KMart: Double Hasbro Coupons! (As Low as $1.99!)


Did you notice in your Smart Source insert that KMart is doubling ALL Hasbro coupons?! This is great because you can score up to $10 off 1 game! (this promotion goes through 9/17)

I went ahead  and got some prices at my local KMart (who had no idea about the sale–but I did bring my inserts showing the promotion)

I bought three games and was able to have all my coupons double–so I don’t think there is a limit on how many you can do in one transaction.


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  1. Catherine says

    Josie. Question are they only doubling the hands or is it general merchandise . In kind of confused it will be nice to have doubles at kmart.

  2. Catherine says

    Josie. Question are they only doubling the games or is it general merchandise . In kind of confused it will be nice to have doubles at kmart.

  3. Mary says

    @Anna – Mine was in the SS, too. It’s a full page ad up top, explaining Kmart’s doubling this week, with the coupons at the bottom. Anna, if you printed out the Hasbro game coupons from their site, I think those would work, too. The KMart ad this week shows on page 6 that they will double the coupons for those games: “Coupons can be doubled up to a total discount value of $10. Find your Playsaver coupons in your Sunday paper or for these and more games. Double coupon offer valid 9/11/11–9/17/11.”
    So you should have no trouble in your Kmart store. :)

  4. Ann says

    @Catherine – KMART does double coupons on a week event basis…it’s advertised but in very very very small print….They have 2 double events:

    .99 doubles…so all coupons up to .99 doubles…if you have an .80 coupon it will double to $1.60 maximum of 4 like in 1 transaction….FYI my cashier does ALL of mine =)

    then there’s the double up to $4 event

    I’ve been tracking these events…it looks like they alternate but they have had them at least once a month..

    Also if an item is under .99 and you use a BOGO coupon you get both items for free during a double event! It’s crazy AWESOME! I love KMART… is very knowledgable about KMART deals…I follow her as well…

    ***but to answer your question…I’ve read that ALL coupons are doubling…I’m going to try it out today I’ll post an update after the Charger game =) Sorry!

  5. Vanessa says

    im a little confused i have manufacturer coupons i printed out for some of these games from will these coupons work with these games and double?

  6. Leslie says

    I just came back from Kmart and bought Life, Chutes and Ladders, Cootie, Candyland, and Travel Size Connect Four. Since Chutes and Ladders and Candyland were on the same coupon, I was not able to use the coupon I printed from the internet for one of them, so it looks like we can’t use multiple prints of the same coupon in the same transaction, but for $23.00 for all 5 games is still a good deal :)

  7. dona says

    Itook my coupons to kmart and they said they dont double them and they said they will take my coupons but i was not gonna buy the games till i found the kmart that would take them i took them to the burton kmart

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