Rite Aid Nivea Deal – Even Better Than Expected!!

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Update: as of today the Monthly +Up is not printing for those on the East Coast. Although it IS advertised (FTM reports from PA) But everything seems to be working for So Cal. Weird.

The Nivea Deal at Rite Aid is even better than expected.  There are actually (2) $5 +Up monthly deals tracking on Nivea Body Wash.  So those along with the $1.50 +Up weekly deal equals Money Maker!  Note: If you qualify for the wellness discount you may have to buy a 4th bottle to receive the $5 +Up rewards as your wellness discount DOES apply.


{Deal Idea)
Buy (3)  Nivea Body Wash $4.99 ea (wellness discount applies!)
Use (3) $2/1 coupons in 4/15 inserts
Pay: $8.97 (or varies depending on wellness discount)
Get Back (2) $5 +Up (monthly) and (2) $1.50 +Up
=  $4 MM!

Thanks Jeri!

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    • Josie says

      no, If you have it you receive 10-20% off your purchases at retail price when you use your wellness card. If you have it, it means you have gone over 500 points over the past year.

      • campanita says

        Josie, I’m confused about the 20% discount, why is taking it if the bodywash is on sale for $4.99, the regular price is $5.49 or $5.99. I though the discount was only for regular prices. As you said I bought 3 bw first and was short by $1, then I bought 1 more and the 2 $5 UPs printed.
        BTW I got 2 Men and 2 Women body wash, sorry for the grammar but I write better in spanish :
        Thanks for all you do!

        • Pamela says

          because if the 20% discount is cheaper than the sale price, you get the 20% discount. You will get whichever price is better. the sale price is $4.99, 20% off the regular price of $5.49 is $4.39, so you get the better deal.

  1. Anne says

    Oh my! Pictures like these give me such a “coupon high” :). I’m dying to get this deal but I have to wait until I get my coupons in tomorrow’s paper. By that time, shelves are probably cleared already :(

      • Anne says

        Just came back to do this deal anyway with no coupons and it still works. $2 for 3 bottles isnt so bad. And u were right, plenty at my store too. I will be beack first thing in the am though :).

  2. Kasey says


    • mindy says

      i just went today for the softsoap deal and the ziplock deal so i too, was trying to talk myself out of going again, but if it’s a MM, i gotta go!

  3. Dee says

    I just did the deal and only one $5 +up printed out. I bought 3 and used 2 coupons. Did I do something wrong?

  4. Carmen says

    Is the Mens Body Wash also 4.99? If so, we could use one $2/1 Mens and (2)$2/1 Womens if people have limited inserts 😀
    Did anyone check in the store if this is the case?

  5. Delphine says

    Hi Josie,

    Where does it say limit reached on your receipt? Is is above the +UP rewards? I just did this deal and I cant seem to find Limit reached on my receipt.

  6. Kris says

    Just did this deal. I have 20% discount. Bought 4 bottles and paid $4.79 per bottle ($11.16 after 4 coupons) got $13 in +Ups! Darn the discount!!

  7. Candice says

    The $1.50 +Up is limit two per household. That’s probably why it said you’ve reached your limit since (2) of them already printed. I’m sure the $5 +Up will still print though if you do plan to do this again since your store says limit 4.

  8. Melissa says

    What is the monthly + UP? Is it wyb a certain dollar amount or number of bottles? My store never ever appropriately posts signs!! Thanks!

    • Josie says

      there are two advertised deals:

      Buy $15, Get back $5 UP (monthly limit 4)
      Buy 1, Get Back $1.50 +Up (limit 2-weekly)
      and now the second $5 +Up wyb $15..which is not advertised anywhere.

      • Melissa says

        Thank you! Our area is never ‘gifted’ with Nivea coupons, but I think I have to go for it anyways!!

  9. roxy! says

    I just did the deal and only (1) 5.00 up reward came out and( 2 )1.50 up reward :( maybe is in some areas. No money maker but still got a good deal

  10. Checka says

    about a week ago i recieved a printed reciept for a 10% discount until june. is it taken out automatically or am i suppose to have the 10% discount paper. i used it the day that i got it and they kept it. Also for a 10% deal do i have to buy 4 bottles or only 3 to get this deal? please help…

  11. Ricardo says

    worked fine with me in Fontana, CA! Fortunately the free Sat Hispanic papers had the whole page of Nivea coupons in one of the inserts

    • flakiz says

      What newspaper do u get??? I live in sb county but don’t know which spanish paper u are talking about??

  12. Tara says

    It worked for me tonight in Santa Clarita. If it is still going tomorrow I may go get 3 mor tomorrow for the 2 $5 ups. It would still be a money maker.

    • Tara says

      Also I did the Aveeno deal she listed with 3 aveeno pure renewal shampoo and 3 aveeno pure renewal conditioner b1g1 50%, 3 @ $7.49 and 3 @ $3.74 = $33.69 use 6 $2/1 from ss 4/15, OOP= $21.69 received $10 up for $30 (weekly deal) and $8 up (monthly deal). Total cost $3.69 or 62 cents each. Great deal!!!

  13. Barstow Mom says

    A lot of people on the East Coast that did the Nivea deal this morning didn’t get any $5 up rewards, just the weekly $1.50 up rewards. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not working for anyone anymore. I’m not surprised that the glitch may be fixed but I wonder why it’s no longer double dipping.

    • Michele says

      I just did this morning and got (2) $5 ups and (2) $1.50 ups. The $5 up i’m sure was regional so not surprised they aren’t getting on east coast.

  14. Hannah says

    I just did this deal this morning in Oceanside and it worked like a charm got back (2) $5 UP and (2) $1.50 UP.

  15. Kay L. says

    Went to the RA in Tustin Ranch this morning at opening 7 am. It is working perfectly and there was a lot of product on the shelf!!!

  16. KERRI says

    I tried this deal in Atlanta, didn’t work :( I purchased 4 Nivea Women’s body wash and received 2 1.50 ups!!!

  17. Jenny says

    OMG, I went to RiteAid this morning and did the ziploc and nivea deal and it worked! Not only did it work, I received an extra $2 catalina printed for the ziploc deal. I’m going back to try it with my husbands card.

      • mindy says

        ya i got the blue bottle. so now we know that, those are the ones not working twd the up. i am trying to figure out if i should go exchange it or just return it and what is the best way to get the other $5 up.

  18. JenK says

    Apologies if this comment is long & complicated, but I’m trying to figure out why some people are getting two $5 UPs and some are only getting one. This morning at the Fullerton, CA Rite Aid, I purchased 4 bottles (due to 20% discount): Happiness, Harmony, Smoothness & Sparkle. I received two $1.50 UPS and only one $5 UP “from purchase of Nivea Bodywash”. At the bottom of my receipt, it states $15 Nivea $5+UP total $14.00 (so I’m only $1 away??? – apparently it only counted 3 of the bottles I purchased toward that total). Next line it states $15 Nivea bodywash $5+UP total $4.00. (Since I received the 5 UP for that one, the $4 balance is for the portion that went over $15.) SO…. to try & get the other $5 UP for “Nivea”, I will go back & purchase one bottle of either Happiness, Serenity or Sparkle (as pictured above) since I know for sure those must have counted toward the “Nivea” total. Maybe either Harmony or Smoothness did not count toward the “Nivea” total, just the “Nivea bodywash” total.

  19. Sheryl says

    Seattle, WA area. Bought 4 Cashmere Nivea Women’s body wash. I have 20% wellness so had to buy 4. Used 4 coupons, $2 off each. Printed Limit 2, $1.50 UP’s and 2, $5 UPs. One says $5 NIVEA and other $5 Nivea body wash. Noticed that only some of NIVEA have $5 UP wyb $15. I bought ones that had a tag. Tracking $4 for both $5 UPs for second time around which I will not do it since won’t get anymore $1.50 UPs.

  20. Dallas says

    Hi Josie, I had question about the Aveeno Monthly Up Reward. I wanted to buy Aveeno facial cleanser rather than the shampoo and conditioner would that be included in the deal or do you know where I can find out more specifics about the monthly UP Reward?
    Thank you for your time and hard work!

    • Michele says

      The best thing for the monthly ups is to look for signs at your store. I’m not sure they are actually listed anywhere. Josie can correct me if wrong.

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