Rite Aid: HOT Carex Money Maker

It seems as though this deal is dead :(

Here is one of those go-right-now deals at Rite Aid! You can pick up select Carex items (found in the family health aisle) that are producing a $10 +Up reward. This offer was not in my ad but it is working for select items. I was able to pick up the Soft Hand Gloves for $3.99:

Buy Carex Soft Hand Gloves $3.99
Get $10 +Up (limit 1)
= Free + $6 Money Maker!

The shoe Horn is also working for this deal which is priced at $3.99 as well!

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  1. BarstowMom says

    It’s also reported that the Fuji Camera deal is no longer double dipping and only producing the weekly $3 +up reward and not the $5 monthly +up reward.

  2. Sheryl says

    Thanks for posting updates, ladies. I was just headed out to try this and am glad I checked before I left.

  3. JenK says

    Thanks for the updates on the Fuji camera & the Carex items! I was just getting my shopping list ready and about to head to Rite Aid!

  4. Val A. says

    Yup I did the Carex and Fujifilm and it is also not working the same anymore =( Wish I checked the site one last time, had to return it all.

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