New Rite Aid Coupon Policy March 2012

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Well–Rite Aid is at it again. There are a couple of NEW changes to the coupon policy:

+ Buy One, Get One Free coupons cannot be used in conjunction with a Buy One, Get One Free or with a Buy One, Get One at
a % off promotion.

Yes, no more BOGO coupons are allowed on a BOGO 50% off promo :

There is a new ecoupon clause:

+ eCoupons
Rite Aid and it business partners make electronic coupons available that can be loaded directly on a wellness+ card. The
register automatically “rings” the coupon when the qualifying item is scanned.

Under internet printable coupons section: the $5 Maximum clause is no longer there : Rite Aid will accept internet / print at home coupons up to the equivalent value of $5.00 off

So it looks like they will accept coupons larger than $5!

You can take a look at the entire policy HERE


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  1. Barstow Mom says

    So it looks lke this effects the Garnier deal this week (BOGO 50% off , receive $10 up wyb 3). Only 2 coupons can be used on the Garnier deal instead of 3. Remember the Olay deal last week it was BOGO 50% off and lots of us got some great deals with the Buy Olay cleanser get Olay Body Wash free coupon. Well with the new change to the coupon policy we can’t use those kinds of coupons anymore with BOGO 50% off sales. I planned on getting cheap John Freida next week but with the new change I have to use one less coupon, kind of frustrating.

  2. kari says

    When did this go into effect? It hasn’t hit at our store yet because they were still taking coupons for the garnier deal yesterday.

  3. myla says

    They took my garnier coupon yesterday too. I’m guessing, the stores don’t know about this new policy yet.

  4. Rebekah F says

    I just looked at the policy. It states “Buy One, Get One Free coupons cannot be used in conjunction with a Buy One, Get One Free or with a Buy One, Get One at a % off promotion.” So it sounds like you can use a cents off coupon for each item in the promotion, but not a BOGO coupon with the promo.

  5. Barstow Mom says

    They changed it where only 1 coupon can be used on a BOGO % off sale. The policy was always only 1 coupon for a BOGO free sale but if you notice they added in parentheses for a BOGO % off sale also. Here’s the new part of the coupon policy : A customer can use one “cents off” coupon in conjunction with the item they are purchasing on a BOGO free promotion (or with a BOGO % off promotion or with a BOGO free coupon).

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