Rite Aid: Cheap Coppertone and FREE Thrifty Ice Cream!

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I believe this deal is California specific as I’m pretty certain they only sell Thrifty Ice Cream here. If you are planning to do the Coppertone deal at Rite Aid you can pick up a FREE scoop of Thrifty Ice Cream with purchase! I had a picture of the offer but can not find it now.. It was posted right above the sunscreen.

{deal idea}
Buy (4) Coppertone Sunscreen $7.99 ea
Use (1) $2/1 in-ad coupon
AND Use (2) $5/2 Coppertone Product from 6/24 inserts
Pay: $19.96, Get Back $10 +Up
= $2.49 ea + free scoop!

I’m unsure of the limits on this deal and how you would redeem the free ice cream. If anyone knows, please let us know! :)

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  1. sara says

    is it tracking? Can we do 2 separate transactions and use the in ad coupon on the 2nd trans…making it .49 after rewards?

  2. Angela says

    So is this deal for the week of 6/24? Because I was there today buying Toms and in line for ice cream with my 3 boys and a lady gave me her free ice cream coupon from her receipt. On it it said from the coppertone deal. But my ad says copperyone is bogo this week (not $10 up + ice cream).

  3. Erika says

    Sara I have used the store coupon in a second and third transaction I never had a problem I guess it depends on the cashier and store you can try it nothing to lose if they say no then then do one transaction :) ( I answered hihi)

  4. Julie says

    Is the $10 up a monthly deal, I am not seeing that part. I do have the coupon in my ad and showing them at $7.99 but that is it.

  5. Sheree says

    So if I do this deal can my hubby do it as well since it is one per person and not household? Do you consider that a gray line?

  6. Samantha H says

    My rite aid ad had the thrifty 1.75 quart ice creams 2/$5 with a $1 +up wyb 2. I used (2) .55/1 real California milk seal coupon and got both for $3.90 after +up

    • Campanita says

      Yes it’s tracking, I bought 2 bottles first because I only had one $5 coupon, I was hoping that they had some newspapers left but they did not. I bought 2 more and my UPs printed, too bad it shows expiration of today 6/24. Good thing the manager at my store is great, she said she didnt want to risk it, so she gave me a gift card! :)

    • Mary D. says

      Yesterday, my sister did this deal too and her RR printed out with an expiration date of 6/24 too!! She called the store and they said well, if it expires today you have to use it today, or loose it. That’s crap! I told her to call corporate.

  7. Sarah says

    I did this and they let me use 4 of the RA coupons. I had $2 Ups also. Paid $14 and got the $10 UP and 4 free ice cream cones. The Up expires today though! Yikes.

    • Sarah says

      I rolled it a secon time and it printed the $10 ups again. It says limit reached though, so 2 is the limit.

  8. Emily says

    Just did this and got four printouts for a free scoop.. Exp 7/1 i think.. Also hit the jackpot on diapers, pampers big packs were on clearance for 50% off, used a 1.50 pampers coupon and got back a $5 rr, so only 4.50 for a box of size 4! Did this twice!

  9. BarstowMom says

    My up reward that printed today also says good through 6/24 but I’m gonna call Customer Service first thing in the morning and see about it since it doesn’t make sense. Some people are told by their stores that they can’t use there +ups until the next day so there would be no way to use it before it expires. I didn’t notice the expiration date on it until just now and I have no plans to go back to Rite Aid and use it tonight so hopefully CS will send me another one.

        • Mary D. says

          Awesome, I hope it will be the same for her. That’s something they need to fix. I told my sis that is what they would prob do! Thanks, I will send the info along. :)

        • Tara says

          Barstow Mom, The up printed as Merck Products, customer service is giving me a hard time about this. How did you explain it to them? Thanks!

          • BarstowMom says

            I spoke to Alex at Customer Service and he didn’t question where the up reward came from and was more interested in why the expiration date was only for 1 day. When I called I just explained the expiration date on my +up reward and he said that’s strange and got my information from me. He asked what I purchased and I said Coppertone and he put me on hold and came back and said a new $10 +up reward is being mailed. I think you should call back and hopefully you get a different CS representative or try the online chat because it’s not fair that you’re up reward expired within 1 day. I heard the up reward’s for the Coppertone are printing fine now and it was just that day that we got the one’s that printed with the 1 day expiration date.

          • Tara says

            Thanks Bartsow Mom for the info. It ended up they stated that the stores were notified of the issue and they should accept it. If they give me a hard time then I need to call back and have one sent to me. UGH what a hassle. They are usually not this difficult.

    • ReRe says

      It printed this morning for me, BUT the +Up said it expired 6/24. The cashier initialed it and said to bring it back to that Rite Aid to redeem. I’m going to try to go tomorrow to pick up some other things and leave it attached to the original receipt so they can see that the expiration date was the day before it was issued.

  10. cecy says

    I did this deal this morning in Brea and I was allowed to use 4 RA in-store coupons. I ended up paying $6.44 after coupons and my $10 UP reward from the Carex deal. I got 4 free single scoop ice cream coupons and $10 UP reward.

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