Vons: Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat as low as $0.19 ea (No Coupons Required!)

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I think this is a great deal. You can find the select packages of Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats (2 oz packages) for only $0.99 at Vons. They also qualify for the Oscar Mayer Catalina:

Buy Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats 5/14-6/10
Buy (3) & Get $2 OYNO
Buy (4), Get $3 OYNO
Buy (5), Get $4 OYNO


This is what I did:

Buy (3) Oscar Mayer Lunchmeants $0.99 ea
Pay: $2.97, Get Back $2 catalina

But you could do the following to get more for your money:

Buy (5) Oscar Mayer $0.99
Pay: $4.97, Get Back $4 Catalina
= $0.19 ea

note: I tried this on the larger “selects” type and it did not print for me.

This catalina is Rolling! :)

Thanks, Daryl Ann!

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  1. Cheetosmom says

    wouldnt it be only .19 cents each after catalina if u buy 5? wanna check before i run in lol

  2. Barstow Mom says

    Thanks Josie and Daryl Ann. I had lunchmeat on my grocery list this week and will be picking this up for sure.

    • Annie says

      Just went to Vons and did 2 transactions, each transaction has 5 of them and YES, it’s rolling.

  3. Christina says

    My Vons had some of these marked 50% off because of the due date (5/23/12). Did two separate transaction of 5 each. Ended up being a $3 MM. Will be going back after work to see if they have anymore left.

  4. Lucy says

    I just came back from Vons and I did 2 transactions of 5 lunchmeats and I got my $4.00 CAT.! ! (awsome!!) I really needed some for my hubby’s lunch and for the Kiddos. Also got Kraft MAYO for $1.49 with JFU and .55 Q. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen so far.
    Thanks Josie for the heads up!!!
    I might go back at lunch time to get more (you can never have too much of lunchmeat. at least not at my home) :)

  5. SLNY says

    I was at Vons last night getting the hotdogs and Kikkoman marinades and seen the lunch meat but passed it by. I wish I would seen this post first. I would have grabbed some. I was super happy though with my purchase though: 4 packs of hotdogs, 3 Kikkman marinades. Paid $2.45 and got back a $2 catalina for buying 3 marinades. THANK YOU JOSIE!

  6. Laura says

    Did it this morning. Remember to check the expiration dates (some were for this week, others for July!) They also had ham for .80 cents but it expired this week and we don’t eat it.

  7. Karen says

    I went and bought 5 and then 5 again, got a $4 Catalina each time. I’m wondering how you find out about the Catalinas when there is nothing posted at the store…? I’m find relying on this site but wondering if there’s some place where they are all listed?

  8. Nancy says

    Thanks! I did it and used the cat for my next transaction making an already good deal even better!

  9. jo says

    Josie; thanks this deal went well did it twice”
    These Oscar mayer lunch meat will go GReat with my “Fresh express salad i got last week at Vons”
    What a deal$$.money maker if u have the .75c Oscar Mayer ex 5/31 coupon from food 4 lss insert april.


  10. Shonda says

    They had just cleared the shelf of the OM lunchmeat and marked it all 50% off.. I bought 30 (in transactions of 5). Cat printed everytime. I made $1.55 on every 5… yay!

  11. Shannon says

    Just found some at my store for $0.49 as well – what an awesome deal! I plan on going back and doing a few transactions of 3 @ .49 and 2 @ .99, so 5 for free + $0.50 mm. This way I’ll have some that don’t expire so soon (I’m not sure how much lunchmeat we can eat in 5 days, lol)

  12. Ricardo says

    Bought 5 from the clearance marked down at 75% off to .25 cents so made $2.75. Still wondering why I didn’t get more…ended up paying $4.38 OOP on the 2nd transaction *sigh* sometimes I surprise myself :(

  13. Kristen says

    I have done this the past too days!!! EXCEPT the cashier today only charged me for 4! So I didn’t get the last $4.00 CAT. LOL told me to come back in and they would fix it! Thats what happens when you take the 3 kiddos and try to do 4 transactions!!! LOL LOVE MY VONS!!!

  14. Renee says

    Josie please help.
    I seem to always have problems with cat machine. I did 5 in one transaction and 5 in another. No CAT. I am so sad. I normally don’t do the deals with cat because to many problems in the past but I was going to try it this time since i am really need lunch meat. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    • Nellie says

      There is a number you can call for the Catalina Company. I’m Mobile now, but will post when I get it. Hopefully someone else reads this and can help.

  15. SARA says

    Am I able to buy 10 instead of 2 transactions and get 2 – $4 cats back???? Or even more? Or do they have to be separate?

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