Vons: Capri Suns Only $0.99!

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It looks as though Vons has changed the price on us? Many of you are reporting that they are no longer .99 when you buy 4. :(

Update: There is a $1/3 coupon available to print here. Making them only $0.74 ea after coupon! You will have to follow the instructions carefully to get the coupon:

Go to the ELECCIONES tab on the Capri Sun Facebook Page–then hit the “Cuentanos” button and enter two odd combnations of food that your children like to eat. (I typed Carrots and Ketchup) then hit the button to enter and you should be able to print a $1/3 coupon

Thanks, Frugal Penny!

There is a great deal happening over at Vons this week! Capri Suns are part of the Buy 4, Save $4 Juice promotion. They are $1.99 but when you purchase 4–only $0.99 ea!

This happens to be the lowest I’ve seen these priced all year!

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  1. Jen says

    Thanks! I just printed my coupon. These will be great for my husband to keep in his classroom for kids that forget their lunch or for prizes.

  2. Mary says

    Thank you! When I paid, I got a catalina for $2 off any O organics packaged lettuces. I promptly went right back and bought 2 packages for $3.69 (currently bogo ), paying only $1.69 for two! Cheap juice for kids, cheap and tasty salad for mama! I hope others get this, too.

  3. Rachel says

    I live in the San Gabriel Valley and they are at $1.69 after the $4 off 4. Was hoping to see $0.99 each but it’s still a pretty good deal. I actually combined 3 Capri Suns with 1 Welch’s grape juice so I could use two coupons in this transaction!

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