Albertsons Coupon Match Ups 3/28-4/3

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Here are the best deals I see! Make sure to check out the new Albertsons Coupon Policy! 

Albertsons Doublers are back! Make sure to check out THIS POST for more info on how to obtain them.

Indicates my favorite deals


Book of Savings Match Ups:


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  1. Angcab says

    The foster farms chicken coupon says do not double. Will they still accept it? Also last time it said with minimum $10 purchase. Is that stated again?

    • Josie says

      Yes it does state $10 Minimum purchase. IT will be up to your store if they allow you to double. This does nothing for the store..they are taking the hit on the extra $1 not the manufacturer. Foster Farms will only reimburse them for $1 regardless if the coupon is doubled or not.

    • Jaqueline says

      On their coupon policy it actually states that they will double a coupon that says “do not double” be sure and print and take with you

  2. jennifer says

    farmer john’s bacon would be a great price too!:)
    its $3.99
    and there is a $1 off = $2.99
    use doubler =1.99

    ill be sure to go in on friday and grab some!

  3. diana says

    off topic** sorry idk where to post

    does anyone shop at superiors….

    they have farmer john hot dots at a 1..
    and i believe there is a dollar off coupon (need to double check)

    ive used like 3 coupons at superior between two trips and they have all beeped… the cashier puts them through after checking amount…i just find it weird that they just dont automatically go through and cashier has to type in each amount…

    anyone have that issue too?

    i just dont know if ill have issues bc the hot dogs will be free after coupon or if they’ll make a scene of using 3 like coupons…

    • MeleP says

      I don’t get to use my coupons as often as I would like at Superior, El Tapatio and Cardenas. My coupons beep all the time. I know for sure they don’t take internet printed coupons and usually only allow up to 4 coupons in total per transaction. I’m only speaking from my own experience. Depending on the Cashier they will input and others…when they hear the beep they don’t give it a second look and give it back to you. Its all hit and miss for me.

      I can say is that I tried using hot dog coupons some time last year when the same coupons came out and it was a no go. I got 6 with 6 $1 Farmer John hot dog coupons and they told me I was only allowed 3 free and made a fuss. Mind you, this was last year. Who knows now. Maybe check with the Manager before attempting to see what they say. Each Cashier/Manager/Supervisor interperts their coupon policy differently. I haven’t seen one except for the small sign at the entrance that says “no internet coupons” lol…hopefully my experience helps.

  4. Donna says

    Some of the coupons in here will expire 3/31 and the double deals won’t start until
    4/1, will albertsons accept expired coupons?

    • Michele says

      Why do you say the double deals won’t start until 4/1? My doublers say valid 03/28-04/10. Am I misunderstanding you?

      • Donna says

        Michele, you were right. I am in the Washington state and here our Albertson’s Twice The Value coupons only valid Sunday through Tuesday. So for me, the double deal won’t start until 4/1. I wish I have 2 weeks to do the double deals though.

    • Kara says

      Donna, the doubler coupons and all Book of Savings coupons at Albertsons will be effective tomorrow, 3/28 – 4/10. Hope that helps!

  5. mar says

    there is a $.75/1 coupon McCornick on the RP 03/25, I’m not sure if this will work , buy 2 =$3 -2 $.75 MQ- 2 doublers-$1 CATALINA= FREE

    • Josie says

      Mar, the .75/1 coupon states that it is for Spice, Herb, Extract or Food Color. I don’t think it will work on the Seasoning Mixes. According to their website, the seasoning Mixes are not part of the above list, which is why I didn’t list it. Hope that helps!

  6. Amy says

    I have see Try Me Free Rebate forms on the Quaker Real Medley’s Oatmeal in both my Von’s and my Albertsons, so it would make them only .50 cents for 2 after the rebate. BTW, these look so good. I picked up a cherry pistachio one, can’t wait to try it!

  7. Shonda Lange says

    I got a catalina from Walgreens stating a new cat on Cottonelle is starting 4/2. I’m hoping it runs at Albertsons, and possibly get a double dip!

  8. Wendy says

    The coupon on the silk web site for a dollar is only for silk fruit and protein so I dont think you can use it on this deal. There is a 75 cent coupon there you could use it would just come out a little bit more.

  9. Lily says

    Does anyone have any extra doublers that they dont need i didn’t get mine yesterday? Aruiz942@ thanks

    • Dee says

      Heads up…
      I picked up the early edition of the LA times Sunday edition today and there are three doublers in the main section of the paper. Valid 4/1 – 4/3 only. HTH

  10. lori says

    Is anyone in Riverside getting the doublers? If so can you share where as I am not getting them in my mail.


    • MeleP says

      I’m in Riverside too but Jurupa Valley/Rubidoux area. I usually get mine on Weds. Check your mail today. If not, ask co-workers, relatives, friends, church members. When I need extras then I ask around.

    • Anna says

      I live in Riverside. Well its more like Jurupa Valley but still. LOL I get mine in the mail they’re on the back of the albertsons book of savings coupon book. HTH!!!

  11. Andycakes says

    Hi Josie!! I love you blog!!! I’m planning out my shopping to Albertsons right now and I noticed that in the Libbys vegetable you match a coupon from last year when right now in my hands I hold a Libbys $1/4 cans of Libby’s vegetable coupon. Am I seeing wrong or did you miss this coupon??? It was in RP 3/18/12

  12. says

    I KNOW I saw a nature’s own bread q in the inserts recently…can anyone who knows where it is chime in and help out? it’s for 55cents off

  13. says

    Some things may may help:
    1. there is a tearpad in my albies for get a $10 gas card wyb $25 in P&G products in one transaction rebate. Goes nicely w/the buy $20, get $5 cat. If you find it in your store, make sure to check that the items you are purchasing are included in the rebate. Pampers is not:(
    2. If you got the free w/q Iams at Target last month, there may be $3 off q’s inside the bags. Use them for the buy $20, get $5 back offer. You can do the deal twice per transaction, so do this:
    buy 3 bags@$13.99=$41.97-$3q-$3q-$3q=$32.97-$5cat-$5cat=$22.97=$7.66 per bag! Iams is not included in the gas card rebate:(
    3. If any of you are subscribed to the House Party site that sends you free stuff to try w/your friends and signed up for the Silk milk party and were rejected, check your emails cuz they sent a $2 off q as a consolation prize!!! even though the email says you can only get 1 print, I was able to print twice. With 2-$2 q’s and cat, the Silk is only 50cents each! and you can save your doublers for something else.
    4. If you are signed up for the Disney rewards points and used your points to buy a free box of Pop Secret q, it is expiring 3/31/12! Use it and one 50cents printable to make the boxes 25cents each after cat!!!
    HTH someone!

  14. Nicole says

    I went yesterday and had 3 transactions. The cashier informed me that I can only use two doublers per card, that’s why they send them in them mail etc etc…she said she would do it this one time. Did I miss something on the coupon policy? Anyone ever had this happen to them???

    • cathy says

      It all depends on the cashier, some really want to give you a hard time btw is up to your store i hope you are lucky next time :-)

      • Meryl says

        I think the policy is actually only 2 but I have found several stores/cashiers who haven’t objected when I’ve handed over 3.

        I don’t think I’ve tried more in one trans- maybe 4 when I’ve seen my fav YOUNG MALE cashier. It’s not a guarantee but odds are better. 😉

          • Meryl says

            ooo, but on that Staters deal- I had a psycho young guy from……he was nuts about me rolling the cat back into buying that visa gc!!! I thought he was gonna follow me to my car!! And sometimes older women- act like it’s THEIR $$! lol!

  15. Meryl says

    idk if the sargento cheese slices are also on sale, or part of the cat, or if we even got this coup but what a great deal this would be w/doublers if so- from database:

    Sargento Ultra Thin Slices $0.75/1, EXP 4/1/12!! SS 02/26/12 R

    Would that be like 50 cents each after cat??? Oh, I WISH!!! LOVE ME SOME CHEESE!!!

    Btw, will albies double a cat value with a doubler?? In this case, the $1 cat becoming $2 off?

  16. Breanna says

    Hate to be a stickler but the Michelinas math is a little off. The coupon is limit four and the $1/5 means you have to buy 5 so you will get 4 for .59 and the 5th one for regular price. The regular price for these run around $1.50. So it will be .59 x 4 = $2.36 + $1.50 = $3.86. Use $1/5 = $2.86 which comes out to $.57 each or $.37 each with doubler. this could be a little off of course

  17. Christina W says

    Check the milk price at your local store on Lactose Free Smart Balance!

    I went in Tuesday (my store put out/redid tags w/wed’s tags!) I was unsure if it was in fact $3.00 each 1/2 gallon OR $6.00/2 this week or last week. I saw other bloggers saying it was this 3/28 weeks sale price…. If it is here is a deal for you all.

    1 half gallon $3.00,
    use Smart Balance $1/1 Enhanced Milks (4/18/12) in 3/4 coupons OR
    Smart Balance $1/1 enhanced milk(5/16/12) OR
    Smart Balance $1/1 enhanced milks(5/16/12) coming out 4/1 coupons.
    Making it $2.00 ea!

    There was a $1.50/1 printable coupon for this but it’s not showing up on now so if you have or find it, even better deal at $1.50 ea! :)

  18. cali says

    Just got back from Albertsons and I did the Libby’s deal, but no cat…I bought 4 cans, but it was 3 corn and 1 peas–did that throw it off? The peas were .99 and the corn was .75 each..otherwise, a very successful trip–saved 78%!

  19. The new girl says

    Oh, how I LOVE the doublers.
    Yesterday at Albertsons I got ….
    2 Anthony’s pastas
    2 Planters peanut butter
    paid $2.00 and got the $1 catalina back
    Used the catalina for 1 box of Twinkies and paid nothing. So, $2 for
    all of that. Pretty exciting! :]

  20. Deborah says

    The Green Mountain Coffee K-cups are part of the Catalina deal also….and there are $2/1 printable q’s……you get a $1 Cat on each box, (12pk.s) and they are on sale, select ones for $6.39……I picked up 2 this morning and will be going tomorrow for more….surprised you don’t mention this deal in the match-ups…..if you own a keurig, this is an AWESOME deal :)……Personally, I own the Mr. Coffee powered by Keurig that I found on clearance at Walmart for $64.00 :)

  21. Iris says

    Cheetos is on sale for $2, and there were $1/2 tearpad coupons next to the cheetos at my Albertsons! Used it with a doubler so paid $1 each!

  22. Linda says

    Yesterday (Saturday) at Albertsons in Poway (next to Target) they sold chicken breast packages for 79 cents a pound. I spoke with the manager working there. He told me they got way too much chicken in and either he had to throw it out or sell it inexpensively. I bought three packs, cause I have limited freezer space – but if you have freezer space – head over there.

  23. Kim says

    Question re the Foster Farrms chicken. I am new to doubling at Albertsons(never get the coupons in the mail), and I read that a store coupon and doubler cannot be used for the same item. The example on the website was if there’s a store coupon for 3.99, only a manu coupon can be used. So, how can I used the BOGO store coupon, two $1 off, and two doublers?

    • Angcab says

      If u have the farmer John coupons for the breakfast sausage include those in ur foster farms transaction. They’re already free without the doubler and they can be doubled and applied to your transaction. That’s what I did Sunday morning. Hth

    • Kara says

      Kim, you are using your doublers on the Manufacturer coupons, not the store coupon. You couldn’t use a $1/1 store coupon and a doubler together, but you can use a $1/1 Manufacturer coupon and a doubler together. Hope that helps!

  24. campanita says

    Hi, I have 2 sets of 8 double coupons each, I was hoping that someone wants to trade for Axe, Kotex U, Dawn , Kelloggs 1/2 Rice Krispies ( I’d like to get 2 of each if possible, I didn’t buy the newspaper yesterday ). I received these in the mail and from my neighbors, I go to Albertsons but not very often bc is far away. Please email me at Lucy_martinez@roadrunnerdotcom
    Thank you and have a great day.

  25. Maritza says

    Just wanted to let you know that the Huggies big pack diapers are as low ad 12.99 which I think is a pretty good deal.

    Use the coupon from the book of savings which brings price down to $17.49 and a $2/1 huggies coupon SS 3/18 pay $15.49 get back $2.50 Catalina makes it $12.99 a pack.

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