Vons Shoppers: FREE Nivea

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Next week Nivea Lip care will be on sale for $1! There is a $1/1 coupon from the 10/2 RP that will make this FREE!

I think I will go the extra mile and grab the ad and take it to Walmart to snag the extra $1 and get overage at Walmart with the $3/2 coupon :)

Stay tuned for the Vons match ups a bit later!


  1. liz says

    Josie Thank You so much for what u do!!! I actually found ur site through another site and im soooooo glad I did because you have deals for stores here in California!!!!! Your site is # 1 to me.You have helped me and my family save lots of $$$$$ 😉 !!!!! Cant thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!! I will admit that in the begining I was slightly embarrased to use coupons but now I dont care what the person in back of me thinks!! lol!!!!

  2. Natasha E says

    I got both the $1/1 and the $3/2 I think I will use my $1/1 Q’s if I can find the product in store. Lucky I have a Dr’s appt right next to Vons early tomorrow. It’s fate!

  3. Natasha E says

    I picked up 5 today. They only have the Blue one pictured but they had plenty of stock so I wasn’t forced to be a shelf clearer.

    I used 5 $1/1 Q’s In my RP they had $3/2 or $1/1 I am saving the $3/2 for when they have the deals at RA etc for the other varieties.

    The first and last time I tried PM at a WM they told me a) I couldn’t price match AND use coupons b) that my IP coupons were fakes c) I could only use one coupon. I’ve not even going to try for some overage though it would be nice.

  4. Keiko says

    Thank you so much for posting this.
    I just came back from WalMart. I got 6 of them for $6, and used 2 $3/2 and 2 $1/1. I never did price match at WalMart, but it was very pleasent experience for me. There was bic parmanent marker (4pc) for &1.50 on clearance. So I got two of them and used $1/2 bic Q.
    6 Nivea lips and 8 pens for FREE! Thank you Josie.

  5. Dana says

    I went to 2 different Von’s today and neither carry this item, bummer!
    I guess I’ll have to PM at Wal-mart.

  6. Stephanie says

    My Walmart will not price match a 10/$10. The manager said that the item has to have an actual price indicated on the ad in order to price match.

  7. Amy says

    @Josie – Except my Walmart refused, saying I’d have to buy 10, when I know that’s not true! I told her that I could walk right over to Walmart (yes, it’s that close) and get them for $1 a piece, and that it doesn’t say anything about MUST BUY 10, but her and the manager would not hear any of it. Humph.

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