Video: Understand BOGO Coupons and BOGO Sales

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I wanted to repost this for those that may have missed it!

Please ingore the crayon on the wall 😀

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  1. Jose says

    I have done several Gillette Razor B1G1 free offer’s with the $5 catalina printing at the end of the transaction each time. Today I tried using the additional $2 off coupons on the deal. The coupons were all accepted but the register automatically removed all the $2 coupons off my list when the last B1G1 free coupon was scanned/recognized in the system. I still purchased 8 razor packs, 4 packs of life savers (on sale 2/$3 with $1 off coupons hanging next to them) , 1 cover girl eye liner pack (on sale $2.99 with $1 coupon) , 2 Glade Ziplock container packs (freezer ware on sale $2/5 with a $1 coupon & $1 cat printing on purchase of 2) My total was $4.46 OOP after using all my coupons & my previous $5 cat. I recieved another $5 catalina from P&G and a $1 catalina from Glade. I walked out with a 98% savings reciept and a great feeling for knowing I saved a ton on items I needed anyway. Thank you for crunching the #’s and giving us a head’s up on the latest deals. Several Albertson’s store cashier’s and managers have all been very impressed and curious as to how these huge savings are possible. You rock like no other!!

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