Vons/Safeway: FREE Nescafe!


There is a new Catalina deal that began to today on Nescafe items:

Buy Nescafe Products 9/9-10/21

Buy (2) & Get $2.00 OYNO
Buy (3) & Get $3.00 OYNO
Buy (4) & Get $4.00 OYNO

The great thing about this is that there are eight packs that are priced at $0.99 until 9/18! AND count towards the catalina! I went ahead and did this deal:

Buy (4) Nescafe Single Serving sizes (8ct) $0.99
Use (2) $0.65/1 printable coupons (the BOGO coupon is not for the item that is on sale)
Use (1) $1/1 coupon from Nescafe Sample
Paid: $0.99, Got Back $4 Catalina!

Even if you don’t have coupons this is a great deal! The Nescafe Single Serving Sizes are only priced at .99 until 9/18!

If you want to know if this Catalina is running at your local store–check out Coupon Network and click on the “Your Bucks” Offer in the top right hand corner.

disclaimer: One day into this deal, I noticed that the coupon specified Taster’s Choice items. I’m not 100% on the difference of the Clasico and Tasters Choice. I do believe that Clasico is just a flavor.  Please note that I did use the coupons on the Clasico Flavor and it worked fine for me. I have since changed the title to this post .


  1. Barstow Mom says

    Josie did you use the BOGO free coupon that was on the Nescafe website for this deal ?. I wonder if my store will let me use a BOGO free and the .65 off, which will double, in order to get both free and still get back a catalina.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Josie I just got it a couple days ago! I was going to try that too, but I didn’t know about the catalina deal, awesome!!

  3. Vanessa says

    I just printed out the BOGO and it says it is for a 6-7 ct pack and the one Josie has pictured is 8 so it may not work.

  4. tera ingalls says

    Aww man I didnt read the nescafe sample pack and I literally through mine out a couple of days ago ad forgot about the coupon

  5. Michele says

    Ugh! Just got back from Vons. Bought the items listed above. I SAW the $4 cat print out of the machine. Paid for my stuff. Then as she handed me the receipt and catalina printouts. No $4 coupon. Just an ad for enfamil. I asked her where my coupon was. She looked, didn’t see anything. I told her I saw it print out, could she check again. Maybe on the floor. She did. Was very nice about it, but she didn’t see it. So either I’m crazy, or she will find that coupon later. I almost wanted to crawl over the counter and look myself.

  6. Karen says

    How are you doing this transaction? My Vons doubles the first Q up to $1 so the $0.65 Q is valued at $1. I’m figuring I need to do this in 4 separate transactions so my $0.65 Qs become $1 … along with the $1 Q from the sample box = $0.99 paid for all 4 (no Q used on the last one) … is this right?

    • Josie says

      In order to get the Catalina you would need to do this in one transaction. If you purchased two and used two coupons your first would double meaning you would pay only .33 and get back a $2 catalina.

  7. Elizabeth says

    I used the bogo’s and the .65 ones tonight without a problem and my $4 cat printed. I bought the same ones Josie did. That’s the smallest size package.

  8. deniseL.A says

    This is pretty good of a deal. I never shop at vons but right now I am willing to try it out tomorrow.

    Just wanted to remind you ladies. I’m pretty sure you girls did this same deal months ago when it was at walgreens. I remembered it clearly where this were money makers also. If you still have boxes of these in your stock pile. Check to see if yours have the $1 off coupon also inside it. I was lucky enough to spot these coupons when I emptied out my boxes to put in a jar. I think I got like 8 of those coupond plus the one that I got in the sample box.

  9. martha says

    I use the bogo q and the .65 pay .33 got the $4.00 cat thanks. and went to albertson to get $100.00 gift cards got the $10.00 cat and another one for $3.00 off when you buy $30.

  10. Karen says

    … or I could buy 2 with $1 Q & $0.65 Q and pay -0- (after double) … get $2 cat, then buy 2 more in second trans with $0.65 Q (doubles to $1) and pay $0.99 … get another $2 cat … total $4 … ???

  11. Amy says

    Just got back from Vons in El Cajon, CA. Used two of the BOGO coupons and bought 4 Classico (8 stick) packs (just like Josie). Worked perfectly. I also got a .50 cent ecoupon that came off too, so I paid $1.50 and got $4 back. Yeah!

  12. Feli says

    OMG I’m so MAD I just went to vons and I got 8 did 2 different trans, and I also got2 cocoa pebbles and 3 pebbles treats and 2 gold n soft butters I was supposed to get catalinas for all that and I asked the guy y didn’t they print and he told me how do I know I was supposed to get catalinas, he was sOoooo rude so all he said was well if they didn’t print they didn’t print rrrrrrr?

  13. Tiffaney says

    I did this today in three separate transactions with a couple other grocery items. Got 3-$4 off OYNO catalinas=$12 off my next trip :)

    On a side note, I finally found somewhere to use those $3/2 Vicks items from last month’s P&G Saver. I had three of the same coupon (my Vons will only let me use three like coupons in one transaction) so I found travel size DayQuil packs 2/$3 so all six packs were free. Great Vons shopping day!

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