that had an open flavor packet in it. It was all moist and sticky and gross. I didn’t dare use it. I actually spent the money to send it back to Rice-A-Roni to show them how bad it was and they sent me a whole $2 coupon. I bought that product before I started couponing, so I likely paid close to retail for it (probably on sale, but no coupon), so that $2 coupon didn’t even cover my costs.

    Another one was Crystal Light. I paid to send them back a stick pack from a brand new box I had opened (also before couponing) that was rock hard (every one in the box was that way) and they sent me one coupon to replace that box. Again, didn’t cover my costs because of how much it cost for me to send that to them to show them.

    I remember in the old days when you had a problem with a product they would replace it AND compensate you for your trouble with extra coupons for free product. That sure hasn’t been my experience lately.

  3. Jay says

    Wrote Dixie earlier this year explaining that we don’t get any of their coupons in the Nor’East and they sent 4 $0.55 coupons (which tied in nicely with the current RA deals :) ). I’ve also gotten coupons from Starkist tuna, but that was because of a bad can.

  4. Anne says

    I wrote Hemp Dream and got only 2 $0.55 off (dnd) coupons. I told them I buy a case of this every other month for my son. I guess it’s better than nothing.

  5. Mandy says

    I wrote Colgate and got a stack of at least 15 coupons for a variety of products from the Colgate/Palmolive company. Everything from toothpaste to toothbrush, softsoap, deodorant, bar soap, body wash and more.

    Bar-S sent me a $2 off coupon that allowed me to get bacon for under 50 cents.

  6. Mona says

    Okay..I have a question. Do you guys send e-mails to customer service and use the “contact us” tab on product websites, or do you send an actual letter through the mail? Or does it even matter?

  7. Janna says

    I have written several companies, but I’m never sure if I’m supposed to come right out and ask nicely for coupons. Do you all just write them nice messages or inform them of problems and then they respond with coupons?

  8. jk says

    Companies tend to respond quickly when there’s a complaint of some sort. I emailed Keebler once because the box of crackers I purchase at Ralph’s was mostly all crumbs and immediately, I got a call and coupons for free Keebler products in the mail shortly after. Nowadays, you don’t have to send back the actual damaged product unless they specifically ask for it.
    I also emailed Pampers because the tabs of two of the diapers pulled off easily and I just wanted to let them know. They sent me $5 off 1 pampers, which essentially was free jumbo pack.

  9. alyssa says

    @Janna – i just tell them that i love their product and just go ahead and ask for a coupon or sample (most of the time they dont have samples so they send you a free product coupon)

  10. Kmom says

    I called Pepperidge Farms once to ask whether their goldfish contain any nut products right after finding out that my son was allergic. They were very nice and also sent me a bunch of coupons in the mail.

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