$1/1 Essential Everyday Coupon | Cheap Albertsons brand items!

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The $1/1 Essential Everyday coupon is back! You can find it in the Albertsons Sizzling Summer giveaway coupon book (found in displays at the front of the store or near the registers)

This coupon is valid for $1 off any Essentials Everyday items with a value of $1 or more–as you can imagine, there are a ton of awesome deals you can snag with this coupon!

Essential Everyday “pop tarts” $1.50
Use $1/1 Essential Everyday coupon
= $0.50

Essential Everyday Canned Veggies $1.09
Use $1/1 Essential Everyday coupon
= $0.09

Essential Everyday Pasta $1
Use $1/1 Essential Everyday coupon
= Free

Essential Everyday Ketchup $1.25
Use $1/1 Essential Everyday coupon
= $0.25

Essential Everyday canned tuna $1.89
Use $1/1 Essential Everyday coupon
= $0.89

Essential Everyday Croutons $1.79
Use $1/1 Essential Everyday coupon
= $0.79

If you find anything else please add it to this list!

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  1. Keri says

    Essential Everyday Mustard $1.39
    Use $1/1 Essential Everday Coupon

    It’s from the picture you posted! Lol.
    But jokes aside, thanks for the heads up. I’m running low on my noodles at home and this is a great deal. Headed to Alby’s tomorrow! :)

  2. SLNY says

    Yay!!! I haven’t been this excited to go to albertson’s in a minute. I definitely need the Pop Tarts. And will grab some pasta (even though I have been banned from buying pasta too).

  3. Nicole J says

    I used mine for the cereal deal (buy 4 get $1.00 cat) I was able to use the 3 that I had even though the coupon says limit 1 per customer..it just depends on the cashier I guess.

  4. Jaclyn says

    Essential Everyday $1/1 Coupon ideas:
    Cheese 8oz. $2.00 = $1 after coupon *YEA!*
    Frozen Waffles $2.19= $1.29 after coupon
    Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches $2.50= $1.50 after coupon
    Egg Noodles $2.39= 1.39 after coupon
    Croutons (3 for $5 in BOS) 1.66= .66 after coupon
    Beans (Pinto, Kidney, Black, etc) 1.19= .19 cents after coupon!
    Pasta & Sauce Dinner Pouches (in BOS) 1.00= FREE after coupon
    Liquid Water Enhancers (in BOS- like Mio) 2.99= 1.99 after coupon
    Non Dairy Creamer 16 oz. (in BOS) 2.99= 1.99
    Pizza 20.5-22.85 2 for $4 coupon in BOS= $1 for 1 YMMV
    Coffee 11.5 oz (in BOS) 3.79= 2.79
    Cereal, Fruit Grain Bars 2.00= 1.00 (Buy 4 get a $2 cat back in the Save Big! flyer)

    There are TONS of Essential Brand items- soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, powdered Ranch dressing mix, Rice,……I was surprised how many Essential Everyday items there were on every isle!

    • K says

      Has anyone tried buying the cheese yet? At my store, the tag says Essentials Everyday but the actual product says Albertsons so I didn’t know if they’d take it.

      • Jaclyn says

        I tried the cheese last night on one order & it didn’t go through, but the cashier inputed $1 manually. So just make sure to watch your total as they are scanning. I noticed a lot of tags saying “Everyday Essentials” w/an “Albertsons” product. Some products, like the beans, have both “Albertsons” & “Everyday Essentials” under the same tag.

  5. meryl says

    waffles $2.29- was mentioned in the comments on the albies matchups. I bought a farmer john sausage with 75 cents overage [after coup + doubler] and weber grill seasoning with 50 cents overage [after coup + doubler] and the waffles with this $1 off coup- which left me with $1.29 on the waffles but $1.25 in overage. Somehow it was all FREE! =D

    • Jaclyn says

      Thank you Meryl for posting about the Weber’s Seasonings yesterday. I had to go last night to use them for the overage. Got lots of good deals w/ a stack of doublers. 😉

      • meryl says

        oooo, my pleasure Jaclyn!!!! And thanks to you too you awesome couponer!!! Hey, if anybody sees the Tazo organic iced tea bottles- they are 2 for $1- and they have a tear pad $1 off wyb 4- I bought CASES [12 for $6] with 3 coups and 2 doublers and paid $1!!! Of course 60 cents crv but I DO recycle!!! =)

  6. Brittany says

    These must be Regional?.?. in my Game Guide (Sizzlin Summer giveaway) the coupons are completely different, dang there are some good ones you have posted.. :(

    • Brittany says

      Nevermind i am picking up what you are putting down now– the 1 coupon for all those things, give me 5 tries i catch on eventually!! :)

  7. SLNY says

    I went last night and found the seasoning packets for 1.49 (meatloaf, taco, spaghetti) and BOGO. So, .49 for 2 packets. Also, I’m not sure if the coupon could be used on non-food items (the coupons says and Essentials Everyday, but has food on the coupon); But they had laundry soap pods, I believe 10 ct for 1.99.

    • SLNY says

      I forgot to add. I bought the 2 “pop tarts” yesterday and received a $1 off my next purchase a $1 or more. And the cashier would not except the second coupon as when he scanned it the register would not except it. I went to customer service and told them and they honored it and gave me a $1 back. So, yesterday, I got 2 Kikkoman Marinades and 2 “pop tarts” and paid .98 and got back a catalina for $1 for buying the 2 Marinades and another from the “pop tarts” I’m assuming. So, that trip was a $1MM

  8. cathy says

    I went last night after a 5 long hours with my toddler in the hospital :-( and guess what someone took all of the booklets! that’s so disappointing, i was like” everybody wants to save”!

    • meryl says

      So sorry to hear that (((cathy))) I hope your toddler is ok!!!

      As for this coupon- when I went to my store they had ONE booklet left, thank goodness. A friend and I were each making a purchase using it so we asked if they would ‘honor’ the coupon for me [I let her have the booklet cos that’s how I roll!] and they said YES!!!

      You will never know if you don’t ask!!!

    • SLNY says

      Cathy, I hope your little one is ok. My store was wiped out too! I happen to have 1 book from last week when I first got my game board and there was one left on the board but the olive coupon was torn out (glad they left the rest of the book, most would have tossed it). I went to customer service for receipt issue and when the lady came out to the door on side of customer service I seen a huge stack of the yellow books. I told them there was only one left and they said they are rationing them out. So, I would check customer service.

      • cathy says

        Thank you very much!! he had a bad asthma attack i had to rush to the hospital! last year we spend thanksgiving in the hospital with him for a week do to pneumonia, this time i was so afraid for him to be that sick again, but thank god he is reacting good to the medication hewoke up happy and smiling again! I’m back to being happy again!

  9. Katie says

    I got the EE pasta/sauce pouches($1), EE Mac N Chz ($1.29e, B1G1), and EE Pizza. The EE pizza was under all of the Albertsons brand pizza. The tags had all been changed for the pasta & sauce pouches to EE Pasta, but they rang up as Albertsons brand. The cashier had to manually put in the $1 off coupon, as it would not go through, but the tags were labeled Essential Everyday, so they allowed it. I used 17 coupons in my trip-no problem! I also got the razors yesterday-worked perfectly! Big donation haul yesterday!!! Thanks Josie!

  10. meryl says

    I spoke with one of my albies cashiers who said they would honor the EE coupon on all albies labeled items as it is their ‘new name’. Also I found Shoppersvalu wipes for $2.50 and wonder if the coupon would work on this as well? $1.50 seemed like a good deal for 150 wipes.

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