My Rock Bottom Price List

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Many of you asked about this and I did have a list but I realized it was a little outdated. So here is an updated list. These are basically my stock up prices. If I can find an item on this list for the price listed below (or cheaper) I usually purchase quite a few to add to my stockpile. Depending on the item and how frequently we go through it— really depends on how much I may purchase at one time. Ex: Juice. I usually purchase about 5-8 if I can get it for $1 or less.

A couple of notes:

Please don’t think that these are  prices that you need to achieve on a daily basis. Everyone has different stock up prices and for me, this is something that I have been able to achieve at some point in my couponing career. This really is just a guide for those who may be wondering….

As a couponer, I am not brand specific. My family can use pretty much any brand so, I am not choosy when it comes to products, therefore it is easy for me to achieve these prices.  I have learned that as a couponer you must stay true to the saying “beggars can’t be choosers” :) Obviously, some people have to be choosers based on their family’s needs.

These prices ARE achievable! Obviously, not on a daily basis, or even a weekly basis –but this is why we call it “stockpiling”  Purchase enough for your family that will last you until the next sale (depending on the item–3 or 4 weeks)


  • Chicken Breast Boneless/Skinless $1.50 lb-$1.97 lb
  • Ground Turkey $3.00 oz. pkg.
  • Ground Beef $1.80 -$1.99 lb.
  • Hot Dogs: free- $0.25
  • Chips: $1.25 a bag
  • Crackers: Free – .50/box
  • Yogurt: Free- .37 a cup
  • Cereal: Free – $1.00 box
  • Juice: $1-$1.15 a bottle
  • Milk:
  • Canned Veggies: Free -.49
  • Salad Dressing: Free – .99
  • Coffee: $3.00-$3.50 per bag or
  • Condiments: Free- $0.75


  • žShampoo: Free
  • žDeodorant: Free
  • žBody Wash: Free
  • žToothpaste: Free
  • žRazors: Free -$1.00 ea
  • žMake-up: Free
  • žBaby wipes: Free -$0.75 per tub
  • žDiapers:$3.50 a package or less than .17 a diaper


  • žToilet Paper: .30 per roll
  • žPaper Towels: $2 for a 8 pk
  • žCleaning Supplies: Free -$0.75 a bottle
  • žDish Washing Detergent: Free-$1.00 a bottle
  • Laundry Detergent: Free- $1.00 per bottle (depending on the brand)
  • Batteries (8 pack anything) $2-$3 (I don’t stock up on these too often)

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  1. Jennifer says

    I still use Costco for all of my meat and divide and freeze. I’ve also been able to purchase hot dogs for free and stock up. Hopefully we will see some great sales this summer. I use OfficeMax or OfficeDepot for batteries when they are 100% back and just roll the rewards to get them for free.
    I wish there was a way of printing your list. I have a MacBook Pro and do not have Microsoft Office to copy & paste. :(

    • Melissa says

      Jennifer –

      I have a MacBook Pro and was able to select the PDF button above and print that way. Otherwise, my plan was to send to my work email and print. Hope that helps :)

    • Josie says

      if you look above ^^^ at the end of the post and directly above the “pin it” button, there is a PDF printable icon. Hope that helps!

  2. NewCouponer says

    Hi Josie! I love your website. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into helping us save money! I purchase my milk at Smart & Final ($2.69 each when you purchase 2 gallons) and I use (2) $0.55 off coupon from Real California Milk site making it $4.28 for 2 gallons. Hope this helps! :-)

  3. says

    Nice list. I like to see what other couponers’ stock up prices are just to get a comparison, and since you are in California too it is a more accurate picture for me. Our stock up prices are very similar.

  4. Maria says

    Where can i get paper towel for cheap.. Desperately need it and it’s so xpensive. No goOd deals

    • Elizarae says

      I always get paper towels for less than $0.50/roll at Kmart. They always have great deals with catalinas that include paper towel brands. With coupons, the price drops quickly. If you don’t have a Kmart nearby, Target sometimes has good deals on Bounty: buy 2 get a $5 gift card, so if you have the right coupons you can get close to the $0.50/roll. If you’re not picky about brands (I only use name brands), Walgreens sometimes has their Tuff brand single rolls on sale for $0.50/roll or they’ll have a good deal on Scott or Viva with a RR.

    • Elizarae says

      In fact, Brawny paper towels 6 pack = 8 regular rolls are on sale for $5.97 at Kmart. If you have the $1/1 coupon, which doubles to $2 when you spend $25 on grocery/health/beauty, it comes out to $0.50 per regular roll!

  5. Kathy says

    Thank you Josie for all you do! I love your site. I go to the KCL site sometimes but I find to many errors on cpn calculations and sometimes our So Cali prices are way higher than what they show. All and all I am thankful for both sites but I have my favorite! (yours)
    I get milk and OJ at Trader Joe’s and I find my TP and PT last longer when I get them at Costco. I know I can do better but I just really like their quality (Kirkland brand).
    I have never been able to get cereal for free, but then I don’t get the “boring” cereal as my hubby calls it…. When I get cereal for .99 I get over the moon excited!
    Thanks again Josie!!!

  6. Briana says

    Thanks Josie! Quick ? about ground beef. What % fat is that. We prefer 90% or higher. Would your stockup price for that be the same, or would your price be higher? Last I bought was from Sam’s Club at $3.18/lb. Thanks to anyone for any advice/help!

    • Elizarae says

      I usually get 85% lean at Josie’s prices, but I have found 90% lean at Albertsons for $2.99/lb. If you go in the mornings or late evenings, they usually have a bunch of ground beef “reduced for quick sale”. I always buy these packs and freeze them or use them right away.

  7. SLNY says

    Thanks Josie! I always wonder in the back of my mind, “I know I’m saving but is this the best price”. I often question if I should buy more or less depending on prices. Now I have a WWJD (What would Josie Do) list. This helps alot! The milk and paper towels are always a struggle for me. The milk because my family drinks Lactaid and I seem to never have coupons with a paper towel sale.

  8. Nicole M. says

    I usually consider the red check marks to be “stock up” prices, but some red check mark deals are even more amazing than others.

    To expand the list…
    Panty liners: Free (those Carefree coupons)
    Canned Chili $0.50 (usually in those 10 item sales). less w/ coupons
    Banquet Dinners $0.58 (also 10 item sales sales) and sometimes $0.60/6 coupon
    Michaelina’s frozen single entree/side $0.50, less w/ coupons

  9. lindsey c says

    here’s a few more staple items with my stock up prices:
    laundry soap: $.01-$.02 per oz (i go by ounce instead of by load since my washer takes the same amount of soap regardless of the brand)
    toilet paper: $.01 per sq ft or less (this helps with the whole regular/mega/super roll issue)
    paper towels: $.03 per sq ft
    chunk cheese: $2/lb or less
    eggs: $.99 or less
    kitchen trash bags: $.06 per bag or less
    butter tub: $.75 or less
    tampons: $.99 or less (depending on the brand)

  10. lindsey c says

    oh and if you live in the north county san diego area, earthgrown market (oceanside – used to be boney’s market) will have boneless skinless chicken breast on sale every once in a while at $1.59 per lb and that is an AMAZING stock up price!!! and chicken tenders are usually $1.79 per lb. you can even price match that at Walmart if you don’t want to drive over there.

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