Vons: $0.16 Big Cup of Noodles

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For those of you who do not have a Food 4 Less nearby, here is a good alternative for the Cup of Noodles. Vons has them priced at $0.50 ea–so only $0.16 ea wyb 3:

Buy (3) Big Cup of Noodles $0.50 ea
use $1/3 Nissan Big Cup Noodles, exp. 6/30/12 (SS 03/18/12)
= $0.16 ea!

It seems like Vons is the place to be this week! Make sure you check out these other deals as well:


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  1. Barstow Mom says

    I also got Marucham yokisoba noodles for free today. They’re $0.99 at vons and used the $0.50 off coupon (doubled) from 3/11 SS .

      • Nicole says

        This is my first trip to vons and forgive me if this has been asked already..at vons they only double the first coupon? So a .50 would be 1.00 and a .75 would be a 1.00 also? And I hear of people speaking of a doubler in the mail??? Any help would be great :)

        • Josie says

          yes you are correct about Vons. it is the first “like” coupon–so if you have three different coupons with a $0.50 value, they will double all three. If you have three of the same coupon,they will double only the first. The doubler coupons that come in the mail are for Albertsons. This is on occasion and does not happen every week but I usually try to let everyone know if we will be expecting them!

        • Michele says

          Most vons only double the first “like” coupon, but i have heard of some that double all. Not many though. :) The only doubler I have heard of is for Albertsons. And you are correct on both doubling examples. $.50 becomes $1 and $.75 becomes $1 too. $.40 becomes $.80.

  2. Jennifer says

    Same price at Staters for the Nissin Big Cup Noodles. Also, is the $2.50 coupon still printing off the Pizza Strips at Vons? I want to do a couple “New” frozen food deals. I have (2) printable Red Baron $1.50 coupons. Any scenario ideas?

  3. Kathy says

    I found out the Vons closets to me (several cities over) only doubles the first of like coupons and only takes 2-3 like coupons per transaction. This made my shopping trip more expensive than I was planning…how are the talks with Vons corporate coming so we can all have a more equal and fair experience when we drive a while to go shopping there? Thanks!

    • Jamie says

      When I shop at Vons I always grab 3-4 reusable grocery bags. while shopping I put one item in each bag. for instance one Marucham yokisoba noodles will go in each of my bags. That way when I hit the check out I line up my bags and ask the cashier if I could please separate each bag into its own transaction. I have never had problems with this and the cashiers seem to be happy that it is all organized and ready. after each transaction I hand over one set of my coupons and this way I am sure to get all 4 of the like coupons to double. :) hope this helps. Also for those shopping with kids. I like to hand each of my kids their own Reusable Shopping bag so they can each grab the item and put it in their own bag. It is especially fun when they get to pick their favorite flavor Cereal, fruit snacks, yogurt etc.

      • Jamie says

        Also, When separating your items into different transaction make sure if you are using a vons in ad coupon that you have one for each trans action. If the coupon states limit 2 I only put that item in 2 of my transactions. :)

      • Keri says

        Thanks for the info, Jamie. It’s a great idea to make the splitting of transactions simpler for everyone. Can’t believe I’ve never thought of that before? Lol.

  4. jk says

    Just got back from Vons. Found the mag with Fresh express coupons. Was able to buy 3 bags, only the first one doubled, so paid about 50cents for 3 bags of spinach. My Vons was all out of the big noodle cups.

  5. Nikki says

    These noodles are on sale 3 for 1 dollar with in ad at Savemart if there is one near you and the 1dollar off 3 makes them totally free..

    • Michele says

      Sherish, This coupon is only available in the inserts of the sunday paper. Specifically the SmartSource from the 03/18 Sunday Paper. – $1/3 Nissan Big Cup Noodles, exp. 6/30/12 (SS 03/18/12)

  6. Dee says

    Just got home and noticed for some odd reason, I got a $0.50 MM from this. Kept reviewing my receipt but I can’t figure it out.

    This is the breakdown on my receipt:
    3 qty -$0.50 (total for the 3)
    Reg price $2.67
    club price -$2.17 (I’m thinking this should be -$1.17 but the computer calculated wrong)
    mfg coupon -$1.00

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