Double Coupons in Southern California (and Beyond) –List of Grocers with Double Coupons!

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As sad as it may be–Ralphs eliminated double coupons effective 4/1. Vons is now announcing that they will also eliminate double coupons effective 8/1/2012.  I spent the last two days doing some research for you all and came up with some interesting results as far as stores that double coupons in the San Diego and LA areas. The best part is they are Local grocers and they are doubling coupons up to and INCLUDING $1 coupons!! So even better than Ralphs or Vons :)

San Diego:


Major Market

  • Doubles coupons up to $1–one “like” coupon
  • Accepts internet printables–coupons that do not scan are not accepted
  • two locations Fallbrook and Escondido See details HERE
Stump’s Market
  • Doubles coupons up to and including $1
  • one location in San Diego–see details HERE
Los Angeles
How’s Market
  • Doubles $0.50 coupons -into $1 (like Vons)
  • One Location in Pasadena
  • Coupon policy HERE
  • Look in the ad for “double coupons” there are 4 coupons in the ad that will allow for 4 coupons to be doubled (like Albertsons)
  • doubles $0.50 coupons into 1
  • MANY locations throughout Los Angeles–See details HERE
Desert Areas
Jensen’s Foods: 
  • doubles coupons up to and including $1–3 “like” coupons
  • Locations in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Wrightwood
  • See details HERE

Although they are local and smaller grocers-take a chance and give it a try. You will probably find that local grocers are much more friendly and if you have questions about their policies–I’m sure they will be more than happy to answer!



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  1. laura in IE says

    Thank you for the heads up on this Josie…ur awesome!! I was so bummed about vons. There is a Jensen’s up in lake arrowhead and we r up there all the time so this is great news! Is there any chance u could start a match up for Jensen’s??? :)

  2. Shawna says

    When I first started couponing I made a trip out to Keils and unfortunately even with their sales ad and doubling coupons, it’s still more expensive for most things than Albertsons, Vons or Ralphs without doubling.

  3. says

    Heads up on Major Market in Esco…they are extremely coupon UNfriendly and overpriced. It’s just down the street from me and I rarely find myself in there. When I do, one of the managers comes to my register and stares at my transaction. SO RUDE! Additionally, they won’t let you do multiple transactions or even have a family member do a second transaction (i.e. husband) if you’re trying to double more than one “like” coupon. It’s also YMMV on accepting printables. One cashier will say yes and one cashier will say no, so it’s not even worth trying for me.

    They won’t let you have a copy of the coupon policy (which is pretty vague) in the store. The policy is on a plague at the register so I emailed their corporate office and all they did was send me an extremely vague policy.

    Most importantly, if your coupon states “DO NOT DOUBLE” they will NOT double it! That really sucks since most coupons state that.

    • ollie says

      Yes, My friend used to shop there until one of the cashiers said she was a cheater for doing multiple transactions. hmm, Last time we check their police it didn’t state anything about MULTIPLE transactions. I only go in there for the food. But yes it’s over priced and the cashiers are so RUDE!! Specially the one that talks, and dresses like a little girls. lol

  4. Misty says

    I’ve never even heard of Keil’s but it’s not far from my house so I will have to go check it out for sure. Thanks for doing this research. I am very bummed about Vons although it seems like they screw up my purchases every time I shop there. Thankfully I caught it again today when I went.

  5. Ro in San Diego says

    I went to Kiel’s but they are several miles out of my way. I found them very friendly but I couldn’t get beyond how far they are from my home and inconvenient.

    They have some good specials but I have to be in the areas of town they are located and rarely am.

    I originally found your site because you have posted this information in the past. I really can’t thank you enough Josie! Thanks again for all you do for us!

  6. Coupondad says

    FYI – I live near Stumps in San Diego and they do not take internet coupons. They are GREAT with the others, however.

  7. Elizabeth says

    Josie where would be the most effective place to direct comments about this? I know of at least 4 families including mine that will not shop there anymore as a result.

  8. newbie says

    I just read in todays coupon insert that kmart doubles your coupons if youre a shop youre way reward member and spend $25 in groceries. But I havent personally tried it.

  9. Mama Benedikt says

    Dear Jose,

    I was wondering if you would have post concerning new no doubles policies (i.e. Vons, etc). I went yesterday to Vons (actually Pavilons-same thing) and saw the white notice on the outside window about no more doubles. I was so excited about their Just For U program. In fact, I haven’t shopped anywhere but Vons (except for a few items) since the program was launched in So. CA. No more! I’m writing corporate and telling them I will no longer be shopping there. I will happily shop at Fresh & Easy or a local market. In my opinion, I think they are stopping doubles because of the Just For U program. Whatever the case, they have lost a customer and our money…Thanks for keeping us updated, Josie!

  10. Jessica M. says

    Kmart doubles the first 5 coupons up to $1 for a purchase over $25 and for Shop Your Way Rewards member. They have a new app. called Shop’n that lets you download coupons to your rewards account and combine them with manufacturer coupons. For every dollar you spend your earn store credit and sometimes you earn extra monies like $5 for every $50 you spend before coupons.

    • Laurie says

      Wow, this is huge for so cal! Do all kmarts do this? I’ve personally never been to Kmart, but I’ll check it out if they double! Is that up to and including a dollar, or no?

  11. Julia says

    My stater bros in lake arrowhead, ca (San Bernardino mountains) will do double coupons on any day!!! We also have a Jenson’s up here, but i don’t shop there as much since it more pricier to begin with.

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