Viggle: Earn Gift Cards and Cash for Watching TV!

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How would you like to earn Gift Cards and cash just for watching TV? Viggle is a FREE App available for iPhone/iPad and iPod and is testing for  Android as well! (I personally suggest waiting to download as there are usually tons of kinks with apps in beta testing)


When you watch TV, you will “check in” and Viggle checks you into the show you are watching automatically. Then, simply keep watching to earn points! Earn points to redeem for gift cards: such as CVS, Target, Best Buy, Old Navy + More!

I have been using Viggle for about two weeks and while I do not watch much tv I was able to earn enough points for a CVS gift card!

I’d love to hear your personal experiences with Viggle! 

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  1. Lindz says

    I LOVE Viggle! I have received about $300 in gift cards ranging from Sephora, free movie tickets, Burger King, and Barnes & Noble! It’s a great app and so very easy. It is much harder to received points as quickly than when they first launched it but still it is extremely user friendly and free money is free money! :)

  2. Tara says

    I started mid February, but didn’t really commit to it until the end of February and so far I have $90 in Lowes cards to give to my husband for Father’s Day! I cannot BELIEVE how simple it is! Worth the effort.. It’s a great app for a TV junkie like me :)

  3. Tara says

    Oops! I didn’t mean February! I meant the end of March! So in a little more than a month I have earned $90!

  4. Kellie says

    i can’t imagine doing viggle without DEFINITELY helped me earn over $200 in gift cards just this year..

  5. tanya says

    I don’t comment much but I love the websites you find and the deals that you post. I’ve joined over 5 paid websites thanks to this site and it’s been a great help to me this year . I recently moved out and I am still a student and this blog has helped me save so much more than you’ll ever know this past year. I’m grateful for all you do so we don’t have to.

  6. Kateri says

    I love, love, love Viggle! So easy to use and on something that I’m already doing without any extra work.. I’ve earned $40 in CVS gift cards in about 2 months.

  7. Sara says

    I can’t find the CBS gift card on my app I only see a few.
    How many check ins can you during a show?

    • Nikki says

      You can only check into one show at a time. If you check into a 2nd you stop accruing points on the 1st, otherwise you would normally earn points from the time you check in until the show ends.

  8. Sherill says

    I’ve been using Viggle for about a month. I’m not a big tv watcher and was very skeptical at first. But now that I’ve received my first CVS gift card, I’m hooked! I even earn points on Dora the Explorer and The Mickey Mouse Club!

    Like the others have said here, a fun app that pays out money for something I do anyway.

  9. Rebekah says

    I have earned $50 from Viggle in about 2 months for JC Penney. This app is my new clothing budget!

  10. Angela says

    oh.. I thought I could watch the TV on my ipod.. it’s just checking into shows that I’m watching on tv, right? I’m gonna give it a try. The app was easy to download and setup and we watch way too much tv here, might as well get a gift card out of it. :)

  11. Renee says

    There is another FREE app similar to Viggle Called ” app trailers ” you watch trailers and get points, redeem for gift cards etc. it has been around for awhile and is affiliated with ” appredeem ” so ……….. the app trailers first , from itunes its FREE
    2. if you use my username as a referral YOU get bonus points and I get bonus points ( mile26point2 )
    3.then go find appredeem and download their FREE app. These 2 apps are connected so you get points from both of them under one account. You will see your points from the app trailers when you open appredeem.

  12. Karen says

    I just downloaded Viggle. Figuring out how it works. If I check in to a show but then use my phone to do something else does it think I’m not watching anymore?

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