HOT: FREE Milk Catalina at Vons!


Facebook has been blowing up with comments about this FREE Milk catalina.– So I had to head into the store and find out the details:

Get a FREE Gallon of milk when you purchase any four or more Kellogg’s Cereal (10.8 oz or larger, any flavor), Pop Tarts (8 ct or larger), Kellogg’s Nutri Grain, Kellogg’s Special K Bars (6 ct or larger), Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Bars (5ct or larger), Kellogg’s Eggo (10 ct), Peets Coffee, or Dannon Activia, or Pure Yogurt products 2/29-3/13/2012

Here are a couple of deal ideas for you:

Buy (5) Frosted Mini Wheats $1.99 w/in-ad coupon (one will be $2.99)
Use $5/5 Kellogg’s printable coupon (nla)
Pay:$5.95, Get back FREE Milk catalina
= $1.19 per box + Free Milk!

I also found only the PEACH flavor of Activia 4 pack on sale for $1.99:

Buy (4) Peach Activia 4 pk Yogurt $1.99 ea
Use (4) $1/1 Activia printable coupons (zip 92591)
Pay: $3.96 for 4, Get Free Milk catalina

Buy (4) Eggo Waffles $2.50 ea
Pay: $10, Get Back $5 Frozen Food Catalina (use on next purchase of $10 or more)
Get FREE Milk catalina

Fri-Monday Only:

Buy (4) Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Krispies $1.99 ea
Use $4/4 Kellogg’s printable coupon (nla) OR
Use $5/5 Kellogg’s printable coupon (Nla)
Pay: $2.96 or $0.74 per box plus FREE Milk!

other coupons available:

$0.70/1 Kellogg’s Krave Cereal, exp. 4/1/12 (RP 02/19/12)
$0.70/1 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites printable
$0.70/1 Kellogg’s Special K Oat and Honey Cereal printable
$1/2 Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Cereal printable
$1/1 Activia Product, exp. 3/19/12 (SS 02/12/12)
$1/1 Activia Multipack, exp. 4/7/12 (ALL YOU Mar ’12)
$1.50/1 Peet’s Coffee Medium Roast Blend printable

If you want to receive more that one free milk catalina you will need to do this in multiplies of 4 or more. Woot for free Milk!!


  1. Tera says

    I called Kelloggs and the catalina company trying to figure it out. Why didnt I just drive to Vons. I did call Vons corporate though and they had no idea what I was talking about lol. I am glad we have you :) It was driving me nuts not knowing the details. Is there no limit?

  2. S says

    Buy (4) Eggo Waffles $2.50 ea
    Pay: $10, Get Back $5 Frozen Food Catalina (use on next purchase of $10 or more)
    Get FREE Milk catalina

    So would we be able to do this first and then use the $5 frozen cat to do the CPK deal and get another $5 frozen cat? Are the eggos and CPK both considered “new frozen food?”

    • Josie says

      I’m not sure of the veribage on the $5 catalina but from what I understand, it is good on any frozen food items. So that could work. I’m not sure if the $5 catalina is rolling though–so you may not get another $5 catalina from your first purchase.

    • Maricel says

      It says on the Von’s website –
      Spend $10 or more on ANY Frozen Products * and get a coupon for $5 off NEW ITEMS in the freezer section with Card

      ‘Look for the New Item tags on over 200 new items!’

      • S says

        I think I’ve got it. So I can spend $10 on the Eggos and get a $5 cat back but that cat can only be used on NEW frozen food item and the CPK are probably not new items.

  3. Hetal says

    Some thing same was written at raplph store ( near Milk price tag ) but I was in hurry , if I will go today then get the picture.

  4. Callie says

    Does anyone know what’s up with the Vons Just4U site this week? The last few weeks I’ve been able to load the Vons Circular Ad in-store coupons (much easier than clipping with scissors), yet this week (today), they are not there. There’s just a TON of tiny little coupons this week.

  5. Rachel says

    I found this pleasant surprise this morning when I did the 4/$10 Rice Krispiees at Vons, using my $4/4. I just made it to a total of 20 cereals for the MIR!

    • Elizarae says

      Do you have to use an in-ad coupon for the 4/$10 Rice Krispies or is that just the sale price for this week? We have a Vons near us, but I never get the ad for some reason, so I never know. Thanks!

  6. Noelle says

    Anyone locate the other rebate at vons, it is sitting on the freezers? I dont remember the specific items you have to get.
    Something about breakfast. I check when i get home.

  7. K says

    Anyone know the price on Peet’s Coffee? The coupon print is unlimited! Each one has a different code – not the usual 2 per computer.

  8. Catina says

    Hi all!
    I paced my Vons on lunch in Riverside today & found the following NEW items that the $5- CAT can be used on: Bertolli Meal Soup, Kashi Steam Meal, Stouffers “Farmers Harvest”, Pagoda Express (little fried rice boxes), new Banquet snacks (i.e. quesadillas), Hungry Man (the Pub version & a couple others), Red Baron Pizza & Sides, Eggo “Wafflers” and Eggo “light”, some varieties of Ore Ida fries (like sweet potato), Healthy Choice “Top Chef” version.
    Some of these are in the ad…it is a pretty decent selection.
    There was also a tearpad on one of the freezer doors at the end of the aisle promoting $38- of “Try Me Free” GM items…it’s a pretty sweet deal…hope you all snag one! :)

  9. mary says

    What I am planning on doing is getting the pizza get the 5 cat and the 2 cat and with those pay for the eggo waffles so I will spend around 16 for 3 pizzas and 4 boxes of eggo waffles and gallon of milk
    Any other ideas ????

  10. Stacy says

    I just printed a free gallon milk coupon (with purchase of 3 breakfast items) from their facebook page. I think I can combine this with the deal above and get 2 FREE MILK RIGHT???!!!

    Transaction 1
    FREE milk
    4 boxes of cereal
    Receive a catalina for another free milk

    Transaction 2

  11. Maricel says

    If you are going to do the Eggo deal, make sure to get 4 Eggo waffles. I bought to 3 waffles and 1 french toast sticks last night and the free milk catalina did not print :(. (I got the $5 catalina though :) )

  12. Daryl Ann says

    New California Dairy Q on FB. Challenge Butter $2.oo off but also there is a link 1.10 off open it and there is a .55 off any California Dairy!!!! Unlimited prints…

  13. Jc says

    So mad my Pavilion at Irvine doesn’t have that free milk catalina boo I went bought 5 boxes of Kellogs and didn’t get nothing then I ask the manager he said it could be a area only deal ugh

  14. inqueerie says

    I bought 4 boxes of 10ct Eggo (as stated in the ad) but no milk catalina printed, they said the milk should be in the same transaction to get it for free.So, I bought another set of Eggos + milk – lo and behold, it didn’t deduct the milk, they had to override it and still no milk cat printed.
    The $5 frozen catalina coupon can only be used on new and specific frozen products, not really a good deal (for me), mine will exp 3.11. Rough shopping trip at Vons today. The only bonus is 18ct eggs for $1.99 Just4U price :).

  15. Noelle says

    I did two separate transactions, one buying 4 activia and the other transaction for 4 eggos (did not only buy waffles) and the milk Catalina didn’t print. I went to customer service and they called catalina. They are mailing me the coupons for free milk, here’s the number if anyone wants to try who didn’t get the coupon to print =)

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