Rite Aid: HOT Carex Money Maker

It seems as though this deal is dead :(

Here is one of those go-right-now deals at Rite Aid! You can pick up select Carex items (found in the family health aisle) that are producing a $10 +Up reward. This offer was not in my ad but it is working for select items. I was able to pick up the Soft Hand Gloves for $3.99:

Buy Carex Soft Hand Gloves $3.99
Get $10 +Up (limit 1)
= Free + $6 Money Maker!

The shoe Horn is also working for this deal which is priced at $3.99 as well!

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  1. Jaqueline says

    What is the expiration on the ups? I will be traveling soon and dont want the ups to expire. Thank you!!

    • bakerlovetare says

      there is a riteaid on 4th and vineyard if you want to travel down there. i haven’t checked if they have them yet.

    • CarmelM says

      Selu, the cane tips are available at Rancho. They are near the baby/diaper aisle, there’s a stand with some canes and the cane tips are there. They are priced at $4.49 but you still get the $10+ ups.

  2. Missy says

    Thanks Josie. I got a pair and my mom went and got her pair also. The cashier was even going to get a pair.

      • Nicole M. says

        I think they are rubber tips that fit on the ends of canes and walkers (some people just use tennis balls, like the old man in the movie “Up”)

    • Whitney says

      Same for me in WA. I really wanted the shoe horn but there wasn’t a spot for them. Just cane tips, same price regular $4.49 but also 25% off so only $3.36 + tax.

    • April says

      Thank you! Found the cane tips today in Rialto & received the $10 +up. Looked yesterday for gloves/shoe horns with no luck. :)

    • Sandra H says

      I went to Colton and I didn’t find the gloves, but there were about 10 boxes of cane tips (no +UP signs) for $4.49 and it gave me the $10+UP Reward. Thanks Matt!

  3. Karen says

    Got a shoe horn for $3.99 in Tustin and it worked perfectly. It was the last one that I saw displayed but there were a number of packages of gloves for $3.99 as well….great deal!

      • Nicole M. says

        I just got back. They have a lot of them in all sizes for the gloves. They have about 5 or 6 shoe horns. They are really long shoe horns for elderly people who can’t bend down very far.

  4. Nicole M. says

    The gloves were $4.29 at my Rite Aid in Carlsbad. They also had the shoe horns and I saw a number of cane tips. The $10 + UP deal worked for me! I also did the $4.99/ $4 + UP Got2b hair oil deal.

  5. Sara says

    Oh yay thatnks for the tip they did have the cane tips $4.49 used $3ups paid 1.62 got 10 ups. Thanks so much!!

  6. Feli says

    Either my store didn’t have any or I didn’t look in the right spot. I asked a worker for them, but he looked at me like I was crazy lol :D

      • katie says

        hi kathdy d! I went to the rite aid off mcbean/decoro (just past bridgeport). they had no gloves, but on the side of an endcap by the pharmacy (there is also a cane display on the other side of the endcap) is where I found the cane tips. they were labeled 4.49, with no +UP displayed, but it worked perfectly.

        • Tara says

          Katie, I went to the Boquet and Seco location yesterday, all I could find were 1 package of the cane tips. They weren’t marked their either but I did receive the up reward. I went to the Decoro/McBean last night when I remembered about the camera deal and got that for $7.99 receiving the $5 up and $3 up. They only had the 1 left by the time I got there.

          It is nice to see other Santa Clarita people on here.

  7. Joanna says

    If you find that you don’t use a lot of cane tips or super-long shoehorns in your home, drop by any local nursing home or senior center and they’ll be glad to take them. Or, bring them to the coupon class and I will happily get them to people who need them.

  8. Lucy says

    went this morning and I worked for me!! got the white gloves (west covina)
    I think I’ll roll that $10+ups for my sunscreen :)

  9. BarstowMom says

    I’m mad at myself because yesterday morning I actually looked in this aisle but didn’t see the $10 +up signs so I didn’t want to chance it. Then I get home and see this post and realize it’s working in SoCal. I really need to get with technology so I can check the deals from my phone lol. I might be able to get to Rite Aid this afternoon so I appreciate any updates from posters that let us know that it’s still working. I’ll keep checking back here for updates.

  10. Elizarae says

    Awesome! Going to try on my lunch break. I’ve tried Subscribing to comments on this site and it never works, like I never get emails or anything. I’m used to Disqus that emails you when comments are posted…anyone have any tips?

    • BarstowMom says

      The subscriptions don”t work for me either like Disqus does so I have to check the threads I post in frequently. Please le me know if it’s still working when you go.

  11. Val A. says

    Tried in Riverside and couldn’t find them, the workers were no help =(. Forgot to look for the cane tips though, so I’ll make another trip soon.

    • Val A. says

      Okay, so the Rite Aid on University didn’t have any but the one on Canyon Crest did on the endcap where the pads are.

  12. Jen says

    Worked in San Juan Capistrano late this morning! Thanks for the tip- was able to get some much needed toilet paper :)

  13. Elizarae says

    Just bought a shoe horn for $3.59 with my Silver Discount ($3.99 for those without a Wellness discount) and got the $10 +Up. Has the limit on this been determined? When my +Up printed it did not say I had reached the limit. Also, I bought 2 FujiFilm Waterproof One-Time Use Cameras marked at $17.99, but rang up at $7.99 each and I got a $3 +Up AND a $5 +Up for each, making them both free. Limit is 2 for the weekly and monthly +Up.

  14. Sandra H says

    I went at 10am in Colton and I didn’t find the gloves, but there were about 10 boxes of cane tips (no +UP signs) for $4.49 and it gave me the $10+UP Reward. Thanks!

  15. Sandra H says

    I went to Colton and I didn’t find the gloves, but there were about 10 boxes of cane tips (no +UP signs) for $4.49 and it gave me the $10+UP Reward. Thanks!

  16. mary says

    Just got the cane tips in lemon grove. They were 4.49 no 25% off. And got the 10 up dosent show limit reached either

    • campanita says

      I went to the one on Brookhurst and Ball and could not find gloves, shoe horn, I saw the canes but did not see the cane tips. I looked all over the store, but maybe not in the right place.
      What did you buy and which store in Anaheim? tia.

  17. denise says

    I just went this morning and I saw the gloves and cane tips at my store in GARDEN GROVE. I also saw the bed buddy iso-ball and bought it to see if I would it give me the $10.00+up and sure enough it worked! They were $5.99at my store. You could even let your kids play with it in the house because its a soft ball!

      • meryl says

        niiice- thanks Denise, never thought of that one!!! I think it is only one per card and I already used mine [and a few other friends who can’t be bothered with free money!]

  18. Joanna says

    At 2:30 pm the Menifee Rite Aid on Newport had one pair of gloves left, no shoehorns, and plenty of cane tips. No UP sign was posted, but the deal worked great. Thanks Josie!

  19. says

    Worked for me I bought the Cane Tips! Thx! Used it right away in my second transaction just in case they decide to revoke the amount later.

  20. Pamela says

    The limit for this deal is 2. Tried it again and it worked. My sister tried a third time no reward printed.

  21. Andrea says

    Chino Hills had some of the cane tips, gloves as of 730pm, and it worked! And the fujifilm waterproof camera deal worked too! :) Buy one for $7.99 (tag said $17.99 but rang up as $7.99) and get $5up and a $3up, limit 2 :)

  22. Mellisa says

    Whittier Rite Aid at the quad has cane tips and deal still working as of 930 tonight! Panetene deal, got2b, yay it was a good night ;)

  23. BarstowMom says

    Just a heads up this morning I’ve read on 2 other sites from poster’s that the up reward didn’t print for them this morning (East Coast). One person contacted customer service and they told her it was a misprint and that the system is now fixed and will be printing the up rewards only for items over $10.

  24. BarstowMom says

    It’s also reported that the Fuji Camera deal is no longer double dipping and only producing the weekly $3 +up reward and not the $5 monthly +up reward.

  25. Sheryl says

    Thanks for posting updates, ladies. I was just headed out to try this and am glad I checked before I left.

  26. JenK says

    Thanks for the updates on the Fuji camera & the Carex items! I was just getting my shopping list ready and about to head to Rite Aid!

  27. Val A. says

    Yup I did the Carex and Fujifilm and it is also not working the same anymore =( Wish I checked the site one last time, had to return it all.

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