Vons Shoppers: Just4U Program Now Available! {Free Eggs for Enrolling}


I knew this day was coming..It’s been over a year since the Just4U Program launched at Safeway Family Stores. It’s official now that all Vons shoppers are able to enroll their cards!

Just be aware that this doesn’t change anything about coupon usage at the store. All current coupon practices stay the same. This is really just a great opportunity for all of us to snag some great personalized deals!

Okay so in a nutshell this is how it works:

When you enroll your store card to the Just4U program–you will receive a great set of “personalized ” deals. (initially–this took about 10 minutes to show up) These deals are not ecoupons–they are basically personalized discounts based on your shopping habits. The good thing about this? You Can load these prices to your card AND Use manufacturer coupons (and Catalina promos)

so one example: I found Tostitos chips in my account at a personalized price of only $2.64. If I happen to have a coupon to match this–that is ok to do! Which means even lower cost! Another great thing is that I am able to score the same price on multiple bags of Tostitos–hence the “unlimited” shown above.

:: All Personalized prices expire in 90 days–so I suggest just loading them to your card all at once.

:: You can receive personalized prices at least once a week–so make sure to check your account frequently

:: Your personalized prices are likely not going to be the same as others–they are  “Your” prices. Everyone will have different prices and deals. Being that we all tend to shop some of the same deals at Vons–we may find that once in awhile we could all have the same personalized price.

Coupon Center: They are all ecoupons that need to be loaded to your card. Remember that you can not stack ecoupons and paper coupons at Vons.

(but there is a great printable shopping list that you can take to the store with you–to prove that these coupons were loaded)

lastly: When you sign up today–you can score a FREE Dozen Eggs!  This is a ecoupon that you can load to your card. I’m not sure how long these coupons take to load unto the card.

There are quite a few things that I like about this program. The idea that I can get a great personalized price on items that I normal buy at Vons sounds great. This means discounts on meat, produce..etc. and really does get me excited that I can score that same great price for up to 90 days! versus a one week sale.

Just remember that this is simply going to work itself out by trial and error.  right at this time don’t have an answer for everything and I’m  learning right along with you! This program is not new to Safeway–just us Vons shoppers–so hopefully all the kinks are already worked out.

So…I want to know what great personalized prices you guys are getting!  Head on over to get started! 

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  1. Mary says

    Hooray, Finally! This looks to be very promising, and I’m especially excited about the Unlimited aspect of the personalized prices!!
    A few of my favorite personized prices (with regular-price comparisons offered on the Just4Usite):
    $2.52 for Minute Maid 64 oz OJ (WalMart price, $2.62),
    $.49 per bunch of green onions (reg. Vons price, $.99),
    $.99 per lb of tomatoes-on-the-vine (reg. price, $3.69)
    $.90 for Sobe 20 oz drinks each (WalMart price, $1.33)
    $3.05 for Dreyer’s ice cream (WalMart price, $3.88)

    My one question is: If at any time the store’s weekly sale price is lower than any of my personalized prices on an item, will the register system give me the lower store sale price (I hope!) or am I “stuck” at my personalized price through the expiration date? We shall see.

    Thanks for the update. Got my free eggs loaded! :)

  2. Karen T. says

    Yes, you will get the lower of the 2 prices!! I’ve been using the JustforU at Safeway for quite some time now…

  3. Holly says

    I have a question about the digital coupons. Are those different than the justforU deals? And are those manufacturer coupons or Vons coupons. They look like manufacturer coupons. Just curious for stacking purposes.

  4. Maya says

    I have been using ecoupons at Vons in the past couple of years (Vons @ Temecula). When I signed up to my account now, the new thing was that for some products they were giving me a specific price, and for some products – ecoupons. I don’t see the free eggs, though?! is it because I already was signed up for this?

  5. Maya says

    Oh oh! Is the personalized deals the new thing? :) I see the free eggs there!! i should’ve looked around better before my previous post, sorry.

  6. Yvette in Corona says

    Can we combine a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on top of the personalized deals? I’m a bit unclear sorry!

  7. Amy says

    Like the SAFEWAY SELECT – GOURMET CLUB LASAGNA, 32-38oz Your Price $5.84. Just picked up a new coupon booklet at Albertsons “Bring the Party Home” (found in the alcohol section) and there is a $3 off ANY frozen lasagna MQ, so only $2.84 for me! Yeah! Thanks Josie.

    I’ve seen the J4U savings on my receipt for a while now, but it was always random, and I wasn’t sure why/how it was kicking in, as I’d never added anything to my card before.

  8. Amy says

    Oh, also got:
    FRESH EXPRESS – GREEN & CRISP LETTUCE, 9-12oz Your Price $0.99
    LUCERNE – NATURAL CHUNK CHEESE, 8oz Your Price $2.49
    LUCERNE – SHREDDED CHEESE, 6-8oz Your Price $2.49
    Which should work well with the .55 cent California cheese coupon which doubles to $1 off.

  9. Daniel says

    @Yvette in Corona

    I signed up and was offered the eggs coupon and I accepted it, but today, three days later, I went to Vons and tried to get my free eggs (being careful to choose the exact kind that was offered for free) and when I got to the checkout and entered my phone number (that is tied to my card number) the cashiet said it would be $2.79. There was no coupon attached to my account.

  10. TONYA says

    The digital coupons on Just for U it says one-time so does this mean limit one? For example there is a $2 off coupon for Tide. If I buy 2 tides will it just take the $2 off one or both?

  11. Billy in Corona says

    These tweeks are still hard to follow. The old system “ecoupons” used to clearly have “…coupons.com…” in the url on the printout, indicating to me that they were manufacturer’s coupons. Now, there is no clear indication one way or the other. I just know that they weren’t combining with my paper coupons (mfg). Also, the receipts, keep changing. One week it’s “J4U” indicated or “Mfg-ecoupons”; this week there are “store ecoupons”, “mfg ecoupons” and regular mfg and store paper coupons, but no coupons labeled “J4U”! It seems to change every week! If anything, they’re just making it more difficult to keep track of what deals are actually going through without trying to decipher a new readout every week.

  12. Curtis says

    OK……I signed up and did not get my eggs! It had a message that the deal was only available to Safeway members in Northern California.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  13. Jessica says

    Question, I am 100% new to ecoupons. The coupons on the Just4U site, can you stack paper coupons with them? Or are they not specifically Vons coupons? Also is it true that if you have a ecoupon on a club card and a paper coupon itll take the ecoupon first even if its lower stiffing you on the difference? (Thats why Ive never tried using them and now seems like a good time to get the right answers)

  14. Peelie Picken Daddy says

    VONS really just SUCKS! Ridiculously ovewr priced on 95% of everything. The only thing that ever gets me into a VONS is the RARE deal that cant be beat anywhere else. I get my deal and get the heck out of there as fast as I can. No time for the Flim Flam coupon games they want to play . There are sooooo many better options outhere for most of us. My VONS is only a 1/2 mile from my WINCO and across the street from my RALPHS. They are lucky if I enter VONS twice a year.

  15. d says

    I like the deals however they don’t always show up at checkout even though I went into my account and selected them. Royal pain. The cashier told me it always works. Not so dear. Very inconsistent. Gonna start checking out super walmart.

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