{Update} John Frieda Money Maker at Rite Aid! (DEAL DEAD)

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This deal is reported dead.

I posted this earlier but was finally able to get details:

This week there is a month long $5 UP reward printing when you purchase 2 John Frieda items. It appears that the trial sizes are included in this sale and are printing a $5 UP when you purchase 2. This deal is only working on the trial size  Full Repair!

Buy 2 Trial Size John Frieda Full Repair $1.49
Pay: $2.98, Get Back $5 UP
= free + MM

This deal runs 9/28-10/25



  1. Jennifer says

    If you buy 4 of these, you get two $5 rewards. Limit is two. I got mine earlier today and it worked perfectly! Thanks!

  2. says

    At my rite aid they were located near the regular John Frieda items, not in the travel section. Also, if you have a wellness discount of 10% or 20% it will be even better. And finally, at my Rite Aid they had a stack of $1/1 Full Repair Coupons with NO Exclusions.
    Here’s My Trip
    My total with my 20% discount was $2.54
    I used (2) $1/1 Coupons
    =$.54 plus tax and got my $5+UP!

  3. Daniel says

    You say this deal runs 9/28 – 10/5. Does that mean I can buy them anytime this month and I will get a $5 +UP for every two I buy (limit 2 sets of 2) or must they have been purchased this week. Today is the first day of the new ad period here in Southern California. If I buy them today will I still get my $5 +UP? Is this deal related to the trial size deal for Rusk, American Crew, etc. where you got a $5 +Up for each trial size you bought of those? If I did that deal, can I still do this deal or are they the same deal?

    • Josie says

      Hi Daniel!
      The small print on the John Frieda is dated to last through the 25th so this will print until then. If you purchase today you should get the UP rewards. This is not related to the Chi, American crew deal so you can still do this deal :) Hope that helps!

  4. Squeegy says


    The coupons are in a large end cap display in a pamphlet … it says Coupon Enclosed on the pamplet and the display has about 10 coupons. It was right in my Rite Aid

  5. Laura says

    I bought the trial John Frieda hair spray and the full size John Frieda Sheer Blonde Lightening spray and it didn’t work for me.

    Yesterday I bought two full size Sheer Blonde products and it worked.

  6. Brittnee says

    I tried this deal Friday morning will the Full Repair trail size bottles and the UPs did not print. Thankfully my RA manager is nice and gave me a $10 gift card because they had the yellow stickers posting the deal right under the travel size bottles.

  7. Natasha says

    @Brittnee – That was really nice of him or her!

    Unfortunately, the deal didn’t work for me either and I was stuck with an ignorant cashier who tried to tell me that it only works if you spend a certain amount, even though the yellow advertised tag said “on any two items.” Regardless, she just shrugged it off and said she can’t do anything. :(

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