Weekly Wallet Watch: Black Friday Edition

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There are soo many Black Friday ads to get through this year! I’m sure if you are planning to head out on black friday that you are wondering WHERE the best deal is! Well instead of going through every single ad–I’ve done my best for you to but together a list of the best deals.

These are only Rock bottom deals on certain items–unfortunately I can’t get down to the very specific items (for instance, I’ve listed the best TV deal that I see. I understand that you may be looking for something more specific–but that is very hard to do on my end :) )

  • TV: Sharp 42″ Class LCD 1080p $199.99
  • Best Price: Best Buy
  • Playstation 3: 160GB Holiday Bundle (3 games) $199
  • Best Price: Sears
  • Xbox: Xbox 360 w/Kinect and Kinect Adventures $199 + $50 Walmart Gift Card
  • Best Price: Walmart
  • Clothing: 50% off Family Outerwear
  • Best Price: Old Navy (doors open 11/24 9am)


  1. Tisha says

    From the info I’ve picked up around the net (so bear that in mind), the 200.00 TV at Best Buy is an exclusive to Best Buy. Apparently months before, retailers sign contracts with electronic makers to build exclusive machines for BF, with not new but not ancient parts, just parts that have been sitting around they can’t get rid of. The TV electronics maker gets rid of a lot of parts he can’t move and the retailer gets a cheap deal on completed TV’s. There is little to no info on this TV on Sharp’s website or other sites leading people to believe this is def. an exclusive.* Hence, not being able to find this model anywhere else to price match it…

    Probably the only big drawback would be getting parts should something go wrong.

  2. Trish says

    Just curious- how do you get the rebate for the microwave at Macy’s? I need a microwave but have been putting off buying one- I have a Macy’s gift card so this seems like the perfect time!!

    • Josie says

      In the ad–it states the rebate. I assume it will print at the end of your receipt. but you can always ask. Hope that helps!

  3. KMom says

    Any chance you know the runner up for the lowest TV price? Best Buy always seems like a nightmare on Black Friday, but we could use a TV.
    Thanks for doing this version of WWW!

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