How to print coupons from your iPhone or iPad

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Quite a few of you have emailed me about this. I recently purchased a new iPad and discovered that I could print from that AND my iPhone. Here’s how:

  • You must download the app
  • You must also have an HP wireless printer (currently, this is the only brand that supports the app)

I have a Hewlett Packard 3050A Wireless All-in-One Color Photo Printer.

That is it! The great thing about this is that you can print extra coupons from each device. So I have 2 computers, 2 iPhones and an iPad to print from!

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  1. Nicole says

    Thank you for all you do!! Have you figured out a way to print Target coupons from the IPAD? I have the Target App, but I haven’t been able to figure this out. Thanks again.

  2. Amber says

    I just figured out the crucial tidbit about the printer being HP last weekend :(. I have a wireless epson and was so frustrated! It’s so nice of you to let everyone know this. I’m hoping CDC changes their stuff soon! It would be so nice to print those extra coupons from my iPad and iphone. My husband would not be happy if I got another new printer for coupons! I think that defeats the purpose, right?!

  3. Maria C says

    OMG I just purchased a HP Printer at Target normally $129 for $40. I think this is a great deal and I can finally refill ink at Costco for $7.99.

    • Jennifer says

      Double check before you refill the ink. I refilled 2 HP cartridges at Costco just to find out that my printer doesn’t accept them. I have a C310 series and it is a ink hog!

  4. Silver Lakes Couponer says

    Thanks Josie,

    I’ve been using the groceryIQ app and it works well but there are far fewer coupons available. I have an HP printer so I’m not sure if this app works with another brand of printer.

  5. Marleen says

    Thank you so much! I had never tried to print coupons from my iPhone because I thought it would be too complicated. Oh my gosh! What a breeze! I had the app downloaded within a minute, and the iPhone detected my HP Wireless printer, and I was printing coupons within two minutes of reading your post. =)

  6. Angela says

    I print using the coupons app on my ipod touch. I don’t have a wireless printer but it’s hooked up to my Fios router which my Mac can connect to (and apparently my ipod) They can both see my wireless network. Um.. I’m not techy but somehow that worked out. :) (It is however an HP all in one printer)

  7. Don says

    I’m sorry to inform you but it will not print to all hp printers. I have an hp1102 and it is not compatible.

  8. Sara says

    My dell all in one died and I need a new one I have to look for an hp that works with this, I have an iPad my iPhone my Bf’s iPhone and my sons itouch so It would be great.

  9. Jennifer says

    Yea! This works with my MacBook Pro, HP laptop, iPad, & IPhone! So easy to set up and I was able to print 2 coupons from each device… I’m in coupon heaven :)

  10. Jennifer says

    My printer doesn’t have the capability either, so from my iphone I take a “snapshot” of the coupon and email it to myself to print later.

  11. v.p says

    hi i dont have an i pad or anything but i just recently got a laptop so i have a laptop,deskktop and a i should be able to print 2 from laptop and 2 from desktop correct..??..for some reason i am only allowed to print two still..can someone please help..idk where to go to resolve this..

  12. Tom says

    I have the HP M1212nf MFP wireless printer but “coupons” doesn’t recognize the printer on the network using my iPhone 4S. Printer is wired to the router as well. Can anyone offer advice?

  13. Brittany says

    Just bought an epson all in one printer yesterday so I could get this couponing really started. Does not work. -_- when I tried emailing it to myself it would take me back to the website saying I need to install software. I only have an ipad and an I phone. Feeling really discouraged.

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