Rite Aid: Free Garnier Products

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Update: I tested this this morning 3/30 (Same products) and it worked for me! I’m not sure why it isn’t working for some?

I went ahead and tested the Garnier deal that I mentioned in the match ups and the double dip is working now! Here are the details:

There are two deals: Buy 3 Garnier Skin Care, Get $10 +Up (this has been running the entire month of March and the limit is 2–so no-go if you already did this deal) ends 4/3

There is another deal that is supposed to begin 3/30 –but is printing now: Buy $15, Get $5 +Up or select Garnier or Maybelline (limit 4)

This is what I did:
All Garnier is BOGO 50% free
Bought 1 Garnier Moisturizer Lotion $8.49
Bought 1 Garnier Eye Roller $12.99
Bought 1 Garnier Gel Cream $4.24

Used (2) $2/1 Garnier Moisturizer coupons from 3/11 SS
and 1 $3 +Up
Paid: $20.71, Got Back $5 +Up and $10 +Up
= $5.71 for everything

A couple of notes: If you have a wellness discount your discount will apply. You must have at least $15 in product and 3 items in order for this to work.

You can also do the following:

Buy (3) Garnier Facial Wipes $6.49 (one will be $3.24)
Use (2) $1/1  Garnier Skin Care Coupon from 2/5 RP
Pay: $14.22, Get Back  $5+ Up & $10 +Up


Buy (3) Garnier Facial Moisturizers $8.49 (one will be $4.24)
Use (2) $2/1 Garnier Moisturizer, exp. 4/8/12 (RP 01/08/12)
or use $2/1 Moisturizer from 3/11 SS
Pay: $15.22, Get Back $10 +Up & $5 +Up
=1. 22 for everything!

I’m unsure if this is a So Cal only thing but if anyone decides to try let us know!


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      • Becky says

        Josie do some stores start there sales on Thursday? How were you able to get stuff on Thursday? Would that explain why shelves are empty Friday morning?

  1. Eileen says

    I’m from So Cal and I bought the six facial wipes and got (2) $10 + (2) $5 in UP rewards! Yes! I looked at the sticky tag and it indicated the Buy 3, get $10 ends today, 03/29/12. Are other stores showing it to end 04/03/12? I wasn’t sure if the double dip would work tomorrow, so I bought six items today to get both rewards. Thanks Josie!

  2. Joy says

    Hi, Josie! Anyways, I just did the, buy (3) facial moisturizer deal and only got back (1) $5ups… I was hoping to get the $10ups as well :( I don’t know what went wrong but I wasn’t too happy with it…

  3. Becky Ramirez says

    I don’t get how everything is already gone! Why have a sale and the store is always empty. I’m there at 8am. Frustrating!!

  4. roxy! says

    my rite aid was fully stock. so I purchase 6 items making my total to 32.00 and only (1)5 up reward printed and no 10.00 up reward so the manager saw the ad that says limit 4 5.00 up reward and gave me a 5.00 credit. I was so dsapointed about not receiving my (2)10.00 and not a great deal for the garnier product without them so ill go return it tonight i just didn’t have enough time today. by the way i asked the manager about the new coupon policy he said that is for bogo only so yay i got my free john Frieda shampoos for free..

  5. monica says

    Last evening 8PM it worked; I bought 2 mosturizers $8.49 (the second one was $4.29) and 2 mosturizers $12.99 (second one was 6.50). Used 4 of 2$ coupons and the total was around $26.
    received back 10UPs from Garnier deal that was going on week 3/25 (buy 3 get 10ups) plus 2x5Ups from 4/1 deal (buy $15 get 5)

  6. Barstow Mom says

    The $10 up reward didn’t print for me either with the Garnier deal. I bought 1 moisturizer and 2 face washes and my total was over $17 and I received a $5 up reward. I did get a good deal on Coke 2 liters they’re
    4/$5 with a $1 up reward and I had a $1/4 manufacturer coupon from the Vallarta grocery ad so it came out to $0.75 per 2 liter.

  7. nissy says

    No $10 ups but the manager checked and it should still be working so she printed out for me, yay!!!!! Oh and fyi lots of products were marked 75% off…..yay to 2.50 for organic morracan oil shampoo which is usually $10

  8. says

    your wellness plus gold or silver discount will not apply. The sale is already bogo50% off, that’s better than 10% silver or 20% gold, so no extra discount.

    • Barstow Mom says

      The discout will apply to the third item. So you would get the BOGO 50% off of the first two items but the third will take off the 10% or 20% off discount.

      • says

        you’re right, but if you do the deal to it’s limit and get 6 items, half of them will be 50% off and no extra discount will apply.

  9. AJ says

    The $10UP didn’t print for me either but I just called corporate and they are sending it to me. I was all ready to send them Lindsey’s link (thanks Lindsey!) but they didn’t even question it so they must be having lots of calls on this today!

    • Sheryl says

      Question for AJ, are you in southerncalifornia or another location? Did you get any $5 UP’s? Did it double dip?

    • Lindsey says

      HTH! mine didn’t print at the store but thankfully i had printed the link and showed it to them and they gave them to me on a gift card. they also took my cents off coupons for the 50% off items and had no clue what i was talking about when i asked about their new policy. Oh Rite Aid………

  10. Barstow Mom says

    I just called customer service and very nicely said I just had a question if this Garnier deal is still running because I bought 3 and the $10 up reward didn’t print. He put me on hold and said yes you should have received it I’ll mail it out to you. It was so easy and he didn’t ask any questions. When he asked if if there was anything else he could help me with I went ahead and asked about the new coupon policy and he said there’s no new coupon policy so I asked about using a coupon on the 50% off item for the Garnier deal and he put me on hold and came back and said the policy change is that plus ups can’t be used on these kinds of sales. I knew that wasn’t true but I said Ok and ended the call. I laughed because that doesn’t make sense and even customer service is confused.

  11. Cyndi says

    Oh my I’m so confused with the new policy. The wording is just so confusing that even corporate doesn’t understand.

  12. Anne says

    I just tried this deal 2 hours ago and no $10 UP either. But I called corp as well and will be receiving it in the mail. I bought 2 eye rollers and 1 BB cream (all $12.99 each but 1/2 off on one) and rec’d 2 $5 UPs. I used 3 $2 off q’s for each. I just realized from Josie’s scenario that we can only use 2 but the store didn’t implement. Are we not understanding the new policy or they don’t?

    FYI, I’ve heard great things about the tinted eye rollers from make up artists that’s why I went and bought 2 of them. I know I’m a sucker :)

  13. Cindy says

    I just did this Garnier deal at Rite Aid in Northern California. I did it two times and I received a $10 UP and a $5 UP both times. Yeah for free Garnier!

  14. Kathy says

    I had previously reported on last week’s match ups that this worked for me on the 28th…it was in Fullerton and Anaheim.

  15. Leslie says

    So if the $10 UP ends on 4/3, technically I should be able to receive both the $10 and $5 UPs if I do the deal tomorrow?

  16. Alisha says

    I just did this at a Rite Aid in MI and I only received a $5 +UP reward. I did not receive the extra $10 +UP reward. Does anyone know if it is different state to state?

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