Vons: Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat as low as $0.19 ea (No Coupons Required!)

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 Just a friendly reminder! This deal is still going–strong! (and rolling) I hope you have taken advantage and grabbed yourself a few. 

I think this is a great deal. You can find the select packages of Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats (2 oz packages) for only $0.99 at Vons. They also qualify for the Oscar Mayer Catalina:

Buy Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats 5/14-6/10
Buy (3) & Get $2 OYNO
Buy (4), Get $3 OYNO
Buy (5), Get $4 OYNO


This is what I did:

Buy (3) Oscar Mayer Lunchmeants $0.99 ea
Pay: $2.97, Get Back $2 catalina

But you could do the following to get more for your money:

Buy (5) Oscar Mayer $0.99
Pay: $4.97, Get Back $4 Catalina
= $0.19 ea

note: I tried this on the  “selects” type and it did not print for me.

This catalina is Rolling! :)


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      • Laura says

        We bought enough to last til first of July because that was what was in stock expiration date wise last week… Now that we’ve used a couple weeks worth, I may go see if I can get a few more with later expiration dates.

  1. Kristin says

    I love this deal! My dad goes through tons of lunch meat and the catalina helps for the Vons produce deal; with the $3 off $10 and a $4 Cat I pay only $3 for tons of fresh fruit and veggies.

      • Nancy says

        Yes, I freeze mine too and it works perfectly for the small ones since you use it all once thawed…

        • Yvette in Corona says

          I’m always stocking up on lunchmeat so I freeze it all of the time. Once I take it out of the freezer it lasts me good while in the fridge!

    • tammy says

      Is Ralphs the same price and the exact same deal or should I expect to pay more?
      Thanks Kasi for the heads up!

      • Kasi says

        ralphs has them on sale 5/5.00 but at different locations I’ve seen them marked 10/10.00 either way they are a dollar. I buy 5 get $4 back so a dollar for 5 :) I just keep rolling it!

  2. Daniel says

    I have a question. I bought 5 of the lunchmeats yesterday at Vons and got back a $4 Catalina like I should have. If I buy more than 5 in the same transaction, will I get back multiple Catalinas? Say I bought 25 packs of lunchmeat, would the machine spit out 5 $4 Catalinas for me. If I pay with a Catalina I got will I still get new Catalinas? What kind of expiration dates are you seeing on your lunchmeat? All the lunchmeat I bought yesterday has an early July expiration.

    • Daryl Ann says

      No it won’t spit out multiple, you need separate transactions. And yes they will come out again when you pay with one. And the lunchmeat freezes very well because they are vacuum sealed.

    • Josie says

      You would receive (1) $4 catalina no matter how many you purchased as long as you purchased 5 and for this catalina deal, if you pay with the catalina you received from your first transaction, you will receive another. Hope that helps!

  3. AJ says

    I found the chicken breast on sale for $.80 (not marked clearance) so bought 5 and got back $4.00 = FREE! I am also inventing new uses for all this cheap deli meat – luckily my son will eat anything that I call a “quesadilla”!

  4. katy says

    Does anyone know if the service desk will help you out if no catalina prints? I purchased 5 at Vons in Pacific Beach, San Diego and nothing printed, maybe it was out of paper? Or do you know where can I find this deal to print out and take in to show them? Thanks:)

  5. Andy says

    I bought 5 chiken breasts for 50% off. I paid $2.45 and got $4 catalina. $1.55 MM! Check clearance section!

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