Vons: Ziploc Bags Only $0.87 until 4/15

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Great deal on Ziploc Bags at Vons (and Safeway) through 4/15 only.  They are currently BOGO Free and there is a $2 catalina printing when you purchase 4! (catalina ends 4/15) #13

Buy (4) Ziploc Bags $3.49 ea
Use (2) $0.50/1 Ziploc coupons from 3/18 SS
Pay: $5.38, Get Back $2 Catalina
= $3.38 after 1 doubled coupon or $0.87 ea!

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  1. Barstow Mom says

    Yay you just confirmed my question. I was wondering if the catalina would print for 4 even though 2 of the ziploc’s were free but it definantly does so i’ll be getting these tomorrow, thanks.

    • Josie says

      Per the Safeway coupon policy–you can not use a coupon on a free item. So you could use (1) $1/2 coupon.

  2. Mary says

    There was also a $.60/1 Ziploc coupon from couponnetwork.com last month, if you happened to print it. Use a $.50/1 and a $.60/1, and both of them will double, for a total of $2 off. :)

  3. SPG says

    thanks Josie for posting this & thanks Mary for the reminder! I had 2 of the redplum 60 cents MQ’s. They doubled and the catalina was generated. Woot!

  4. Maricel says

    First of all..thank you Josie for posting this deal…I have been waiting on a good deal on Ziploc for a long time :)

    Secondly, I have to file a complaint to the corporate office regarding a manager at Vons@Scripps Ranch because I could not take it anymore :(…A lot of the managers there act like you are doing something illegal if you are saving money…

    I bought 6 items only and was hoping it was a quick trip because my kids are waiting….4 Ziploc and 2 Cheetos (all of them BOGO)…the register did not take one of the Cheetos off…The manager, even though I only bought 6 items and the receipt grouped the similar items together, took ten minutes to try to figure it out and still at the end told me that the receipt is correct but she said she will give my money anyway. She acted like I was getting a hand out from her!

    I will also file a complaint at this site – http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/dms/complaint.html…They will do an undercover investigation and will fine the store if they proved that the pricing is incorrect.

    I will do this every time I received incorrect pricing and I suggest you guys do the same. We are not doing anything wrong by getting good deals, we are just being smart with our hard-earned money!

    • diana says

      amen sista! sorry you had a bad experience , i do get that from some managers as long as everthing is legit and we are following the rules we should get no push back from managers @ the stores!

      • mar says

        Don’t scare me, I don’t shop at vons because in the past, when I star couponing like 1 year ago I have really bad experiences and decide not go back, I call them the couponNAZE,

    • wendrz says

      I avoid that same VONS you are shopping at because they are horrible with couponers. 1/2 the staff is supper supportive, the other 1/2 treat me like a second class citizen. I even tried just using the self check out a few times and each time the come to me BEFORE I ring up anything and let me know that it wont take more than a “few” like coupons for my transactions. I had to look at the female manager on duty at the time and say “why did you assume I would use ANY coupons BEFORE my transaction”? I think they profile shoppers there and watch us like hawks. Too bad, I now avoid that one and shop on the way home from work just to avoid that place. Lame-o!

  5. mar says

    Don’t scare me, I don’t shop at vons because in the past, when I star couponing like 1 year ago I have really bad experiences and decide not go back, I call them the couponNAZI, and today I decide that I’m going tomorrow to get the ziploc and the lucerne cheese. same thing happen to me when I go to target, they already know me because I use a lot of coupons there and lately when they see me entering the store, I think the manager warn the cashiers about me, and they don’t let me use more than 1 MQ even if I’m buying more than 1 item. luckily there are 5 targets around here. but you are right they think we are thieves.

  6. isabella says

    I have a personalized price for 3.79 for the 64 count. Are those bogo free and if they are will the catalina work with the 64 count too.

    • Stacy says

      I already used my coupons just now at Vons…so I’m not sure 100%, but I cut these coupons this morning and I remember the exp date was like June 5th or something like that.

  7. Nancy says

    I just did this and the cat did not print :-( is there something I can show them that it was supposed to print? The cashier was clueless…

  8. Jules says

    Nancy, I think you should either call the MGR or go back to the store.. If I ever have issues with a cashier I ask for the mgr.. Go get that catalina!!!

  9. Jen says

    Just did this deal this evening with no problem. Newbie question. If i use ziploc catalina to buy another set of ziploc, will the $2 catalina print out again?

  10. Daryl Ann says

    Hey there is Cheap Skintamate/Edge at Vons use your .55 / 1 or your .55 / 1 Edge
    They have a Vons q in the Sunday Paper for 1.49 that makes them .49 after double.

  11. Rebekah Y says

    I went to Vons for the Ziploc deal again, and I was so excited to find out that they doubled both of my “like” coupons. I know it was only a .50 coupon, but that has never happened to me at Vons. I hope it happens again!

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