Rite Aid Coupon Match Ups 3/11-3/17

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Here are the best deals I see for this week. Southern Cali Readers–This Ad runs 3/9-3/15 New to Rite Aid? Learn to shop at Rite Aid HERE.  Watch the Rite Aid Ad Perk Videos HERE

Check out the BRAND new Rite Aid Coupon Policy

 indicate my favorite deals.  Don’t understand the match ups? Check out this post



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  1. Kristy says

    On the Revlon beauty tool deal, if you only spend $11.02, will you really get the $1.50 and $3.00 SCR? Would you need to spend $15 to get both ($10 for the $3 SCR and $5 for the $1.50 SCR). Thanks for any input.

    • Josie says

      with my experience, this is not the case. Things could change, but I’m pretty certain the max is $10. Hope this helps!

  2. Martichka says

    Thanks for the writeup, Josie. I am a big fan of your work, and appreciate the heads up on every great deal you give.:-)

  3. Barstow Mom says

    It looks like a slow week. The only deal I might do is the Loreal Youth Code but I may take the week off from Rite Aid for the first time ever.

  4. Tara says

    The Irish Spring is a part of the monthly deal too, spend $25 get $5. Unfortunately CVS and Walgreens have better deals this next week.

  5. Gayle says

    The L’Oreal video values coupon reads $5 off any Youth Code item so would I be able to use the $5 video values coupon for the L’Oreal Youth Code cleanser priced at just over $4?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

      • Sherill says

        The ad excludes the cleanser. That blew my deal. With my 20% discount, I couldn’t hit $30 without going way over.

        • Josie says

          the ad excludes the cleanser but if you purchased the Kit, and it brings you over $29.50 (for the kit) you should still get the +Ups and you can still submit for the rebate, which does not exclude cleanser.

          • Sherill says

            my 20% brings me to just over $27.00 – not close enough to get the second Up on it’s own. :0/

          • Josie says

            I see, darn 20% 😉 Sometimes, I want to pay full price at Rite Aid, because of situations like this :)

          • Sherill says

            Yeah – but on the bright side – the 20% made the Garnier deal better than I expected. I bought three facial wipes (I love those things). One and full price, one at 50% off and the third rang up at 20% off.

  6. Shelby says

    If the Youth Code is only 29.99, will you still get 2 5+up since it is right under 30 dollars? The manager at my store told me that they don’t round but I did the Pampers deal (29.99) and it worked

      • Cristie says

        Also for the mail in rebate it says when you spend $30. Do you know if they would they round up as well, since it is $29.99?

        • DA says

          Heres my deal so I am sure I get the rebate.

          Buy 1youth code starter kit 29.99
          Use 1 $5 Starter Kit Q (I also have $20.00 in plus up)
          Buy 1 youth code cleanser 4.39
          Use 1 5.00 vv
          Pay 24.99(20 plus up and 4.99 cash)
          Get 2 $5.00 plus ups
          Submit for 10.00 rebate
          Also if I buy it all in one trans. I won’t get adjust the coupon down problem I usually do.

          • Sheryl says

            Be careful paying with $20 plus up since some companies don’t give you full value rebate price since you did not pay full price.

  7. Rebekah F says

    Just got back from buying the Youth Code kit and realized that I only got one $5 +Up instead of two. I need to go back and have them give me the other one.

    • Mary says

      Ahhh, I was just posting about the same thing! Luckily, I noticed it in the store and they did fix it for me, like I said. Not to sound like a Negative Nelly, but if anyone is interested in this deal, I’d do it sooner rather than later, as we all know how Rite Aid likes to claim a “misprint” and change the UP+ amounts/requirements on us. I’m wondering if the number of possible UPs needs to match the number of $15-or-more items you must buy. In other words, since the Youth Code set is just one item, maybe it’s set up to only trigger one $5 UP+, even though the ad clearly states all you need to do is spend $15 to get a $5 UP+. Hmmm.

  8. Mary says

    I did the Youth Code deal this morning. It is priced at $34.99 at my store, so there was no need to worry about the rounding up issue.
    I used the $5 VV coupon and the $5 MQ, and also used $10 in UP+s, so I paid $14.99.
    Unfortunately, only one $5 UP+ printed, not two. The manager looked over the ad and agreed that two should have printed ($5 UP for every $15 spent, limit 4), so he manually printed another one for me. We couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t automatically print. Just be on the lookout for both UPs to print if you do the deal!

    And, for the Garnier, the facial wipes are $6.29 at my store. There are some cleansers that are also priced $6.29 if your store is out of the facial wipes. Worked out to be less than a dollar each after coupons and the $10 UP+. Nice deal!
    Thanks, Josie.

    • Barstow Mom says

      The Youth Code was $35.99 at my store and with my 20% off $28.80 and next cheapest item (cleansers were excluded) to get me to $30.00 was $25.99 for moisturizer. I had to have my mom come with her wellness card with no discount so I paid the $35.99 – $5.00 video values coupon – $5.00 manufacturer coupon. I only received 1 of the $5.00 up rewards so I called and they are mailing the other one. I have my rebate form ready to go out tomorrow.

    • Izabela says

      It happened to me to today. My cashiers were trying to tell me that only 1 up reward should print, since I only purchased 1 item (the Code Kit priced at $34.99)). I don’t think they understand the wording on the offer. So they wouldn’t give me another reward. I called the corp right away, and they are going to mail the missing $5 up reward.

      • Je Yo says

        This happened to me too. While the manager understood what I was trying to say, he said that the computer is probably just printing out one per item. Unfortunately, he said that there’s no way they can print out Up+ rewards. The number they gave me to call re: the UP+ at corporate didn’t work. :/ Does anyone have a number I can call?

        Thanks! :)

  9. Je Yo says

    I also couldn’t find the Hershey’s coupon, BUT while I was at SmartSource.com, I noticed a $0.50/1 Chex Mix coupon! It’ll go great with the Chex Mix deal if you could only print out (2) $0.60/1 coupons from the Pillsbury website.

    Josie, Thanks for yet another wonderful roundup! :)

  10. Barstow Mom says

    Interesting deal on the Rite Aid brand 40 count sheer badages. I heard there was a monthly deal on the Rite Aid bandages so I looked and they’re BOGO free this week and underneath the tag says $3.00 up reward, limit 2 and the date 3/7- 4/ (can’t remember the exact end date in April). It didn’t say buy 2 I double checked. I bought one for $3.29 and the second one was free and no up reward printed. I called and they were confused about it they said there was a monthly deal but possibly 2 needed to be bought and the free one didn’t count. They said they’ll mail the $3.00 up reward as a courtesy. I still didn’t get an answer if it was a misprint of not. If anyone knows if this is a misprint or if you have the yellow tags in your store advertising this please let me know. It ended up being $0.29 for 2 packs of Bandages after the up reward which is a great deal.

  11. Greg says

    Just did the garnier deals. The wipes were 6.29 @ my store. With my 10% discount it was 12.09 plus tax, so 2.09 for all 3.
    Then I found moisture rescue cleansing foam for 6.29 as well. The $2 coupons do work (without beepage) on them since it says it moisturizes.
    Awesome trip

  12. Tara says

    I am in Santa Clarita and did the youth Code kit, pried at $34.99, i only have 10% so $31.49 total over $30. Used the Rite Aid VV and Man Coupon but I only received 1 $5 up. The store manager thought it was because I bought 1 item but he gave me a gift card for the 2nd $5. I think that is actually better.
    I also did the Garnier deal since this is what I use and purchased 6 items to utilize the B1G1 50% since the limit was 2:
    2 wipes (6.29), 2 moisturizers (8.49), 2 creams (8.49)
    total was $34.89, used 3-$2 MQ and 3-$1 MQ
    Total=$25.89 and received 2 $10 ups ( i had enough ups from this past month that I only paid tax)
    OOP=$5.89/98 cents each an 87% savings. That is fine by me. WOOHOO!!!!

  13. marg says

    Just came from RA bought 14 hotweels, used $3/10 printable, paid $7.50 received 4 $.50 ups… my boys are so happy…Thank you

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