Los Angeles Times: $10 Sunday Only 1-Year Subscription

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Woohoo! This great offer is back!

Here is another great code that you can use to score Sunday only LA Times paper for only $10 per year! Just use code  840031 This is an excellent price and if you would like multiples its only $30 per year for 3 papers delivered weekly. This code is valid until 12/15 only!!

LA Times is my favorite paper by far! It gets every single insert AND all the hot regional that other papers don’t get.

Thanks, Irma!

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  1. Trish says

    Yay! I’m so excited- I’ve been waiting for this offer to come back for what feels like FOREVER:) Woohoo- 2 copies no more running around town looking for LA Times!!

  2. Angie B. says

    Do you know if the subscription has to start immediately, or if I can add another year onto the subscription I already have? Someone at work gives me their paper, so I really only need one copy to come to my house, but the last $10/year deal I got will be expiring in February. :)

    Either way, thanks for posting Josie!

  3. Sarah says

    I would really love to do this but I live in gated community apartment complex and have no idea what they would do with my papers. My guess would be leave them by the gate where they would get stolen. Anyone in a gated community have any luck getting papers delivered? Id really like to be able to sleep in on sunday and not have to go hunt down papers.

  4. Yolie says

    Thank you Josie. I got it! I will cancel the oc register. Can you believe they haven’t delivered one copy yet? Every Sunday I wait and nothing.

  5. Rachel says

    Already getting 2 (1 from the Living Social Voucher which I’m still having problems with) and just got two more!!! Thanks for posting this Josie!!

  6. Angela says

    Hi Josie!!
    You seriously ROCK!!!
    This offers totally excites me… Yayyeeee!!!
    I was wondering if you knew the answer to this question… For next year when I renew, will it still be at this price, $10/yr, or will it be at its current asking price?… would you happen to know??
    Thanks in advance! and happy holidays!~

  7. Tracy says

    Does anyone know if this can be delivered out of state? Will they mail them? Would love to get the circulars from this paper!!

  8. Jennifer says

    I am getting 2 subscriptions now and wanted to add more. I tried to order online with the code, which did put it down to $10 for a Sunday only subscription. Upon clicking the “submit” button, it gave me a message to phone customer service because I already have a subscription. They are closed now. I will try in the morning.

  9. Joelle says

    I was able to set my date ahead by a bit (since I stupidly ordered the dumb UT here in SD a few months ago — still aren’t getting the delivery right and half the time the coupons aren’t even IN there!). And have 3 copies coming soon — YIPPEE!!! Thanks, Josie!

  10. Maira says

    Awesome deal and just in the nick of time! I have been getting frustrated with not getting the correct coupons or none at all, due to people stealing them.
    Thanks Josie!

  11. JustD says

    Thanks so much for the info, Josie… I got 3 papers!!! It seems my RP has been hit and miss lately plus I rarely get any regional coupons. Here’s to hoping that all changes Sunday… WOOHOO!

  12. Angie B. says

    @Josie – They let me put in a start date in 2012, so worse case scenario, I get an extra paper for a few months if it does indeed start right away and then when my other subscription expires, I’ll just renew for the $10 through this one! :)

    Thanks again for posting! Paying $2/week for the Sunday LA Times is beyond ridiculous.

  13. Kathy says

    Woohoo…3 more copies of the Times makes me do a happy dance since they have more coupons than the times and a lot of deals are using those elusive coupons!!

  14. Sara says

    thank you so much! Ive been waiting for a good offer $30 for 52 (I think) copies I don’t have to wake up at 5 on Sunday’s anymore lol.

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