Vons: New Hallmark Catalina = FREE Cards!


The Hallmark Catalina is back! Until 2/14  you can purchase three Hallmark cards (excluding .99 cards) and get a $5 Catalina to use on your next purchase. If you can find the $1.29 cards:

Buy 3 Hallmark cards $1.29 ea
Pay: $3.87
Get back $5 Cat
= Free + $1 MM

The $1.99 are more likely:

Buy 3 cards at $1.99
Pay: $5.97
Get $5 Cat
= .97 for a three cards!

In the previous times that this cat was out, it rolled-which meant you could go back and buy more cards and pay with your $5 catalina and get another back.


  1. Barstow Mom says

    Speaking of Vons I just got back and the Azumaya tofu was on sale for $1.00 so with the .55 off coupon doubled it was free.

  2. Maddie says

    The other day I was in Vons and bought Delimex taquitos 25 ct.( reg 6.99 ) on sale for $3.99 wyb 4, used 25% frozen food Vons in-ad coupon, took off $4, used (4)$2 mq, pd $1 a box. I’m not sure, but the sale may still be running. ~ Also, Barstow Mom, I noticed you did the Visine/Bengay deal at Rite Aid. I did too, and now I’m kicking myself for only doing it once. I figured, I’d only get one $10 up, so why do it again, but that would have been an easy $30 toward the $100 RR, with very little oop. And I had enough coupons to do it 2 more times if I wanted. I hope I make it to the $100! Have you hit it yet? @Barstow Mom

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