Vons Coupon Match-Ups 5/2-5/8

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Here are the best deals I see this week at Vons. Make sure to check out the Safeway coupon policy . Remember: Most Vons stores will double one “like” coupon in a transaction!

Don’t forget to check out the NEW Just4U program at Vons!

indicate my favorite deals!




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  1. Elene says

    I have a dumb question. If Cheetos are BOGO and you have a coupon for $1 off 2, do you need to buy 3 (which is what the “deal” price quotes you buying).

    • Josie says

      you would need to purchase 4 in order to use the coupon (I updated my math) based on the coupon policy you cannot use a coupon on a free item. Hope that helps!

  2. Alyssa says

    So when it says Cheerios or chex – does that mean any kind of cheerios and any kind of chex? Or just the regular cheerios?

    • Michele says

      I read it to be any kind of Chex and wasn’t really sure about the Cheerios either. In most cases you would have to look for signs in store to know for sure what is included if not pictured or specifically listed.

  3. cathy says

    Heads up people! i found the $3.00 of produce coupon again in the just 4u free produce this week too!!!

  4. cathy says

    Question could I still get the same price on the pepsi special if i do a seperate transaction the same day?? since it says limit 3 per visit??

    • Claire says

      Yes. I did this last week with the Lunchables & the Tide. I had 2 separate transactions & each one went through as the Just4U price.

      • cathy says

        Thanks for the reply!!! I still have a coupon left from the survivor seven up which will be a sweet deal too.

  5. KMom says

    There are a lot of BOGOs with the Big Cheese Event. One in particular that I saw last night was MilkBites for $3.99 and I used one $.75/1 (doubled to $1) and one $1/1 printable coupons, so basically paid $1 for each.

    Also, a WARNING to all you late-night shoppers (like me). Several of my Just 4 U deals did not go through last night. I couln’t figure out why until I noticed that my transaction was at 12:02am, so it was technically 5/2 while some of my deals were good through 5/1. I called and the supervisor said he would take care of it when I go in today, but next time I’ll make sure the cashier scans everything before 12:00am. :)

    • KMom says

      Update: Wow! The supervisor saw that I had worked out all the numbers and gave me DOUBLE the total they owed me “for all my troubles.” I’m impressed!

        • Harry Martin says

          I am laughinng, Wendrz. Ain’t that the truth. They are so rude at that store (it’s right by Mother’s house on Atrium). Too funny

        • KMom says

          at the Vons in Granada Hills on SF Mission. Funny, I usually have very good experiences with the day staff, but not the night staff (which is when I usually shop :( ).

        • lindsey c says

          haha i am with you guys, the Scripps Ranch Vons is the worst! luckily i just moved to Carlsbad and the Vons staff here is great!

  6. Ady says

    1 question where did you guys find the Kraft milk bites ? Which aisle I cudnt find any :(
    Thanks in adv

  7. Harry Martin says

    Does anyone know where that Starbucks Refresher is located? I hunted all over at my (large) Vons

    • Barstow Mom says

      They were accross from the soda’s and right next to the Starbucks frapaccinos, Vitamin waters, Sobe Life Water’s etc. Same side as the Gatorades and Powerades.

    • ann says

      i (finally) found some in my vons on a random cardboard display next to an end cap, along with 2-liters of pepsi next (which was great because i needed that (4cents!) and couldn’t find it with all the other sodas) and another promotional item.

  8. Yolie says

    About the pepsi deal, was anybody able to use the coupon for pepsi next for the regular pepsi?

      • Yolie says

        That’s what I thought. I was just wondering because this is saying you can use it. In my vons Pepsi next is .99 and regular is $.59

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