Ralphs: No More Double Coupons effective 4/1/2012


I did see this one coming. The Kroger stores in Texas stopped doubling and I sort of had the feeling this would happen at All Ralphs stores here in So Cal. Why? Who knows. If they don’t think double coupons are a reason that people  shop at their store–well, they have another thing coming :) 

Effective 4/1/2012 Ralphs will only accept coupons at their face value.  They are also taking away the quarterly rewards effective 5/1/2012.

My Thoughts:

I’m sad but with situations like these you have to take it for what it’s worth. If there is a great deal, yes I will still shop there :) I personally only shop at Ralphs because of the double coupons so they will be losing some business from me. I am not bitter–as a consumer I know there are many other choices for me. As a couponer, I’ve learned that you can not have loyalty to one store. You just won’t save doing that.

You can find more info on the front of your Ralphs ad in the mail tomorrow.

Thanks, SD

How do you feel about this?


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  1. Nicole says

    This is horrible! I love Ralphs rewards program and I buy things there just because of it–like the AM/PM gas cards (a great way to pay by credit at a “cash only” gas station) that they give double or more rewards on. It is very sad that they won’t be doing double coupons anymore, but maybe they will bring it back. It is possible that they will use “double coupon” weeks as promotions or with in-ad coupons like Albertson’s does sometimes.

  2. Maria Mala says

    This is the most upsetting news since I started couponing… :-( My ralph’s doubles all the like coupons… and it was a HUGE savings…. doubling was one of the reason i Loved to shop at Ralph’s. Sure they will loose not some but lots of business from me :-(

    • Mary says

      I drove 3.6 miles to get to my nearest Ralphs, but they doubled all of my “like” coupons, too. I am heartbroken.

  3. Curtis says

    Are they still doing the Shell promotion where you save 10 cents per gallon of gas when you hit $100 in Rewards points?

      • Curtis says

        I had not seen any signs or ads about it.

        I shopped at Ralphs and Food 4 Less last week.

        It is mentioned on the bottom of my Food 4 Less receipt but not on my Ralphs receipt (it just shows my Rewards but does not mention the Shell promotion)

        • Josie says

          It is on the front page of my Ralphs ad for next week. This is the first I have heard or seen anything about it.

          • Tracy says

            They must be struggling. They stopped mailing out their Wednesday ads to me about a month ago. So I didn’t have that to plan my shopping trips and now no doubles?? If they are trying to help their business , I don’t this is going to be it. Hopefully Vons won’t follow them also!

  4. cali says

    Oh no! I love their quarterly bonuses and double coupons–a big factor in why we shop there!
    I wonder if Vons will continue their double coupons now…

  5. Curtis says

    I hope that Vons/Pavilions does not follow this as well.

    I remember a few years ago when both Ralphs and Vons doubled coupons of $1.00…..got so many free items that way.

    • Josie says

      I’m starting to wonder the same. If their is no doubling competition–there is no reason for them to continue. Sad, but the reality I guess.

  6. JenK says

    It was good while it lasted! I’m a little bummed but hopefully there will still be some good deals at Ralphs when they have their mega-sale type promotions.

  7. Trang says

    Booo! I started shopping at Ralphs because they doubled their coupons and were more coupon friendly than vons but that will change now.

  8. Briana says

    Was just coming online to see if you saw this! I am pretty bummed about this. I prefer Ralphs; its closer and I find their regular prices on the non-coupon things we buy to be less then other stores. I cant believe they are getting ride of double coupons and rewards certificates. When I saw the front of the page it said “excieting” things… not sure if I would call these changes excieting…

    • Monica Hall says

      Yes! (on the “exciting” news). My flyer said “Get real… on Mrch 28″ I wonder if, before now, they thought we thought of it as a joke. Kinda of a bad joke of an advertising that was.

  9. Nancy says

    Oh No! My Ralphs also doubles all like coupons.. ..It also sucks because I scan my card at food 4 less and that counts towards the quarterly rewards..I guess we just have to shop smarter. Although we have power as consumers. Hopefully they will see the impact of their decision when people shop there less.. more vons for me..

  10. Amberly says

    OMG, I’m devastated! My Ralphs was recently remodeled and I like it a lot more than the Vons nearby. Vons will probably stop doubling soon too. How depressing :(

  11. Annette Cruz says

    The sales better good for me to go a shop there. The reason I currently shop there is for doubles on all like coupons and rewards.

  12. Nicole J says

    Doubling 1 “like” coupon wasn’t worth shopping there any way…if you are going to double coupons then it should at least be more than 1 to be worth someones time. Hopefully they will see the effect of people not shopping there and will bring back true double coupons!

  13. Grace says

    This is so sad! Ralph’s is the only store in my area that doubles more than 1 coupon. I might shop less because of this. :(

  14. Angie B. says

    I can’t believe they’re taking away doublers AND the quarterly rewards. Those are the only two reasons I shop at Ralph’s. I wish we knew more of their reasoning behind this change. Unless they have great produce on sale, I guess I’ll be shopping only at Vons from now on. :(

  15. Jackie says

    Over in Clairemont San Diego, Ralphs recently closed down. There was a Target next door offering tons of groceries, Vons across the street and Alberstons and Sprouts close by. Those stores drove that Ralphs out of business. I remember back in the days when Ralphs even tripled coupons. I wonder if it has to do with the popularity of couponing and why these stores are not doubling anymore. Even if they take coupon doubling away, they still have to compete with Target and Walmart, who has everyday low prices.

    I only buy from Vons/Albertsons/Ralphs when it is on sale and I have a coupon. Regular prices at those stores (especially Vons) are way too high! The groceries at Target have an everyday low price so even without Qs, still decent. I love Sprouts for their produce! Fresh and low priced!

  16. Yvette in Corona says

    This is unfortunate but Ralphs was 50/50 when it came to doubling coupons anyway. I do hope they have something good in mind to compensate for these changes. I guess it could be worse :( I love Ralphs but this will def change my way of shopping there.

  17. says

    I am so confused! Does that mean that they are taking away the rewards that you get when you gather points to get certificates with money back?

    Example: you have gathered 800 points, you will be mailed $8.00 to use.

    Are they taking thatawayas well? Please help this is bumming me out so bad.

        • Jennifer says

          You will get a final rewards certificate in May for the points you have at the end of March. Then April 1st, all points are fuel points ….UNLESS you use your Ralphs Credt Card or Ralphs Prepaid card, you can still get the certificates.

          Last time I checked, $.10 off of a gallon of gass only saves me $1.60 for 16 gallons. Even if I fill up once a week, I only save $6.40 per month. Now compare this to the $10-$30 cerificate you get off of groceries. I will not be shopping at Ralphs after the 1st, until this comes back. I can get my groceries cheaper elsewhere.

  18. z says

    i guess ralphs’ definition of “exciting” is different than ours. i’m so sad! i only shop at ralphs b/c they double coupons. i definitely won’t go there as often now.

  19. Lindsey says

    well it has been great while we had it…..maybe if enough of us write in they will change it back?? you can always email in a comment about how “excited” you are about the changes and maybe they will realize how much business they will be losing

  20. Laurie says

    There may be hope for us yet… when I was at Albertson’s yesterday I asked the lady when they were going to update their systems to read the new barcode (at least by my house they have to manually key in those coupons) and she said next week. She ALSO said that sometime in the near future Albertson’s will begin a double coupons policy and some other nice features for us coupon users…. here’s hoping!!

  21. jk says

    Oh I’m so sad…I remember back in the days when I used to do the ‘grocerygame’, Ralphs would double up to $2 if you had a $1 coupon. They also had a lot of ‘Ralph’s instore coupon’ in the Sundays but don’t see them anymore! I used to get such great deals using the Ralph’s coupon and doubled mq’s.

  22. Amber says

    Oh, I am so sad! I can almost see Ralph’s from my backyard and used to walk there on a nice day if I only needed a few items. Well, I guess I’m lucky to live in SoCal because Von’s and Albertsons are minutes away. I did notice a few general lower prices on basic items last time I was in Ralph’s. Maybe they are leaning that way?!

  23. Shonda Lange says

    BOO! That sucks, but it was pretty hit and miss to get all my coupons doubled anyway. Most of the cashiers had started overriding the double on like coupons. I”ll probably shop at Vons more now, and honestly – Ralphs doesn’t always have the best deals (even with doubling) – Albertsons kicks butt with their catalinas sometimes.

  24. Leanna says

    That’s probably the last straw for me with Ralphs. The store here (Irvine) keeps moving products to new locations and has consistently grouchy cashiers, so shopping trips take way too long and are unpleasant. I put up with it because of the double coupons and rewards, and, even then, I only go every 2 weeks or so. I much prefer Sprouts for produce and meat, and there’s an Albertsons right next door. Looks like I’ll be going there a lot more now.

    • says

      word! I certainly wasn’t shopping there for the horrible service! unless there is a great deal w/out doubled q’s…I am happy to be DONE with Ralphs! after 3/31, that is;)

  25. april says

    I’m actually not a Ralphs shopper anyway so it will not affect me. I go out of my way not to shop at Ralphs. Too many frustrating experiences in Pasadena with seeing angry customers in line, idle staff who would not come to the customer service desk, and no response to the email I sent the company about these experiences.

  26. Christina says

    So ridiculous. They are not losing money by offering double coupons, but they will by losing customers.

  27. Ro in San Diego says

    I was never a Ralph’s shopper so I’m glad I didn’t get used to their deals. I would guaranty higher gas prices play into this decision as the stores (as far as I understand) don’t make huge profits on groceries. In California they are also hobbled by the higher wages paid to union store employees.

  28. Tisha says

    Doubled coupons was the only reason I shopped at Ralphs. Ralph’s used to be a nice grocery store until Kroger bought them out many years ago. After that it’s been one cheap change after another. Mostly I notice that the try very hard to make you buy their Kroger brand goods over other name brand items. Sometimes the only thing you can find in certain things is Kroger brand. Seems to me Kroger is just a cheap corporation that has steam-rollered over many states local chains and eats them up without much regard to the business or the customer base. Kroger corporation’s business isn’t hurting at all, btw. Stocks are up and beating Safeway (Von’s). http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/01/us-kroger-idUSTRE82019620120301

  29. Robin says

    That stinks. I’m in Lake Forest and have always disliked how overpriced Ralphs is. Went there for the coupon doubling only but usually ended up doing the bulk of my shopping there to avoid multiple store trips. I was devastated a year or so ago when they limited doubling to $1 max. Now that they have stopped all doubling, I will take my business to Vons for the doubling. It’s a further drive (like 4 mi further) but I’m starting to buy less name brand junk and more organic and natural items. So I guess my 80/20 split to Ralphs/Sprouts respectively just changed to 90/10 for Sprouts/Vons. No more Ralphs for me. Poor move, Ralphs. It’s not like your “cheap” prices keep me coming.

  30. freebie says

    DA –> they are indeed way over priced , even their sale price often tend to be higher than a regular price at other shops . i only went to double the coupons , now that they are stopping the double coupon and the rewards i will just boycott ralphs untill they bring it back.
    i think they will realize fast enough not only they will loose lot of costumers but also lot of money .

    jackie i agree love sprouts for the fresh products without colorants or corn syrups and their amazing gluten free section.
    i notice target is starting to compete with sprouts by bringing a lot more organic products to their shops ( which is wonderfull .. which they could bring even more )

    well i guess i will bring my money to other shops and encourage my fellow couponers to do the same thing and ignore ralphs untill they bring back the double coupon.

    jackie –> i wouldnt be surprise if ralphs goes out of business or suffer a huge money loss : 1 they dont price match other ads 2- they are way more over price than any other stores around them 3 they stop the double coupon 4 -they stop the rewards 5-the e coupons value tend to often be lower than the sunday paper ones . they is absolutly no advantage to shop there unless they plan to have “crazy “sales that would beat walmart and target but i highly doubt it .

  31. Breanne says

    What a disappointment! I go out of my way to shop at Ralph’s because with the doubling of coupons, reward points and money off transaction coupons I felt that I was getting a good value but I won’t shop there loyally anymore if there isn’t an incentive. I’ll probably try Vons next

  32. Linda says

    I thought Ralphs would be stepping up to the plate to compete with Von’s new Just for U program so I am surprised they are cutting back on their rewards program. Von’s has been getting more of my business from Ralphs since implementing this program .. now they will get even more.

  33. Elizabeth says

    April fools on us couponers? I wish it were a joke! Don’t toss your Ralphs rewards card yet, you can still earn points and load coupons to use at Food 4 Less!!! What a dumb move. I hope Vons doesn’t follow suit.

  34. Laura says

    Since starting my couponing adventure last April, I’ve found that I only shop at Vons, Target and Ralphs. I’ve also found that one checker in particular at Ralphs seemed to enjoy my coupon shopping in her lane, and made it a point to harrass me during the checkout process, saying some coupons weren’t scanning correctly, informing me of coupon policy changes after the transaction started, and basically making our encounters miserable. I’m sad to see this news because I get such a kick out of shutting her up! But on the positive side, I won’t have to put myself through that anymore because the main reasons I shopped there was for the double coupons, matched with a sale, and the quarterly rewards. I have a premonition that a few Ralphs in my area will be closing in the near future!!!

  35. Katie says

    I will also be done with ralphs-doubling coupons is the ONLY advantage that this store has over Walmart/Target/etc. Everyone make sure that you hit your benchmark with your points (i.e. 800 points instead of 790 points) to get your final reward check. That check will probably be my last trip to Ralphs. Thanks for the heads up Josie!!!

  36. Christa says

    This is sad considering Vons usually follows suit. But for me, Ralphs has lost their appeal lately and now more with this. I don’t think I’ll be going there much at all.

  37. Lucy says

    This is very disappointing news!!!! I mostly shop at Ralphs(love it there) b/c of the qtr. rewards and double coupons. I have been shopping at Ralphs since I was in my teen years. I really hope they replace it with something better. BUT I have a feeling they won’t. I guess we have to just start shopping smarter at differnt stores. WHAT A BIG BUMMER ! ! ! :(

  38. elena martinez says

    this is very sad but idk about every one else on here but we have till the end of the month to rack up them reward points…..just this past week alone i have racked up 300 points i normally forget to scan my card @ food4less but i have made it a point to do so. let’s make the most & get every last points :) scan your card @ food4less & ralph’s & don’t forget your reuseable bags :) we will just have to come up with other ways to make the most of our dollar.

  39. Joanna says

    Darnit! Couponing is already hard to here in California and the price of food is so expensive here. I cut my grocery bill in half at the beginning of this year when I started shopping at ralphs… if they don’t double my coupons then I will not be shopping there anymore. I guess I will have to start shopping at vons. This makes me so mad!!!

  40. KMom says

    This is interesting – When I was in Ralphs yesterday, I noticed that there are A LOT of prices marked down to new, lower “everyday” prices. The prices were actually pretty good, and I was surprised. I was expecting to be able to pair them with double coupons, though. :( We’ll have to do as much of that as we can before 4/1.

  41. Je Yo says

    Thanks for the heads-up. I had only started shopping at Ralphs because of the double coupon policy. It was starting to become my “go-to” store when I needed to pick-up things without coupons or sales. I’ll miss my checkers, but you’re definitely right — we do have other options. :)

  42. Mona says

    Wth? I specifically came here to see if I could get some clarity – I got the mailer in the news yesterday about “exciting changes” and saw where it said coupons would only be accepted at face value…but I just KNEW that couldn’t mean they would no longer be doubling. This irritates me. I’m not a big fan of Ralph’s (overpriced), but it’s the most convenient store for me to shop at and when I shop there it is ONLY because of sales and double coupons. I’m surprised that their stock is up – just a few days ago one of the employees in the store was telling my husband about all of the layoffs. Plus I know that there has been a lot of picketing and store closures within the past year. Whatever the case may be, I think this was a foolish move on their part. As inconvenient as it may be, I have no problem taking my business elsewhere.

  43. Cristina says

    The only reasons I went to Ralphs was when items were on sale and because they doubled coupons.
    Goodbye Ralphs – – -Hello Vons! :)

  44. freebie says

    i just hope vons will not stop double coupon since no other store in california do that .

    Joanna–>i agree we pay more for everything in california , price are higher for food , taxes are higher , gaz is more expensive and now only vons double coupons…. its so unfair for us.

  45. Heather says

    This was a reaaaally dumb move on ralphs part…. They will be losing ALOT of customers. That was the #1 rain why I shopped there! I’d rather drive the extra mileand go to Vons where they will at least double my first like coupon. I can’t believe they are taking away our rewards too, I always made a goal to at least reach my 500! … How rude!”

  46. Monica Hall says

    I got the flyer today. :( How appaling! I was on my way to Ralphs and I took the flyer with me. I showed it to the manager. His face, wow! His face was, I’m sure, like you guys’ face: He couldn’t believe it! He said they were told yesterday and he still couldn’t believe it. He doesn’t know what the reasoning behind it is but he’s worried he’s going to lose a lot of customers.

    He seemed to not quite understand, so we discussed the flyer, and he got it! Yes, you will earn points the same way you do now but they will only be for gas at Shell. If you want to receive rewards certificates, like now, you must apply/use your Ralphs Visa to pay.

    I don’t know how they thought this was smart. Not everyone wants to have a new CC. I’m sure their influx will be greater with all those interests earned on the CC. How sad. We don’t use CC, so that won’t be a great deal for us.

    And no more doubling. He pulled me aside and gave me a code for an online survey. He asked me to please leave all my comments there because he hopes that, as people express their opinions on this, they could over ride some changes. He looked worried and slightly disgusted by this.

    I also called the 866 number on the flyer and let them know I was disappointed. And, like you guys, I think I’ll be going to Vons. I have never ever shopped there, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Or maybe Walmart/Target, they are both close but Ralphs was closer. We have a Smart Co. that seems to have great prices, too.

  47. SoCal OC Mom says

    I am so bummed about this. My Ralph’s doubles all coupons, between that and Josie’s blog I have steadily decreased my out of pocket expense. It was so convenient right next to a Walgreens too :(

  48. Callie says

    Didn’t Vons and Ralphs start tripling coupons for a couple months after the strike to win back customers? Then they went back to doubling, then got rid of doubling all together? Then they brought back doubling, but only up to the value of $1.00. Sounds like Vons will follow Ralphs on the this one, too. They might be looking at the new JC Penney’s model of Everyday Low Values, or whatever they call it. I’m not a big fan of my Ralphs, as it is dirty, and the checkers are super mean! However, I do stop if it’s a deal I can’t pass up (they still carry my Oak Grove Chardonnay wine for less than Bev Mo).

  49. Cari says

    The coupon doubling does not really affect me. I don’t think I ever got a coupon doubled (or at least not many)… but canceling the Rewards Program??? It was one of the reasons I shopped at Ralph’s… that is just sad and disappointing!

  50. Sky says

    I’ve had it!!! The double coupons and the reward certificates/coupons are the reason I always have shopped at Ralphs…for at least the past nine years! They used to double coupons up to $2.00, but awhile ago they changed it to “up to $1.00″ – ok, I can accept that. But since hearing about the change in policy a few days ago, I applied for the Rewards credit card (only because it seems the only way to continue receiving the certificates), and although I have excellent credit of 750, I was turned down because I recently retired! I’m furious! Guess it’s back to Walmart, Target or Albertsons! The gas “rewards” will not help me – I rarely drive and the limited participating gas stations will most likely be way too inconvenient to take advantage of.

  51. Shortdotty says

    This is just getting worse and worse ;( …. Even though my Ralphs was only doubling the first coupon I was still going to get a few different things but now, Im pretty sure I wont be stopping by there. Not to pay full price!. I keep reading here that Vons doubles all coupons… “Not my Vons” only the first one. Since that one is a bit farther off then my Ralphs I stopped my visits there and now Ralphs too ;(

  52. Sue says

    I’m not a couponer, so the lack of double coupons is a non-issue. What IS an issue is the fact that they are discontinuing their Rewards program. Sure, I can get “fuel rewards.” But I work from home and put gasoline in my car once a month. I don’t need or want fuel rewards.

    I’ve been unhappy with Ralph’s quite a bit lately (there are now a dozen items they no longer carry that I used to be able to buy there; they “had to make room” for other items). I do NOT go to multiple grocery stores.

    And now… a brand spankin’ new Vons is opening up. Sure, it’s a few blocks further away from me.

    Sorry Ralph’s but your timing really is awful. I’m going to be shopping at the new Vons and will see if they will carry the items that I purchase regularly. I think you may have lost a long time customer (I’ve been a faithful regular of this Ralph’s since it opened some dozen years ago).

  53. Tammy says

    I agree that this is horrible for us couponers and I intend to email Ralphs and let them know that they are losing me as a customer. I also am going to email Vons and tell them how much of a loyal customer I am and how much I LOVE their Just for U program, the fact that they double coupons and their fuel rewards program. Maybe with a lot of positive reinforcement to Vons they will not consider dropping/making any negative changes.

  54. LMc says

    I am in the Los Angeles area and my flyer has an effective date of
    March 28th – tomorrow!! :-(

    Like someone else said – Goodbye Ralphs, Hello VONS!!

  55. Cleverwabbit says

    Super upset. Ralph’s is way overpriced and they do scam tactics with their sales. The hike up the price then tell you it is on sale for more than the previous regular price. They also don’t put expiration dates on their sale tags so you don’t know when the sale ends to tempt people to buy it now.
    The rewards program was a reduced version of Ralph’s prior card program. But the gas rewards suck shell is one of the most expensive gas stations.
    Just putting the big squeeze on people trying to make ends meet. Later Ralph’s

  56. Susan says

    I’m in Ohio and remember when Giant Eagle took away doubles in 2007. A website was started for shoppers to leave comments. The media picked up the story, and in less than a month doubles were back. That website was resurrected when Kroger ended doubles and triples in Houston (April 13, 2011). On September 14, 2011, Kroger took away doubles and triples in Dallas and Fort Worth. That same day, Fry’s ended all coupons=1.00. In a few short weeks, Fry’s restored their coupon program. We shoppers who use coupons need to let the stores know how important the doubling programs are to us. Please consider leaving a comment at http://Bringbackdoubles.com. If you visit the site, there are links to its’ Facebook page and Twitter feed. There are shoppers from all over the country willing to stand together and fight back.

  57. Kathy says

    You should all go to Ralphs Facebook page and post your negative response to this new policy. Use the social media to your advantage.

  58. Minnie says

    more corporate greed. less for us and more for Ralph’s CEO and top management. i won’t be shopping there anymore. the one near me is under staffed (less employees, more money for corporate management) and the parking is awful.

    i am going to buy all my paper goods and household cleaning supplies from Target. yay, 5% off with RedCard! will get groceries from Trader Joe’s who has the BEST customer service, treats their employees well, has great prices and good product. bye bye Ralphs! the double coupons and rewards were the ONLY reason to shop there.

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