So Cal Rite Aid Shoppers: $1.95 Thrifty Ice Cream

(my kiddos favorite)

It is a beautiful day here in So Cal! If you are in the mood for delicious Ice Cream, Rite Aid has their Thrifty Ice Cream (1.75 Quarts) on sale for $2.50 ea wyb 2.

This ice cream has the Real California Seal on it–so pay only $1.95 after $0.55/1 Real California printable coupon! Sale ends 4/12

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  1. mar says

    Hi josie, welcome back, I tried to use this coupon at rite aid the one that say .55 on any diary product and they didn’t take it because they say ice cream is not dairy product. is this true ?

    • meryl says

      did you read the ingredients on the package? Can you call it ice cream if it’s made without milk– which is what I am guessing dairy means…..honestly, some cashiers are so silly!

  2. Leslie says

    You are awesome Josie! It is a gorgeous day in SoCal – perfect ice cream weather! Happy Easter everyone!

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