How I got $40 in free Groceries at Stater Brothers


I hope you have been taking advantage of the FREE $15 when you purchase $75 in gift cards at Stater Brothers. Today (11/27) is the last day for this deal. I wanted to share with you what I did that got me a total of $40 in catalinas to use at Stater Brothers until 12/11:

First Transaction:

Bought $75 Visa Gift Card
Paid $80.95, got back $15 in catalinas

Second Trasnaction:

Bought $75 Visa Gift Card (used 1st card)
Use $5 catalina from 1st transaction to pay for the fee ($5.95)
Paid $75.95, Got back $15 catalina

I did this a total of four times which resulted in (4) $10 catalinas left over. Although I did have to pay $0.95 for each card,the $4 was worth it to me!


  1. Mallori says

    so they give you a $10 and a $5 catalina? and then you can just use the $5 for the activation? thats so awesome. i’m trying this tonight after work! thanks so much josie!

  2. Toni says

    Hi Josie!
    Question for ya?! When you did this did you just do one transaction after another with the same cashier or did you get back in line each time???

  3. meryl says

    Wow- you are one sharp cookie Josie! ๐Ÿ˜‰ That is like getting $75 worth of groceries for $40 or so?

    By the way can use the cats anywhere like RR from wags? I would rather use them at Vons or Ralphs- thanks!

  4. Greg says

    Thanx Josie you rock!!!! I just did the deal 5 times and they have plenty of cards so I thInk I’m gonna go back and do it 5 more. This is such an awesome deal.

  5. susan says

    I went back for the second time and they almost stopped me, but the manager read over their guideline (he had a sheet) and said there were nothing that prevents me from continuing this deal. The only thing is that a stater bro gift card cannot be used to purchase a gift card

  6. Lily says

    Can someone tell me where they went i am in sun city and they said no, i went to one in perris and they almost kick me out, the cash ier said i was.doing fraud. My husband hasn’t been working so this would help

  7. meryl says

    fwiw, I did this in Lake Forest and it was a HUGE problem, but I was successful in completing 3 gc purchases thanks to an awesome manager Karli! I am emailing Staters about how amazing she was and how horrible my last cashier was- worst couponing experience EVER!!! Like Lily’s experience, this is just ridiculous that cashiers become violently upset, as if you are stealing from THEM. Seriously, I was afraid this guy was going to follow me to my car and beat that crap out of me! Unbelievable….

  8. Susan says

    My cashier was NOT happy with this deal! He was complaining that he couldn’t give me free groceries, but he did do it.

  9. Jaclyn says

    Thank you for posting this Josie! Went tonight paid the $75 + $5.95 for the first. Then on the 2nd one I tried to use the $5 catalina coupon for the fee & the computer beeped. Cashier called the manager & he said you are not allowed to use the $5 towards the fee. Bought 3 Visa cards (using the $75 Visa card in the previous purchase & paying the 5.85 out of pocket each time) & have $45.00 in catalina coupons. So works out to be $18 for $45 in catalina coupons.
    Josie- now you have to find us some rocking deals to use these catalinas on- LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰ My fingers are crossed!!! Thanks again!!!

  10. Crystle says

    Holy moly!!!! That was amazing! Just did it 7 times got $75.00 in Catalina’s and since we drive so far to do it they let me use all my Catalina’s in one transaction. Now I didn’t use coupons not enough time to plan that out but ultimately I got $75.00 in groceries and $75.00 visa card!
    When we got there my friend approached a manger and explained they opened a separate lane just for us and my 7 transactions went perfect and so did my friends!
    Thank you do much for pointing this out it came at a much needed time.

  11. Jennifer says

    I did this deal 5 times in a row. I went late so the store was pretty empty and the manager took me to a seperate register. The register beeped when I used the catalinas but he put them through. Now I hope Staters has some good Christmas dinner deals!

  12. Mallori says

    Did this deal 6 times tonight after work and made $60 in free groceries! Soo happy about that! Thanks for your awesome posts Josie! You rock! Lets hope Staters has some awesome deals the next two weeks…. i’d love to stock up on meat! : )

  13. Toni says

    Wooo Hoo! Did the deal tonight!!! Bought 7 gift cards and made $75 in rewards!!! I don’t live anywhere near a Stater Bros. We had to drive about 25 miles to get to one, but it was worth it!!! They were super nice and when I explained to the lady what we wanted to do the manager even opened another line for us!!! To make it even better….because we lived so far away, the manager let us use all $75 dollars worth of rewards in one transaction. The rewards actually say on them one coupon per transaction pre day!!! We Scored!!!

    Thanks Josie!!!

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