Ralphs: No More Double Coupons effective 4/1/2012

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I did see this one coming. The Kroger stores in Texas stopped doubling and I sort of had the feeling this would happen at All Ralphs stores here in So Cal. Why? Who knows. If they don’t think double coupons are a reason that people  shop at their store–well, they have another thing coming :) 

Effective 4/1/2012 Ralphs will only accept coupons at their face value.  They are also taking away the quarterly rewards effective 5/1/2012.

My Thoughts:

I’m sad but with situations like these you have to take it for what it’s worth. If there is a great deal, yes I will still shop there :) I personally only shop at Ralphs because of the double coupons so they will be losing some business from me. I am not bitter–as a consumer I know there are many other choices for me. As a couponer, I’ve learned that you can not have loyalty to one store. You just won’t save doing that.

You can find more info on the front of your Ralphs ad in the mail tomorrow.

Thanks, SD

How do you feel about this?


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  1. Heather says

    This was a reaaaally dumb move on ralphs part…. They will be losing ALOT of customers. That was the #1 rain why I shopped there! I’d rather drive the extra mileand go to Vons where they will at least double my first like coupon. I can’t believe they are taking away our rewards too, I always made a goal to at least reach my 500! … How rude!”

  2. Monica Hall says

    I got the flyer today. :( How appaling! I was on my way to Ralphs and I took the flyer with me. I showed it to the manager. His face, wow! His face was, I’m sure, like you guys’ face: He couldn’t believe it! He said they were told yesterday and he still couldn’t believe it. He doesn’t know what the reasoning behind it is but he’s worried he’s going to lose a lot of customers.

    He seemed to not quite understand, so we discussed the flyer, and he got it! Yes, you will earn points the same way you do now but they will only be for gas at Shell. If you want to receive rewards certificates, like now, you must apply/use your Ralphs Visa to pay.

    I don’t know how they thought this was smart. Not everyone wants to have a new CC. I’m sure their influx will be greater with all those interests earned on the CC. How sad. We don’t use CC, so that won’t be a great deal for us.

    And no more doubling. He pulled me aside and gave me a code for an online survey. He asked me to please leave all my comments there because he hopes that, as people express their opinions on this, they could over ride some changes. He looked worried and slightly disgusted by this.

    I also called the 866 number on the flyer and let them know I was disappointed. And, like you guys, I think I’ll be going to Vons. I have never ever shopped there, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Or maybe Walmart/Target, they are both close but Ralphs was closer. We have a Smart Co. that seems to have great prices, too.

  3. SoCal OC Mom says

    I am so bummed about this. My Ralph’s doubles all coupons, between that and Josie’s blog I have steadily decreased my out of pocket expense. It was so convenient right next to a Walgreens too :(

  4. Callie says

    Didn’t Vons and Ralphs start tripling coupons for a couple months after the strike to win back customers? Then they went back to doubling, then got rid of doubling all together? Then they brought back doubling, but only up to the value of $1.00. Sounds like Vons will follow Ralphs on the this one, too. They might be looking at the new JC Penney’s model of Everyday Low Values, or whatever they call it. I’m not a big fan of my Ralphs, as it is dirty, and the checkers are super mean! However, I do stop if it’s a deal I can’t pass up (they still carry my Oak Grove Chardonnay wine for less than Bev Mo).

  5. Cari says

    The coupon doubling does not really affect me. I don’t think I ever got a coupon doubled (or at least not many)… but canceling the Rewards Program??? It was one of the reasons I shopped at Ralph’s… that is just sad and disappointing!

  6. Sky says

    I’ve had it!!! The double coupons and the reward certificates/coupons are the reason I always have shopped at Ralphs…for at least the past nine years! They used to double coupons up to $2.00, but awhile ago they changed it to “up to $1.00” – ok, I can accept that. But since hearing about the change in policy a few days ago, I applied for the Rewards credit card (only because it seems the only way to continue receiving the certificates), and although I have excellent credit of 750, I was turned down because I recently retired! I’m furious! Guess it’s back to Walmart, Target or Albertsons! The gas “rewards” will not help me – I rarely drive and the limited participating gas stations will most likely be way too inconvenient to take advantage of.

  7. Shortdotty says

    This is just getting worse and worse ;( …. Even though my Ralphs was only doubling the first coupon I was still going to get a few different things but now, Im pretty sure I wont be stopping by there. Not to pay full price!. I keep reading here that Vons doubles all coupons… “Not my Vons” only the first one. Since that one is a bit farther off then my Ralphs I stopped my visits there and now Ralphs too ;(

  8. Sue says

    I’m not a couponer, so the lack of double coupons is a non-issue. What IS an issue is the fact that they are discontinuing their Rewards program. Sure, I can get “fuel rewards.” But I work from home and put gasoline in my car once a month. I don’t need or want fuel rewards.

    I’ve been unhappy with Ralph’s quite a bit lately (there are now a dozen items they no longer carry that I used to be able to buy there; they “had to make room” for other items). I do NOT go to multiple grocery stores.

    And now… a brand spankin’ new Vons is opening up. Sure, it’s a few blocks further away from me.

    Sorry Ralph’s but your timing really is awful. I’m going to be shopping at the new Vons and will see if they will carry the items that I purchase regularly. I think you may have lost a long time customer (I’ve been a faithful regular of this Ralph’s since it opened some dozen years ago).

  9. Tammy says

    I agree that this is horrible for us couponers and I intend to email Ralphs and let them know that they are losing me as a customer. I also am going to email Vons and tell them how much of a loyal customer I am and how much I LOVE their Just for U program, the fact that they double coupons and their fuel rewards program. Maybe with a lot of positive reinforcement to Vons they will not consider dropping/making any negative changes.

  10. LMc says

    I am in the Los Angeles area and my flyer has an effective date of
    March 28th – tomorrow!! :-(

    Like someone else said – Goodbye Ralphs, Hello VONS!!

  11. Cleverwabbit says

    Super upset. Ralph’s is way overpriced and they do scam tactics with their sales. The hike up the price then tell you it is on sale for more than the previous regular price. They also don’t put expiration dates on their sale tags so you don’t know when the sale ends to tempt people to buy it now.
    The rewards program was a reduced version of Ralph’s prior card program. But the gas rewards suck shell is one of the most expensive gas stations.
    Just putting the big squeeze on people trying to make ends meet. Later Ralph’s

  12. Susan says

    I’m in Ohio and remember when Giant Eagle took away doubles in 2007. A website was started for shoppers to leave comments. The media picked up the story, and in less than a month doubles were back. That website was resurrected when Kroger ended doubles and triples in Houston (April 13, 2011). On September 14, 2011, Kroger took away doubles and triples in Dallas and Fort Worth. That same day, Fry’s ended all coupons=1.00. In a few short weeks, Fry’s restored their coupon program. We shoppers who use coupons need to let the stores know how important the doubling programs are to us. Please consider leaving a comment at http://Bringbackdoubles.com. If you visit the site, there are links to its’ Facebook page and Twitter feed. There are shoppers from all over the country willing to stand together and fight back.

  13. Kathy says

    You should all go to Ralphs Facebook page and post your negative response to this new policy. Use the social media to your advantage.

  14. Minnie says

    more corporate greed. less for us and more for Ralph’s CEO and top management. i won’t be shopping there anymore. the one near me is under staffed (less employees, more money for corporate management) and the parking is awful.

    i am going to buy all my paper goods and household cleaning supplies from Target. yay, 5% off with RedCard! will get groceries from Trader Joe’s who has the BEST customer service, treats their employees well, has great prices and good product. bye bye Ralphs! the double coupons and rewards were the ONLY reason to shop there.

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