Vons Shoppers: Just4U Program Now Available! {Free Eggs for Enrolling}

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I knew this day was coming..It’s been over a year since the Just4U Program launched at Safeway Family Stores. It’s official now that all Vons shoppers are able to enroll their cards!

Just be aware that this doesn’t change anything about coupon usage at the store. All current coupon practices stay the same. This is really just a great opportunity for all of us to snag some great personalized deals!

Okay so in a nutshell this is how it works:

When you enroll your store card to the Just4U program–you will receive a great set of “personalized ” deals. (initially–this took about 10 minutes to show up) These deals are not ecoupons–they are basically personalized discounts based on your shopping habits. The good thing about this? You Can load these prices to your card AND Use manufacturer coupons (and Catalina promos)

so one example: I found Tostitos chips in my account at a personalized price of only $2.64. If I happen to have a coupon to match this–that is ok to do! Which means even lower cost! Another great thing is that I am able to score the same price on multiple bags of Tostitos–hence the “unlimited” shown above.

:: All Personalized prices expire in 90 days–so I suggest just loading them to your card all at once.

:: You can receive personalized prices at least once a week–so make sure to check your account frequently

:: Your personalized prices are likely not going to be the same as others–they are  “Your” prices. Everyone will have different prices and deals. Being that we all tend to shop some of the same deals at Vons–we may find that once in awhile we could all have the same personalized price.

Coupon Center: They are all ecoupons that need to be loaded to your card. Remember that you can not stack ecoupons and paper coupons at Vons.

(but there is a great printable shopping list that you can take to the store with you–to prove that these coupons were loaded)

lastly: When you sign up today–you can score a FREE Dozen Eggs!  This is a ecoupon that you can load to your card. I’m not sure how long these coupons take to load unto the card.

There are quite a few things that I like about this program. The idea that I can get a great personalized price on items that I normal buy at Vons sounds great. This means discounts on meat, produce..etc. and really does get me excited that I can score that same great price for up to 90 days! versus a one week sale.

Just remember that this is simply going to work itself out by trial and error.  right at this time don’t have an answer for everything and I’m  learning right along with you! This program is not new to Safeway–just us Vons shoppers–so hopefully all the kinks are already worked out.

So…I want to know what great personalized prices you guys are getting!  Head on over to get started! 

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