Vlog: How to “Roll” Store Rewards

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I did this about 50 times before I got it right..then I realized I was calling the ECBs,Up rewards! Ugh! So please note that I am referring to ECBs at CVS in this vlog :)

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  1. KMom says

    I’m a little confused. How did you only pay $.93 in the first transaction if each of the six deodorants was $1.99 and you had BOGO coupons? Didn’t you have to pay $1.99 x 3 = $5.97 OOP?
    Thanks, Josie!

  2. Gaby says

    @KMom – The coupons are taking $3.99 (max value) off instead of $1.99 at cvs so she only paid tax. The same thing happened to me. It happens sometimes from what I’ve noticed.

  3. Katie says

    Thanks for the explanation! I did want to know about rolling ECBs on the same item. Can we use the $6 to purchase another speedstick deal, and still get $6 back again (as long as we stay within any limits)? Thanks!

  4. Alex says

    Love all your vlogs and everything you do Josie! And……Did you make your ECB’s backwards because today is backwards day?!?! LOL!! :)
    !yad sdrawkcaB yppaH

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