Video: Understand BOGO Coupons and BOGO Sales

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Please ingore the crayon on the wall 😀

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  1. Amani says

    I’ll ignore you crayon marks if you ignore mines. My two year old is drawn(literally ) to my walls. Thanks for the video. Great explanation.

  2. Liz says

    You’re misusing coupons though cuz none of those are nivea coupons haha, that was more distracting to me than the crayon markings on the wall.

  3. Melanie says

    I wish some cashiers I run into had to watch this video. I have had them tell me no because you can’t get both for free. Cashiers are starting to drive me a little crazy.

    • Lynzie says

      Yeah, the last time I tried to do this at my Albertson’s the cashier was like, “But it’s already BOGO?” and I said, “I know; your coupon policy says that this is allowed.” She looked at me funny, but thankfully she just let it go. I hate causing a “scene” when it comes to coupons, but I’ll do it if necessary!

  4. Jenny says

    Hi Josie, I have a question. You mentioned that stores such as Albertsons allow you to use a BOGO coupon along with a $ off coupon for the free item when they have BOGO sales and we do this, they take less of a ‘hit’ on their end of the sale because they are compensated by the manufacturer. If this is the case, why don’t we see more stores that allow for this in their coupon policies? Is there something that we the consumers don’t know about?

  5. jo says

    thanks for the Video; & walking thru each senario ”
    now has long has the stores r on the same page ?
    that would be great $$..getting to know your cashiers & policy

    thanks again”for your time & effort

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