Check your Just4U accounts: Free Starbucks Refresher!

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Check your Just4U account for a FREE Starbucks Refresher ecoupon! This coupon was available in the “coupon center” section under beverages for me. It looks as though every account got one–make sure to grab yours before you head to the store!

This ecoupon is only available to load onto your Vons store card-coupon expires 5/19.

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  1. Ava says

    So unfair! I didn’t get one. :( I hope they have plenty in stock so I can grab four with my coupons. Safeway used to give me great Just4U deals.

  2. Erica says

    These are located in the soda aisle by the energy drinks! Note: I tried to purchase 8 of these today with 8 coupons and Pavilions would only allow me to purchase 2! So I drove down the street to Vons and was able to purchase the remaining 6 in two transactions. Apparently there have been some changes to the coupon policy; at least that’s what I’m being told by management.

  3. K says

    Check to see that it comes off before you pay…went to get mine today and it did not come off. The cashier had me log on to the Just for U website at customer service because she didn’t think I had “added” it. When she saw I had, she was baffled and just handed it to me.

    • Curtis says

      Same thing happened to me. I had my list printed and they looked it up on their computers and did not understand why it didn’t scan off at the register. I explained I have had this problem since they first started the Just 4 U program. They did say they have had some glitches with it but are trying to work them out. Since I am there every day or so, the cashiers take it off when I show them my printed list.

  4. amanda says

    i noticed that my e-coupons/just for u deals only work when i use my phone number…when i use my vons card it never works.

  5. Iris says

    didn’t work for me today either. Another lady did the same so we both got refunds. Didn’t work for the orange nor the promegranate flavors.

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