CVS: Aveeno Money Maker!


I posted this deal Idea in the CVS Coupon Match ups earlier this week and it was reported that it didn’t work (it didn’t work for me either) but Michele and several others are reporting that it is working as of today!!

So here is your deal:

Purchase (2) Aveeno Trial Size $1.49 ea
Pay: $2.98, Get Back $7 ECB!
= Free + $4 MM

Now you can pick up Free milk with your ECB’s :)

Thanks, Michele!


  1. Cynthia says

    Darn it I was just at cvs!! Guess I’m going back, lol! I did, however, buy 4 Lumene Sensitive eye makeup removers for $.24 each! All Lumene is buy one get one 75% off. Yay!

  2. steph says

    there’s also a $3 off coup on any aveeno (but i’m not sure if it excludes the trial sizes. I did the deal with the 2 oz. lotions.

  3. Cheryl says


    There’s coupon for these!!!
    There’s one for $1 off any Aveeno product…making it $0.50 ea
    And theres another for save $3 off any two Aveeno products…making it FREE!!
    (neither coupons specifies “excludes trial size)

    Not sure which inserts these are from, but they expire on 12/31/11 if that helps :)

    • Michele says

      Sonia, I believe it was not working for anyone earlier in the week, but it seems to have been fixed so people are reporting all over that it is working. But I’m in Torrance.

  4. yazmin says

    where was the coupon and what orange county cvs did ou go to? i live in orange county too a href=’#comment-19684′>@amie –

  5. amie says

    @yazmin -Irvine..there are no coupons to use with the trial size. Someone here commented that you can use the $1 coupon from 10/30 SS but if you read closely it states exclude trial or 2.5 oz. Hope that helps.

  6. Gabrielle says

    Bummer…..of course my local CVS is out of the trial size lotions. Has anyone had luck in Temecula or Murrieta stores recently?

  7. Stephanie B says

    I did this deal last night. Initially my CVS was out of the trial size. However I did look in other bins for trial size items, since people tend to throw items in incorrect bins all the time. I glanced over a few and found one. I continued my shopping, came back to the bins and just started looking at them one by one and voila, I found another Aveeno trial size item. It felt like Christmas. :-)

  8. Katie says

    If I wanted to get 6 of these lotions, would I just perform 3 transactions? Is there a limit with the ECBs? Or could I just do one transaction and get back a $21 ECB?

  9. Jose says

    Can multiple items be purchased with several ECB prints returned on same transaction or do seperate transactions need to be made?

  10. Lily says

    I bought 2 Aveeno trial size lotions and got the $7EB. The cashier, who I think was a manager, looked so upset when I got the $7. He told the other cashier he was going to have to call it in and told her to take the Aveeno’s off the shelf (I took the only 2 that were there). I thought he wasn’t gonna give me my receipt but he did and I got the heck out of there. To top it off I had gave him the 2 Aveeno’s and 2 llly coffee drinks but he only rang me up for the coffee and I didn’t notice so when I gave him my 2 free llly coffee drink coupons one took off $2.49 and the other one he manually adjusted to make it free. I didn’t realize this til he gave me my receipt and then was like okay you want to pay for this now? I was like why didn’t you ring me up for the lotions and he’s like I thought you put it down separately and I said no then I told him now I can’t use my extra bucks cause I’m gonna be short and he’s like what does it matter you got them free and said he couldn’t post void (liar). So when he rings me up for the 2 Aveeno’s for $1.49 each which total $2.98 I gave him my $3 EB and he applied to $2.98 so I lost 2 cents and he flipped out about the $7EB.

  11. Liz Pacheco says

    Hey Josie
    Thanks so much for reposting once people said it did work. I stopped by last night at my CVS and it worked :) Thanks once again, I wasnt sure to do it but once i saw the second posting I did and glad I did :)

  12. Gabrielle says

    I went to all 7 CVS stores in Temecula yesterday and either management cleared the shelves or they were sold out. Bummer! I tried :). I had NO idea there were that many stores in such a small area so it’s good for future reference!

  13. Jennifier says

    Same Here! I went to 2 CVS’s in Rancho Bernardo (where I work) and all 4 in Escondido (where I live) and they were ALL GONE! I think the Managers were told to pull them off the shelves – which is completely WRONG! The advertisement clearly stated the sizes that were included in the deal. Is it our fault they made a mistake? And besides the company is going to get their money back from Aveeno.

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