What is a good deal on Toilet Paper?

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Toilet Paper is one of those things that people are usually wary of. How do I know if I got a good deal. What is a good deal? Why are their so many different types of rolls? Regular roll, Mega Roll, Double Roll….etc. Here is a simple formula that I go by. This is by no means considered the WAY to do it. For those that have always wondered..here is how I do it!


Here is my package of Cottonelle Toilet Paper.  This package includes 643.2 Sq feet of Toilet Paper.  One way to tell if this is a good deal or not:

move the decimal place over two spaces = 6.43. Now if you were able to purchase this package for this price than you got a good deal.

  • below this price = stock up!
  • above this price = not a very good deal

Also, another way to tell is a REGULAR Roll should be $0.25-$0.50 each. Now, I understand that everyone is different and may have a prefrence as to what brand they purchase–but in our home we aren’t specific and will usually pay for the lowest price of TP.

Hopefully this helps you understand a little more!

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  1. Rochelle says

    I am stuck buying the septic safe stuff! Unfortunatly, my tank only really likes Scott. Anything else and it backs up. So, I started using the single rolls as my as my cheap filler items at Walgreens.

    • Callie says

      @Rochelle, have you tried the Thetford brand Campa Chem sold at Walmart? We use this for camping in our fifth wheel, and have never had a problem. It’s pretty reasonably priced for special TP.

  2. Barstow Mom says

    Thanks, I was looking over the sales ads for tomorrow and trying to figure out if the Quilted Northern deal at Vons was a good deal or not so now I have an idea. I don’t have the square ft. but I calculated it at $0.19 per roll. The Quilted Northern 24 double roll (48 regular roll) are on sale $9.99 each wyb 2 and I have two printables from a few weeks ago for $0.75 off (one will double) so I would pay $18.23 for 48 doublr rolls or 96 regular rolls.

    • Elizarae says

      Oooh! Is it the Ultra Plush (3-ply) that’s on sale? If it is, that’s a better deal than the Quilted Northern at Kmart 2 weeks ago. I bought 96 3-ply rolls at $0.22/roll and I thought I had scored BIG! Thanks for posting!

      • Maddie says

        But if you were buying at Kmart last week, you were also getting catalinas, which when factored in, made the price even lower then the 22 cents per roll, plus add in the fact that you earn points on every dollar you spend there. I think you still got a great deal…..maybe I’m just making myself feel better because I bought those last week, too.

    • Lindsey says

      For paper towels I do the same thing basically and multiply by three. You figure TP with her calculation is $.01 per sq ft. and for PT I do $.03 per sq ft. Ex: 350sq ft for $3.50 *3=$10.50 or less. Or just move the decimal over 2 places and multiply by 3, hope that helps!

  3. Michelle says

    Where is the quilted northern deal posted I don’t see it in the add. wouldn’t want to drive over and not find it thats a great deal.

  4. Nicole says

    I like Scott, too, but will buy other t.p. if it is a good deal. I will usually buy a pack of national brand t.p. of 12 double rolls if it is $5 or less. But now I am also going to give the deal the decimal test.

    • Callie says

      Great idea!!! Next time I see the rewards offer (like last week on the regular printer paper), I’ll purchase. :)

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