CVS: Diaper Clearance

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A couple of weeks ago there were several of you who let me know that you were finding Huggies diapers on clearance–and it looks like CVS is clearing out their private label: Just the Basics as well. Alex emailed me a picture of his clearance diaper finds.

There really is no rhytm or reason behind the clearance at CVS, but if you plan to make a trip–make sure to scan those diapers!

Thanks, Alex!


  1. Tina W says

    Wow. I still have my $8 spring spending reward in my purse. If they have these on sale at my local CVS I think this would be a fantastic purchase to give to the local food bank!

  2. Ari says

    Has anyone tried the JB diapers? I also spotted Pampers Swaddlers Sensative 50% off in size 1. Gerber food & juice were only pennies. It was super wierd!

  3. Alex says

    I just tried them and they do seem a little thinner than any other name brand diaper but work just fine to me! My litttle man is being potty trained and is only using them onvernight and for outing and they hold up really well :)

  4. sammy says

    also, if you get the swaddlers sensitive wipes, it’s on sale for 2.49…plus the $2q, makes it only .49!!! great deal!

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