Couponing is a Family Affair!

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Yes, that is my husband cutting coupons with pink child scissors while I’m driving. Rare occasion! :)

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  1. Lisa says

    Kudos to your husband!! you’ve got a keeper!! Mine would never touch a coupon…let alone cut them for me lol

  2. Roberta says

    I think it’s great that the hubby is helping you out with the coupon cutting. Now don’t you think you could use your coupon wizardry to get the poor guy a different colored pair of scissors ???? :-)

  3. Kris says

    Love it – especially the pink safety scissors! Good for him and you. It helps when you have help from your other half. Mine thinks I am nuts with all my coupons….until, of course, he sees how much I have save!

  4. Ambur Quijada says

    My DH will do they same but I had to get him real scissors to use because he once cut so poorly that I couldn’t use the coupon :)

  5. Nancy says

    My hubby is coming along too.. he got a taste of how good it feels to save when he used a coupon to get beer for the same price he says he paid when he was in college!! Before if was buying something he would just go to the store and get it at whatever price.. now he asks me if I have a coupon?! Baby steps…

  6. Nick M! says

    Do the cashiers ever give you a hard time for using coupons? Today, I went shopping using coupons for the first time at three different stores. I was very polite and organized, but the moment I pulled out my coupons, all three cashiers gave me a dirty look and completely were annoyed with me. Is this common? :\

    • Mai says

      Don’t let the cashiers get you down. I go through that all the time at Walmart. If you keep couponing, you’ll start to recognize friendly cashiers and you’ll find yourself going to them more often. When using coupons you’re trying to stretch that dollar for yourself or for your family, so thinking about how cashiers at you is the least of your problems and is irrelevant. If coupons is helping financially, screw those angry cashiers, they don’t pay your bills. =D

      At the same time, I’ve encountered extremely nice cashiers who cheer for me when I get a good deal and say they wish they could do the same. So, don’t stop couponing!

  7. Rochelle in San Diego says

    Poor Nick M! Speaking for myself, couponing for 3 years, yes! I went to a “new” Albertsons yesterday – one I don’t normally shop at and got a running commentary about one of a few of my coupons “I really shouldn’t take this one” (it was a printable and the ink was light – I printed this one at a hotel on vacation); “I’m not sure about this one because it’s not the one in the picture” – it was a valid coupon. I waited for her to review the cash register tape which had charged the right price. I had 7 free product coupons at the commissary and the checker spent about 10 minutes reading each and every coupon.

    Yes – it’s worth it. My husband and I take a long and exotic vacation every year and have a comfortable retirement fund, paid off cars, comfortable emergency fund.

    We were able to pay off ours son’s undergraduate debt and give him our “old” nearly new car as a a graduation gift which he drove across the country to graduate school in Illinois for a once in a lifetime trip.

    Keep sight of the many prizes coupon usage will afford you and your family. Coupons allow you to shop using the manufacturer’s money instead of yours. Why would you let anyone keep you from doing that? I wish cashiers understood this, but they don’t. I guess it’s our little secret.

    I’m sorry I butted in here for Nick M.’s question – I meant to post here that Josie’s husband is a keeper. I get the feeling Mr. Southern Cali Saver “gets it”!

  8. Mary D. says

    Good for you! My hubby brags about how much I save, but doesn’t help with the coupon cutting or organizing. (Yet, at least. Maybe there still is hope.) FYI…..Von’s Just 4 U has another freebie in the personalized section. A free Quaker Oatmeal Medley Cup. Just add to your card. :)

  9. Lily says

    Nick M,

    Do not get discouraged. This happens to all of us, male or female. First time is always the hardest. Once they get to know you, some will even help you out and give you tips.

    It also depends on the cashier. If you don’t like one, then go at a different time for a different cashier. If necessary, go to a different store.

    We all have our favorite store/cashier. So keep trying until you find someone helpful.

    Some of my cashiers will hold back stuff for me since she knows the time and day I come in. :)

    With so many people using coupons now a day, most cashiers know the procedure and make the transaction go quickly.
    It’s trust building, once they know your just trying to save money and not doing some scamming scheme, they will be lenient on you.

    I once had someone implied what I was doing was illegal. But it’s cuz she didn’t know and was surprised how much money I saved. Now she learns from me!

  10. Leslie says

    So awesome! My hubby checks to make sure that I have all the coupons I need before I go shopping – my boys even cut the coupons too :)

  11. Rebekah Y says

    I love it! Recently my husband told me about the “Catalina” he got when he checked out at Target. I told him was so proud of him for knowing what a Catalina was, and he said “see I HAVE been listening.”

  12. Liz says

    SOOO Awesome!! My hubby has also tried to be helpfull they see all the work that goes into it :) What a supporter!!

  13. Nancy says

    Nick M,

    This happens to all of us so don’t feel discouraged.. I have a nemesis cashier at CVS! Every sun morning, it’s like a vs her. she reads each one of my coupons and looks for any reason not to take them. One time she even told me I could not use ECB’s for milk! Something totally untrue.. I just stand there and stay calm and let her go through the motions and eventually ring everything up and I pay my next to nothing total. Then watch her face as more ECB’s print out. I recently started shopping at another CVS near my job that has self-check out and I love it! I still have to see her once in while coz she’s works across the st from my house and sometimes I have to grab some milk… Hang in there and make any necessary adjustments to make your couponing easier. And yes it’s worth it!!

  14. SLNY says

    I love it! I have to say my family has jumped on board the coupon wagon ever since I started taking coupons serious the past 2 months. My 3 year old son loves to help me since he knows he will get something out it. We were in Walgreens and my son kept asking for cookies and I told “No, mommy just needs to grab a few things and we are leaving.” and he replied with the cutest look on his face, “But, mommy I have coupons!” Who could say no to that. LOL!

    @Nick M, please do no let that cashier get you down. I’m a newbie too, and I have to say for as many rude and nasty cashiers I encounter there has been a nice one. I’m not quite sure where the hostility comes from, but the saving is well worth for me.

  15. Mai says

    I’m not married or have any little ones, but I do have an amazing boyfriend who helps me with my couponing. Normally younger guys get kind of embarrassed doing this sort of thing, but my boyfriend has no problem clipping coupons and getting deals if I’m unable to. =)

  16. Anne says

    I totally agree that it’s a family affair! My 3 year old is so used to going to the store that everytime I pick him up from daycare, he’ll immediately ask “go to store mommy?”. He gets disappointed when I say no :(. But when we do go, he’ll suggest yellow store (F4L) or blue store (Albies, Rite aid) or red store (target, cvs). He’s also well trained sitting on the cart with a belt on. He obviously gets a treat for being such a trooper. We’ve been couponing for over a year now and shopping with him is so much easier now. My hubby also brags about my couponing and our stock pile. Although I won’t bother asking him to help me clip coupons. I’m a bit OCD about it :). He’s not scissor savvy either haha…

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