New $1/1 Target Q-tip coupon!

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Target released a new $1/1 Target Q-tips printable coupon this morning. Now, this makes for a great deal on the Target Q-tip deal that I mentioned yesterday, IF your Target isn’t giving you a hassle about it.

For those that need a recap–

The Target $5 Gift Card promo when you purchase four select items is not prompting on the cheaper $2.69 boxes, even though they are clearly marked. but if you show your store they should honor the gift card as it is clearly a mistake on their part. So here is your deal:

Buy (4) Q-tips $2.69
Use (2) $1/1 Target Q-tips printable coupon
Use (4) $0.60/1 printable coupons (recyclebank coupon for 30 pts)
Pay: $6.36, Get Back $5 GC
= $0.34 ea


  1. Gisel says

    Josie, for the online Target printable q”s dont u have to seperate the transaction if u use 4 of those??? then how would u get the gift card???

    • Josie says

      Some stores allow you to use 4 like coupons in a transaction..if yours does not then you will have to adjust it. hope that helps!

  2. rosieB says

    I got a target insert in my LA times from yesterday and it has a $1/1 q-tip coupon. I wonder if that’s the same as the printable?

  3. Lucy says

    Just came back from Target to do this deal and had no problem.
    bought 4 Q-tips boxes @ $2.69 ea.
    used 4-Target Q’s $1.00 printable
    and 2- $0.60 from Recylebank
    I paid $5.71 with tax! I got my $5 gift card!!!! :)
    so comes about $0.17 for each box!!!
    Great Deal !!! Thanks Josie.

  4. Gisel says

    @Josie – thanks Josie ok so i guess it just depends on th Target then.. I know with the target paper q’s u can.. but the orintables state 1 q per transaction

  5. Gisel says

    @rosieB – Rosie with the ones from the inserts are fine to use multiple together..the ones target is more anal about is the printable ones from their websites. but as Josie stated I guess it just depends on the store..

  6. Ketsy says

    I tried doing this deal a couple hours ago, but the manager wouldn’t accept my coupons! Everything was going great – I got the smaller packs for $2.69, and my $5 gift card prompted up. When I gave her my coupons (I had 2 of the $1 Target Q, and 4 of the $0.60 MQ), she would only take one Target Q and one MQ. I showed her the fine print on the MQ that said limit of 4 like coupons per transaction, but she told me she didn’t know what that meant. I politely said that I could take my purchase to customer service, but she rudely replied that she was the manager and she wouldn’t accept it. Was I misinformed, or was she?

  7. melissa says

    I have four extras of the .60 off coupon for q-tips from recycle bank. Don’t know many people in my area who coupon. so willing to send them off to someone.
    e-mail me at (first e-mail i receive will get them and i will mail them out first thing in the morning. just make sure you keep an eye on your e-mail for a notification. (my mail gets picked up anytime between 11 and 3pm) i live in huntington beach, would need to get it in the mail before time stated.

    Thanks and good luck.

  8. Peelie Picken Daddy says

    @Josie – So how many computers would you consider to be more than enough And since TARGET Qs all have the same SKU number , what is the difference in having multiple PCs or a good scanner ?

  9. Amy says

    Hey Josie!
    I just got a $3/25 dollar purchase from target and I am trying to put together a deal. I was wondering if you knew if I did a buy 2 @ $4.99 get one free deal would Target count that as $15 towards the deal or would they take the $5 off the total?
    I hope that makes sense.

  10. Mallori says

    I did this q tip deal the other day with only 4 target q’s.. paid $6.76 after q’s and got my $5 gc! .44 a box for name brand! I’m so happy they dropped a target printable since i didn’t get the target insert last week! YAY! I love when deals come right at the perfect time.. I actually needed q tips! : D

  11. Nel says

    I understand that this target coupon is no longer available. My question is a more general one about how to print two Target coupons per computer. Whenever I print a Target coupon, I’m taken to a ‘thank you’ page so I cannot re-click the “print coupons” button. I also cannot start the process over and re-select the same coupons because under the already printed coupons it says “already printed” and don’t have a check box to select them again. How does one print two Target coupons per computer? Thanks!

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