Rite Aid Coupon Match Ups 4/22-4/28

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Here are the best deals I see for this week. Southern Cali Readers–This Ad runs 4/20-4/26  New to Rite Aid? Learn to shop at Rite Aid HERE.  Watch the Rite Aid Ad Perk Videos HERE

Check out the  Rite Aid Coupon Policy

 indicate my favorite deals.  Don’t understand the match ups? Check out this post




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  1. JenK says

    Thanks for the match-ups Josie :-) For the Zyrtec, there is also a $2 off RA coupon in the Rite Aid Allergy booklet.

  2. Andie says

    For the Samy Fat Hair Video Values that was a manufacturer coupon. Can you still stack it with the other printable manufacturer coupon?

  3. Melanie says

    The Samy Fat Hair Shampoo is in a double pack. Woo hoo! Also, my RA didn’t have any Veet for $4.99. The starting price was $6.99.

  4. MARIA says

    my Rite Aid had the Betty Crocker on Clearance regular price $4.49 on sale for $1.19 and french fried onion on sale for $.50cents I had a $.75 coupons but he didnt wanted to take it because it exceeded the price I ask the manager if can adjusted he said no so i was like fine ill take it anyways lol also they have on sale the Lysol no touch hand soap regular price 14.99 – 50% off 7.49- used a $3.00 coupon $4.49 not to bad yeahh hope it helps

  5. Mike says

    On the Dentyne today, I bought 6 packs, used 3-$1/2, paid $3, and got back 2-$2Ups for a $1 MM. Guess since the limit is 4, if you have the coupons you could buy 12, use 6-$1/2 and get back the 4-$2Ups for a $2 MM!

    • julie says

      This is exactly what I planned to do for the gum! It makes more sense to buy 6 to make it a $1MM. Free gum is great, but MMaking gum is better.

      • bettyboop says

        Mine also beeped and it wouldn’t let both coupons through even after the cashier manually entered it. The manager and cashier said it’s b/c they are both manufacturer’s coupons which I know is not right. I’ve used both before and worked fine and it even says so in their store policy (unfortunately i didn’t have it with me) :( so anyway, i wasn’t able to use both.

  6. meryl says

    Is the schick hydro silk razor/refills part of the 10 Up wys 25? if so- are they also 9.99? seems lie this would be a great deal as there is a 4 q in my ss. thx.

  7. Christina says

    At my Rite Aid in University City (San Diego area), they had a huge display of Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen that had $3.00 off coupons on them. That coupled with the buy $25, get $10 makes them $2.49 a bottle for sunscreen. I bought 4 Hawaiian Tropic spray sunscreens for $9.96 (after $10 +UP). And some of them have a bonus moisturizing cream attached to them.

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